30 Jul 2016

It was my friends birthday a couple of weeks ago and as we always do I offered to take her for dinner somewhere, we always take each other out for dinner for our birthdays.

The Saturday evening came and I called to pick her up and as usual she wasn't quite ready so I waited downstairs till she came down, when she did as always she looked stunning in a cream strapless blouse and knee length skirt with pleats at the back, As usual she sat on the stairs to fasten her heels and as she slipped then on I got a quick glimpse of her bare thighs and a bit of white fabric between her legs. mmm I thought white thong then tonight.

We have been on and off in a relationship in the past and she is a great fuck. I wondered if tonight would be one of those nights. we had discussed where we would go and we both enjoy watching the planes take off and land at the airport so I had packed a bottle of wine and glasses too for after the meal, there is something quite enjoyable about watching them turn in the darkness and seeing them come into land.

We headed up to the pub for a meal and a drink and the romantic touches were there, hands over the table and the odd kiss, my thoughts kept wandering back to her little white thong and would I get to see more later...

I drove us up to the airport and parked up in the little layby at the end of the runway, killed the engine and lights and looked online for the times of the planes that were due to arrive.. we sat for a while and held hands over a glass of wine and she turned and said these shoes are killing me, I suggested she just took them off and with that she did, then she put her feet up on the dash and chilled out, I leant across and kissed her and she responded kissing me back, I had my hand on her thigh just below the hem of her skirt and she pulled her knees back and put her feet on the edge of the seat, as the planes came in to land I ran my hand up and down her thigh and then onto her inner thighs, just gently caressing them without a word being spoken, as I ran my hand along her inner thigh she slowly parted them a little and I just ran a little higher each time, then I felt the soft silk of her thong just touch my finger and I thought mmm keep going she isn't stopping you so I continued to caress her thigh, each time touching her thong a little more until I thought see what she does and I slowly ran my fingers over her thong slowly rubbing her pussy though the fabric, her response was what I hoped for and she parted her legs a little more with a gentle moan, I took that as my invite and ran my fingertips round the edge of her thong and inner thigh, slowly rubbing my finger firmer on the bare flesh at the edges of her thong till the fabric slipped over my finger tips and I felt the bare flesh inside her thong, as usual she was smooth shaven and as I inserted my fingers more she moaned and as I felt her pussy lips she was soaking wet and ready for me. I ran my fingers over her clit pulling the thong aside and she whispered make me come please... I didn't need asking twice and I rubbed her clit and then inserted a finger in her soaking tight pussy still rubbing her clit with my thumb until I brought her to a quiet whimpering orgasm... she looked me in the eyes and said is that my birthday present? I replied no this is and took her hand and placed it on my hard cock through my trousers, all she said was take me home then because I want it...

It was a fairly rapid drive home and when we entered the house we kissed in the hall and I ran my hand over her breast through her top as she rubbed my cock... upstairs she said and we both went straight up, we both stripped to our underwear and as we kissed I unclipped her bra so I could plant some kisses on her 32c breasts and firm brown nipples.. she pulled my shorts down and as we laid on the bed she just looked in my eyes and said forget the foreplay just fill me with your cock please.. I was more than happy to and as she laid back and opened her legs I reached the waistband of her thong to pull it down and she said no leave them on please and with that she just pulled them aside exposing her smooth wet and wanting pussy, I climbed on top and slipped my hard cock against her clit and wet pussy lips and slowly teased her with the tip of my cock while she just moaned slightly and said give me your cock and fuck me hard please, with that I shoved my cock into her and as I remember she was very tight around me.. as I pounded in and out she moaned how nice it was and that she wanted to come again, I said I wanted the same and I fucked her hard and deep until she whimpered and moaned that she was going to come, that took me over the edge too and as she came and gave a little squirt of her orgasm onto my cock and thighs I let go with my orgasm too spurting my come deep into her tight soaking pussy..

We laid like that till my cock softened and I rolled off her as she asked me to get a tissue as my come dribbled out of her pussy onto the sheet beneath.. we laid together for an hour or so till we slept and woke again, again she wanted my cock and this time I slipped her thong down her legs and made her come again as I spurted deep inside her.. needless to say it wasn't the last time that night or the next morning,,

Lets hope I get her for my birthday too..