Written by Biffsmith

9 Jun 2009

I have written before about the time that my pal and I tricked my wife into a threesome. This arose as a reusult of the hobby of photograohy which my pal and I shared.

About a year later I was with him at his home when his wife and children had gone away for the summer holidays. He asked me if I would take some close up pictures of his cock, saying that he wanted to send them to his wife to remind her of what she was missing. He said that she would be gagging for a good fuck by the time she came home.

I agreed because I had seen his hard cock and was always fascinated by it. It was so long, about ten inches, and the end, which was uncut, seemed enormous. I knelt in fron of him and took pictures from the front and the sides and then he asked me to get it hard by wanking him. I enjoyed doing this far more than I ever thought that I would. He then told me to photograph it again and then told me to pull the skin back. He said, "That's how she likes it when she sucks on it." I was still on my knees with his hard cock six inches in fron of my face and without thinking I said, "I've often wondered what it's like to suck a monster like that." He replied, "Well you had better try it then." He moved towards me and I let him push it into my mouth. I was amazed. It felt huge and hot and filled my mouth completely.

I licked and sucked for a while and then he took it out and said, "You just clamp your mouth rond it and I'll fuck you." I asked him not to cum into my mouth and he said, "Don't worry, I can promise you that I will do it properly." He then began to move in and out getting faster and faster. I was holding his balls and when I felt him shudder I went to move away but he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me forward and came into me. I nearly choked because he came so much and he wouldn't let me go until he had finished. I had to swallow three times and his cum was still running out of my mouth. He still held me by my hair and in a strern voice told me that I had to lick him clean. He eventually let me go when I admitted that I had enjoyed it and promised to let him have me again.

What he didn't know was that I had enjoyed being dominated by him and was really turned on by the experience. However, he soon realised because nearly every time we were alone he would give his orders and whatever we did it always ended by him fucking me.

This went on for years until one day he decided to fuck me properly but that story will come later.