5 Apr 2016

I was loving the feel of Jills fingers expertly massaging my throbing cock , as my fingers gently teased Chris her hips moving against my hand the small towel slipping from her body revailing her bush ,a tightly curled mound wet with her juice . I heard the door open and immediately Jill removed her hand from my boxers and left the room ,I just leaned forward inserting my tongue deep into Chris ,my fingers now concentrating on her rock hard nipples . Her hips ground against my mouth,her moaning getting louder by the second ,I could feel her stomach tense seconds before her climax coursed through her taught body ,her hips convulsing as my tongue feasted on her clit her juice on my chin ,strong hands lifted my head from her pulling my mouth to hers . She kissed me passionately her tongue probing my mouth as I knelt on the table my cock stiff resting on her body ,I could feel her body relax as her climax was begining to subside ,before I could try my luck Jill re entered the room and asked me to look after Jade ,apparently her partner had ignored her ,continuing with screwing the woman from earlier refusing to pay her any attention . I found her in the pool area and offered to bring her a drink ,it was obvious she had already consumed a fair amount but she asked for more champagne ,I found a bottle and two glasses in the lounge and returned to the pool ,I was only dressed in my boxers and suddenly felt embarassed . I was about to put a towel around my waist when she got to her feet ,"let's have a swim " reaching down to grasp the bottom of her gown and in one movement removed it tossing it down on the lounger . She was stunning ,as I suspected earlier she was naked beneath her gown, she had the best figure I had ever seen ,my mouth had dropped open at the sight ,she was just perfect ,very toned but a spectacular shape . Her fingers hooked into the band of my shorts and swiftly pulled them to my knees ,"get out of those and follow me " with that she slipped into the pool ,I quickly lost the boxers and dived into the pool ,hoping the initial cooling effect of the water would diminish my obvious erection .

She swam over to join me and we chatted as we let the warm water bathe our bodies " are you staying with Jill ?" I nodded ,she then asked about my age ,what I did and where we met ,seemingly surprised when I told her of our chance meeting ,and how she continued to look after me as I recovered and approached the chemo sessions . We left the pool and took the wine to the sauna where we could dry off , Jill and Chris were already in there so we finished off the bottle before Jade and Chris went off to find their partners . We were indulging in a little foreplay when the sauna door opened and the woman from the devan sat beside Jill ,"How's your evening gone Shiela ?" her question was met with a broad smile "perfect " she purred smiling still at the memory of the continued male attention she had been receiving for the past couple of hours . Jill said she would go check on the others leaving me alone with her ,having chatted for five minutes I said I was going for a shower "I'll join you I'm getting a little warm " ,as we relaxed in the hot water I watched her soap her body ,which for her age was very fit ,she knew I was looking and made great play of massaging her breasts and continuously soaping her pussy ,her eyes closed as she did . She instructed me to soap her back ,accidentally pushing her backside against my cock as I rubbed her shoulders ,as she moved her hips my cock could do nothing but get hard ,the stiffer it got the harder she rubbed ,turning quickly to face me she pulled us from the stream and slowly applied soap to my shaft ,her tiny hands moving up and down my length ,"do you want me to fuck you?" she asked still rubbing my cock . I just sat on the tiles and laying back invited her to climb on ,she didn't waste a second ,straddling my hips she lowered herself onto me , immediately her body sliding against my cock ,as she slowly fucked me I caught sight of Jade in the background watching as Shiela easily moved against me ,after around a minute Jade was still watching . I eased myself from Shiela and told her to get on all fours and positioning myself behind her slid my dick inside Shiela ,making sure Jade could clearly see each thrust ,me looking directly at Jade ,hoping she realised I was wishing it was her I was fucking . A smile crossed her face so I assume she understood my look , I could see her mouth moving ,I shook my head indicating I had not understood then it became clear from her actions ,I was supposed to fuck Shiela's mouth ,so sliding from her I positioned myself at her head ,"suck my dick " I instructed, she sucked me deep into her mouth . I roughly fucked her mouth ,Jade just smiled a smug smile at each thrust, as I was ready to come I held Sheila's head tight ensuring each jet of spunk found the back of her throat ,she swallowed every last drop ,as I released her head and removed my cock she licked her lips " you needed that ,next time I'm going to screw you in front of the others ,see how Jill enjoy's that " I looked up Jade had disappeared ,I quickly showered and wearing only a towel thought I had better tell Jill before the evil old witch did . .....