27 Mar 2016

I was obviously seeing the real Jill ,a very strong confident capable woman who was used to having to make things happen , she had decided that bI was going to rest whatever happened and she was going to look after me . I found it extremely touching how she seemed to worry about someone she hardly knew ,but was so very pleased she did . Whe she finished her coffee she took my hand and for one delightfull second I thought she was taking me back upstairs ,no such luck and her look indicated she had read my mind ,"I'll show you the pool complex ,you will be able to use itonce you loose the staples ,for now you can keep me company " . The complex was at the rear of the property ,consisting of pool ,gym area then changing area with sauna and steam room ,as we entered the changing area she asked me to unzip her dress then suggested I wait on one of the loungers whilst she changed . In no time at all she reappeared wearing a black bikini ,"will I do ?" ,she knew exactly how good she looked ,obviously a regular gym user she had a lovely trim figure ,and yet had all the right curves in the right places , diving into the water she quickly knocked off 5 length's climbed out of the water and not even breathing any harder she sat beside me "Lets go upstairs I need to change " I practically dragged her up the stairs then had to stop as I had no idea where her room was "follow me ,it's your turn to dry me off " . Once in her room she passed me a towell while she removed her top,her breasts pert and full ,large deep pink nipples already hard suggesting she was as arroused as I ,I gently dried her off before I eased her briefs over her hips and down her thighs ,kneeling so I could dry her legs . Her pussy was shaved "I did it yesterday when you said you were coming out ,is it ok ?" I just stood ,picked her up and placed her on the bed ,desperate to slip my tongue inside her ,always conscious of the difference in our probable sexual experience ,I knew I was good at oral and slid between her legs . She gasped as my tongue slowly traced her pussy searching for and finding her clit ,gently teasing it with the very tip of my tongue ,slowly at first then increasing the tempo listening as her breathing gave away her pleasure ,easing back as she approached her climax letting her pleasure subside before starting the build up again until she moaned "for fuck sake make me come ,please make me come " ,the intensity of her plea ensured my efforts increased ,I could feel a trembling start at the back of her thighs passing into her body ,her stomach convulsing as the energy poured out of her . It was like witnessing a bucking horse at very close range ,the emotion poured from her ,her thighs clamped my head as her body continued to shudder "o my lord I've missed that ,please dont stop " , my tongue was back inside before she finished speaking ,in no time at all I could feel the next climax building ,quick and violent it broke her hips lifting from the bed ,thrusting against my body "Lie beside me" , an instuction not a request so I did, in a second she was straddling my body . Leaning forward she kissed me ,not like before ,this was with passion , the pulling back she looking straight into my eyes ,"do you want sex ,are you going to be ok ?" I just nodded and she slid forward expertly positioning herself to ease herself back onto my cock,"you lie still ,I'll do the work just relax " she then eased me inside her ,we both moaned at the initial penetration ,enjoying the oneness that only sex creates . It felt as if I was about to be devoured ,"god I've missed this" ,her face had the biggest smile ,her eyes bright ,her hips starting that relentless milking motion ,each move gloriously massaging the full shaft ,her silky pussy gripping tight ,her breathing fast again ,her hips moving fast "I'm going to come " no sooner had I said it the spurts began ,pumping huge amounts of spunk deep into her . She slowed her thrusting but did not stop ,slow gentle movement now ,the spunk oozing from her with each push ,leaning forward her lips found mine ,her tongue now active inside my mouth ,teasing and ensuring I became hard instantly ,as she felt me hardening her pace increased she was chasing her pleasure now ,"fuck me hard make me come Ohhhh," as she climaxed it was like sex with a wild animal ,she bucked and shagged me senseless until I was drained dry .Rolling off we both lay back gathering our breath ,she the first to move "come on lets shower ,we have to get down to sort your clothes ," and yet in the shower she soaped me down ,as if I were an invalid ,the bdried me off before kissing me lovingly ,"thankyou ,I'd forgotten how much I loved sex ."