Written by Ru

3 Dec 2017

I have wrote a few stories about me and Ben and this is how it all started. I was 20 and living with my ex boyfriend Dan we had always had a active and open sex life Dan got off on watching me. We had a flat in the town centre and one night he phoned to say he was bringing his work mate back. I was looking forward to seeing who it was I ran to the bedroom and put some thing a little more revealing on short skirt low cut top. I like to accidentally show my knickers off whenever I can. I heard the door go and Dan shout he was home and said I've got Ben with me from work I hope you don't mind. This was a new name to me and I could feel myself getting damp with excitement. I walked into the room and introduced myself to Ben he smiled at me I could see his eyes looking straight at my chest. Dan said he was going to make us a drink and I was left with ben it only took me a minute or so before I bent over to flash my knickers at him the first time when I turned to catch him looking he just smiled and did not try to hide the fact he was looking. Dan shouted me to the kitchen to help carry the drinks in and when I walked into the kitchen he told me to take my knickers off and then explained he was going to pretend to fall asleep and wanted me to open my legs and flick myself on the opposite side of the room to Ben. He then said when you have made yourself cum wake me up and take me to bed. He had told Ben he could stay but Dan had told him he had to go to work but I would not mind being in the house on my own with him in the morning. I asked what he had in mind he just smiled and said he wanted to lay on the sofa thinking about fucking me all night and smiled. We sat in the room talking and Ben started to drop off and after ten minutes talking to Ben I opened my legs enough for him to see me I smiled and put my finger to my lips to keep quiet then dropped it between my legs and started to flick myself I was so turned on I had cum within minutes. I stood up and woke Dan up and told him it was time for bed when I walked out the room I gave Ben a quick flash of my bum and winked at him. The minute we was in the bedroom Dan felt my pussy and told me how wet I was he told me to sit on the bed and get his cock out. He was fully erect told me to wank him off and make him him on my tits. I pulled my top off and started to wank him I told him my pussy was hurting and I needed his cock he smiled and said your not getting any cock he wanted me to be gagging for Ben's when he went to work. He told me to lean back and finished his self off coming a good load over my tits. He dropped straight off to sleep but I was just clock watching waiting for him to go so I could have Ben's cock. He got up for work and before leaving slipped a finger into me and said enjoy your self you can tell me about it later. No sooner had he took the key out of the door Ben walked in. I could see how hard he was and told him to takes his pants off I wanted to see what I was getting. He had them down in no time I slid over the bed and took it in my mouth I could taste his pre cum he told me to stop he was going to cum and he wanted to fuck me. I took his cock out of my mouth and fell back on the bed opening my legs to him. He fucked me hard for around five minutes before I could feel him filling me with his cum. Instead of climbing off he slid down the bed and was cleaning my pussy this is my ultimate turn on and I soon added my cum to his. After around five minutes he proudly told me he was ready to fuck me again and I can honestly say this was the best fuck of my life. Ben stayed all day I was even on the phone with Dan when Ben bent me forward pulling my arse cheeks apart and rimmed me Dan loved this when I told him. Dan fell asleep a few times after this allowing me and Ben to fuck and suck in front of him. When things ended with me and Dan Ben was there and told me he wanted to carry on seeing me and are sex lives have just got wilder and wilder. I think it's because we know we are both up for pretty much anything.