Written by snowman

19 Feb 2012

Sometimes things can get out of hand. This I guess is one of those times. June and I have been married for a while, sex although still good is perhaps not as frequent, mainly down to me.

We still enjoy spicing it up with stories and occasionally June will play along and we have what we call a tarts day out, usually involving June dressed inappropriately, short skirt stockings that kind of harmless fun.

I have at times encouraged her to dress provocatively when she has been out by herself shopping, etc. This was supposed to be one of those occasions.

June likes collecting prints, getting them framed and turning our house into an art gallery, we had both been to a local artists gallery and bought two local landscape prints. I was in a mood so didn’t really converse with the guy who seemed ok. He had passed a comment to June saying he quite liked attractive women coming to his shop . June as a result was furious with me for being ignorant.

Anyway the following week she was going back to discuss framing. I suggested that seeing as he liked attractive women in his shop, then June should get dressed up for the visit, she would be going by herself. This turned out to be a major mistake.

She looked very classy when she left, a 40’s style dress, tan seamed stockings and retro cream heels.

When she got back early evening. I asked how it went. She had arrived about 3pm midweek, so it was quiet. John thats the artist was very sociable, they discussed frames, about 4pm he locked the shop door saying he always closed early on a Wednesday. June was not concerned, he asked if she would like to see his latest ideas and opened up large folder, which they both looked at. It was during this time that he had rested his hand on Junes waist, nothing obvious, almost just like a friend might. Naturally June didn’t object, but as time went on, she was aware that his fingers were very gently exploring her hip and upper thigh over her dress

June said at this point she should have made her excuses and left, but she didn’t. John continued his subtle exploration, his fingers coming to rest on one of her suspender straps which clearly fascinated him . June said this went on for about 15 mins. Finally she did make her exit, saying she would be back later to collect the framed items.

She told me everything that evening, she said it was nice to be admired and that it was a little exciting. Like a fool I said she should pursue it further, not expecting what did happen.

It carried on like this for at least a month, June with her weekly visits, It was just as well she has a sizeable wardrobe of clothes as she always made an effort on her visits.

It was the third week in January this year, that the bombshell landed. June looked particularly classy when she went, contrast seamed stockings, my idea as it turned out. She was later in that evening. I thought nothing as she always went shopping as well. However that was a life changing day, she had sex with John. June maintained it was unexpected, but everything happened very quickly, from the moment he had kissed her hard full on the lips, his hands grasping at her skirt and blouse, she recalls being pushed back onto his worktop, she admits that she unzipped him, but having her knickers pulled off and his cock entering her, are just a blur.

Now I do not see myself as a cuckhold, we were honest with each other. I asked her to call a halt to it, but she admitted that she didn’t think she could. Weeks went by and i couldn’t fail to notice changes in her. For me she would never wear black RHT seamed stockings, but when out shopping she actually bought some. I dint have to ask why.

The way she dressed on her visits started to change as well, no longer the classy woman, but too short lycra skirts, very high heels that she could hardly hardly walk in. On one occasion she left in a fitted skirt that actually didn’t cover her stocking tops. I could see her suspenders and her knickers were tiny and sheer, she looked like a prostitute. The thought of her walking through the town like that was both erotic and frightening.

Still it goes on, with no end in sight, our relationship still seems strong, its just that she needs the excitement and hard sex that she gets with him.

It has taught me a big lesson