8 Oct 2018

One of the questions we always seem to get asked is how did we get into this. I've always been a bit ofa flirt and Pete loved to see me letting men chat me up or dance with me. We had never spoke about it but he would always smile at mile me to encourage me to carry on. Anyway we had gone to York for a weekend away and went out for a drink Pete told me find a seat and he would get the drinks in. The pub was very full and I found a small table and sat down there was a small group of men in who had been to the races and one of them caught me looking over and winked at me I just smiled and gave him a little wave. He started to walk over and introduced his self as Paul and asked why I was on my own. I told him I was waiting for someone and they should not be long but he was welcome to keep me company. We chatted for a little while before I had noticed Pete watching us with a massive grin on his face. Paul started telling me how nice I looked and then put his hand on my leg and told me how nice they was. I didn't try to stop him I just looked for Pete's reaction he was could not keep his eyes off us so I just let my leg fall open a little to offer Paul's hand a little encouragement to go a little higher. Pete really seemed to be enjoying watching us so I thought I would push things and leaned over to Paul and kissed him while he felt my leg. I could see Pete moving round the busy pub trying to get a better veiw of us I told Paul I needed to go to the toilet . I had to speak to Pete because I did not want to push things too far without him being ok with it. Pete followed me to the toilets the minute we got out of site he pulled me towards him kissing me and telling me how amazing it looked watching me with the other guy. I asked if we should sneak off and to my amazement Pete said he wanted me to take the guy outside and carry on. I asked what do you want me to do? And Pete just said enjoy yourself I knew exactly what he was saying and smiled asking if he was sure. He kissed me again and said go for it. I walked back to Paul and we flirted and kissed for a little longer before I asked if he would like to take me outside. He pulled me up off my chair and said he would love too and we walked straight past Pete. We walked out of the pub and looked for a little quiet spot Paul pulled me down a ally not the most romantic spot but that's not why we was there. He could not keep his hands off me and before I had even got my hand in his jeans he had got my boobs out and my knickers to one side fingering me. I pulled his already hard cock out and he asked if I would suck it. I did not say anything and just squated down and sucked him he was trying to fuck my mouth but all I could think about was him fucking me so I stood up and asked him to fuck me he told me to bend over. I lent against the wall and stuck my arse out he told me I had a nice are has he guided his self into me. Once he was in me he started to fuck me hard he was definitely not making love to me just fucking me. He pulled at my nipples with one hand and gave me a couple of spanks on the Arse this sent me over the edge and I oragasmed. It was not long before paul followed we quickly got dressed and walked out the ally he asked if I was going back to the pub but I said I was going to look for my friend. He gave me his number and told me to call and we walked in opposite directions. Pete came straight over telling me he had managed to see to whole thing from the end of the ally. I asked if had enjoyed it he just put my hand on his hard on and said what do you think. I told him we needed to get back to the hotel so I could get cleaned up it was only a short walk away but felt amazing walking down the street holding my husband's hand with my knickers full of another man's spunk. When we got back to the hotel Pete told me to take my cloths off but leave my knickers on. You could see the cum already making it's way through the material. Pete knelt down in front of me and pulled my knickers slowly down then told me to lay on the bed he held my knickers to his nose and told me they smelt amazing and chucked them to me on the bed. I put them to my face and Pete got between my legs and started to lick me clean this made me orgasm within seconds but he did not stop. after around five minutes Pete surfaced from between my legs but only to fuck me. We had a amazing night and since then we have had alot more. But thats how we started.xx