Written by Tony T

15 Mar 2018

I’m 28 and married to my gorgeous wife Emma who is 26 and we have just come back from an amazing holiday in Florida that has changed our lives forever and I have to share it with you. We hired a great villa with and amazing pool overlooking a lake. On the day we arrived we met the couple living next door, he is in his early 70 and his wife is in her late 50’s. They had retired to Florida from Boston and are loaded. They were in the garden and as soon as we pulled up they said Hi, he even came over to help with our suitcases which felt weird due to his age and mine but he was happy to help. They suggested we get ourselves un packed and rather than go to get food we should come around to them. It was all nice and all that but in the 6 times we’ve been to Florida I can’t remember ever seeing our neighbours let alone talking to them.

We went out a lot as you do in Florida but also spent a few days round the pool, Emma has an amazing body and we knew that our neighbour had taken a shine to her so the naughty side of her came out and she should wear her bikini that eft nothing to the imagination and walk around or stand there talking to him from our mesh covered pool area to his. We would laugh at how he was clearly eyeing up her tits and how he had a major hard on when he saw her. Then on the second Saturday we were there we went around to have a BBQ.

To begin with it was all civilised but before long they started talking about their sex life and how active they were and they were very open about how they had ‘friends’ and that they put that down to how they had stayed married and so active for all these years. Then they started questioning us, I was all up for telling them stuff but Emma was giving me looks like ‘what the hell are you telling them that for’ and so on. Then they changed the subject and he took me to see his old American car that he was renovating leaving Emma and his wife to chat. I think we were gone for an hour or more before Emma came to get me and we went home.

We laughed about how surreal the conversation was and how open they were, Emma gave me a play slap on the arm and a telling off for sharing so much intimate stuff with them and went on to tell me that whilst I was gone his wife almost interrogated her, asking things like, how often we did it and what y favourite position was and even asked her if we had ever had sex with other watching or had threesomes or swapped and all that sort of thing. I asked her what she had said regarding her favourite position was and she admitted that she had told her that it was doggy style but went on to say that we had tried anal but that I was too big and that it was painful but that was a shame.

We laughed until it hurt but Emma went on to say that she had quite seriously said that her husband has a long slim cock and that it was ideal for anal sex. We agreed that they were angling for sex and we laughed again.

We had the best sex ever that night and Emma said that we had been invited back for lunch and to stay with them by the pool, I said it would be interesting but Emma wanted to know what she should do if he tried it on, as a joke I said that if he tried to fuck her in the ass then she should let him, ‘ you never know when you will get the chance again’. She slapped me again and laughed but the thought gave me a hard on which she noticed. She pulled my shorts down and rode my cock wanting to know if I was imagining the old man fucking her ass. The sight of my wife’s amazing body bouncing up and down on my cock with her full but firm tits bouncing drove me wild and we fucked again, I threw her onto her tummy before lifting her ass and shagging her doggy style telling her to pretend that my finger was his cock as I shoved it in her ass.

After less than a few minutes of this she started to shake and had the longest orgasm I had ever known her to have, In the end she told me to stop and I had to come out of her without Cumming.

We didn’t speak about it again but went around at lunch time on the Sunday and had a meal by the pool. Me in a t shirt and shorts and Emma in her bikini top and shorts, her tits on display for him to see. I know for a fact that she was still thinking about last night because her nipples were solid and I even though that they would push a hole in her bikini top if she wasn’t careful and I also know for a fact that he had noticed as well, I caught the old man looking at her tits regularly. After food he suggested that we should enjoy the pool before he and his wife took the dishes into the kitchen. Emma whispered that if he tried to fuck her that it was my fault for suggesting I let him do it, she then took her shorts off and looked at me before sliding into the water.

I felt I should help and went into the kitchen to offer to help with the washing up, he thanked me and said that he would jump in the pool to cool down. I was getting a little stressed but horny at the same time, I wanted to watch to see what Emma did if he tried it on with her but I didn’t want her to see me. I rushed to get the washing up done so I could get bac to the pool, his wife put her hand on my arm and told me to slow down and that there was plenty of time, she said ‘ you’re not worried are you’? I asked her about what, ‘ about my husband and your wife silly’ I asked her if I should be, she smiled and said ‘its only sex dear, I think they are fucking’.

She took me by the hand and suggested we should go and see but to give them some privacy, we went to a bedroom that had blinds which were open. I stood there and my mouth went dry, I was gutted and horny at the same time.

Emma was topless, both her tits were being massaged by the old man was standing behind her in the shallow end of the pool. His ass rocking backwards and forwards causing Emma’s to do the same. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip, her hands reaching behind her holding onto him. but he had a dirty old man’s grin on his face. I was watching a 70 old year old stranger fucking my wife in the ass. His wife could see the look on my face and said ‘hey, its only sex’ and with that she pulled my shorts down, got on her knees and started to suck me off. As her tongue ran p and down my shaft I watched my wife’s pained expression as started to fuck her hard. Then he stopped, pulled his dick out and led Emma to the edge of the pool before washing his cock in the water, Emma dropped to her hands and knees and let him feed his cock into her mouth.

This gentle old man turned into a foul mouthed dirty fucker, he held onto Emma hair and was shoving his cock into her mouth as far as he could, my wife was chocking and pulling back before lunging forward to get it back in again, I had to listen to him grunting and saying stuff like ‘ your fucking beautiful, I love your tight ass and I love fucking your mouth’ and asking ‘ does your husband fuck your mouth bitch’. I lost it a little at this point and had made the decision that I was going to fuck as well. I leaned down and pulled his wife’s top off, she jumped up and pulled her skirt off revealing her shaved pussy. I grabbed her and shoved my tongue in her mouth, her big fat soft tits pressing against my chest and stomach.

She seemed desperate and lay in the bed and opened her legs wide so I shoved my solid hard cock into her pussy and fucker her hard, her tits bouncing so much I had to get as much of one in my mouth as I could and I sucked her tit hard.

She was screeching and begging for me to fuck her but I could hear Emma cooing and moaning so I stopped and looked out the window. My wife was now on her back with this old man fucking her like a teenager. His wife got up and grabbed my hand pulling me to the pool. She told Emma and her husband to keep the noise down before we get complaints, Emma bit her lip and his grunting became muted. I was furious that Emma was enjoying her sex with him so much but felt as horny as fuck. I shouldn’t have been so rough but I grabbed his wife’s hair and pulled her to her knees and entered her from behind with my finger deep in her ass, her tits swaying occasionally brushing Emma’s cheek. I told Emma to suck them, she managed to catch one as it swung past her face and put it in her mouth.

This was the moment both me and her husband lost control. He lay down on top of Emma and shagged her hard, his old ass bouncing up and down, I couldn’t see my wife, her body was under his and her face was full of his wife’s tit but among the grunts and groans I could hear slurping and ‘mmmmm’ as she enjoyed sucking on another woman’s nipple. He gave three of four sudden thrusts and groaned, Emma started to shake and let out deep groan and I knew that he had cum in my wife and made her climax. And all that was enough for me, his wife clenched her fists and squealed and I knew I had done my job and she was also cummings so I filled her pussy with my cum.

The four of us were exhausted and said next to nothing. His wife lay on her back and panted, he lay next to Emma and did the same, Emma said how that was ‘ fucking amazing’. After a few minutes and without saying anything he simply climbed on top of my wife and started shagging her again so I did the same with his wife, all of us cuming again almost in unison.

For the next 6 days including the Saturday we left Emma and I only managed to screw once, every day as soon as she walked into their place she would be undressing before anyone said hello and the four of us would fuck. We decided it was best to shag inside so e could make as much noise as we wanted. On two days I went out on my own, tired of watching my stunning wife being dragged around the room enjoying being fucked by an old man, I was a little tired of watching her biting her lip hanging onto the side of the pool as he fucked her ass.

On the plane I asked her how many times he came in her, and apparently, he could manage three times in one day and on the days I wasn’t there they would fuck three times easily. Sheepishly she worked out that on the 6days we all went wild he had cum in her 15 times. She looked at me and said ‘ fuck, I hope I’m not pregnant’. She wasn’t but I don’t know how the fuck not.

We have agreed we went too far and although we will be fucking others again we will be sensible and take it easy. We’re meeting a couple this weekend so hopefully I’ll tell you how that went.