Written by Miss M Bhavin

18 Dec 2008

Hi all, this is the first time that i have written on here,but i know my other half reads these stories a lot as i check our history all the time!!

The story i am about to tell is 100% genuine & none of the items are made up at all.

It all started on the 20Th 0f October this year,i wasn\'t very busy at work & was looking on the inter net when i checked my e-mail i had received a spam mail about a special discount for a couple to have a evening meal,breakfast & most important of all a night in there hotel rooms.We had stopped here some 4 years ago & really enjoyed it,so i thought what the heck & booked it up.Then i rang his lord & master to tell him the news, but he was fretting about the cost what with the state of the country, his job basically worrying about absolutely nothing!!

I reassured him that it was all paid for & we could just for 1 night forget about everything & enjoy ourselves with some nice food,relaxing surroundings & some good old fashioned SEX!!This immediately changed his mind & asked if i had something special to wear.I told him he\'d have to wait till the Saturday night.

As soon as i put the phone down i grabbed my coat, told the girls that i was of to do a little retail therapy.As i wondered around the shops looking for a little something new & saucy for Saturday night i walked passed Jane Norman & saw this lovely black Chiffon blouse & matching knee length skirt & thought yes with my black fish-net hold ups & the new 4 inch heels i\'d have him jumping through hoops if i wanted (Don\'t all women love to dress up from time to time?)!!So £72.98 on i was ready for what the weekend would bring!!

Saturday come & he was up at 9 o\'clock washing his pride & joy getting ready for when we left for The Granary just outside Worcester.He had absolutely no idea what i had in my over night bag,but i was pretty excited at what his reactions would be.

We arrived at 5 o\'clock,checked in & went to our room.It was at this point that he said that something was missing?He then vanished to the car & came back with a ice bucket bottle of Moet & 2 champagne flutes!He remembered,you see i absolutely adore champagne. It was then that he said the usual man thing \"i\'m starving\" so i went to the bathroom & had a shower while he unpopped the Shampoo & poured 2 glasses.After the first i was a little tipsy (nothing to eat all day) & he went to the shower so i quickly started to get dressed! BLACK FISHNETS FIRST,BLACK BRA & THONG..NO!! COMMANDO TO NIGHT!! CHIFFON BLOUSE,SKIRT & LAST BUT NOWAY LEAST 4INCH HEELS.God i felt power full,tipsy & wet all at the same time!! He came out of the bathroom & almost fell over of the way i looked. Not to slutty but at the same time naughty. \"Fuckin hell i cant wait till i get you back here tonight!I\'m going to fuck you senseless!Let me take a photo of you now & later after i\'ve fucked you\" & grabbed his phone & took 2 photos of me dressed.

Now i\'m not sure if it was the Champagne but i felt slutty but at the same time in control of him & everything that was happening!!

We went to the Restaurant where we had our meal with a lovely bottle of Nuits St.George & a little footsy when at 10.45 i said that i wanted to go back to the room.So he signed the cheque & we proceeded back to our room.No sooner in then he was kissing my neck & i could feel the bulge through his jeans.I turned round & told him that i had to go to the bathroom.I went in pulled up my skirt only to find that i was more turned on that i thought i was dripping!!This not fiction i was actually dripping!!I could not believe it!I used the bathroom came out & found my man naked on the bed waiting for me.I came out & asked \"OK? Just for tonight i\'m what ever you want!!\" Was this me saying these things? Am i now a slut?

He couldn\'t believe that i was doing this & asked if i would suck him off? This is something that i always love doing & started to suck but i positioned my bum so that he could feel it through my skirt. I took him in my mouth & already i could feel the blood rushing to the head & just a little pre-cum on my tongue.He by this time had his hand up my skirt & had 2 fingers in my fanny & every now & again he would flick the 1 finger over my bum hole, something that until now was completely off limits!! I was gagging for him to enter me now!! I got up took my top off, pulled up my skirt 7 sat on his dick.Straight in he went but now he pulled my bum cheeks apart & stuck his middle finger in!It was a mixture of pain & pleasure!\"Is that OK or shall i stop it?\" he asked. \"Just keep doing that,I\'m coming!\" & at that point i came like i had necr before & collapsed on top of him.

I stopped there for about 5 Min\'s but i then realised i had him inside me & he was going soft!\"No you don\'t!\" i announced & went down & started to suck him up again when out of nowhere my usual caring man grabbed my head & began doing the only thing i can explain as HEAD FUCKING me.He was now in control thrusting back & fourth,making me gag make up running down my face & all the time i\'m thinking \'Why aren\'t i hating this?\',,it truly was fantastic. Then in one last jolt there was 2 or 3 massive spurts down the back of my throat & what ever left sprayed on my face. He was now done in.

I got up & looked at my self in the mirror.Skirt round my waist,heels on 1 hold up down by my knee mascara down my face & cum on my face..What a slut.\"Still want a picture?\" i asked. \"You bet\"he announced & took 5, 2 of my face 1 of my puffy fanny,1 of my bum hole & 1 of himself like the cat with cream.

That was October, for Christmas i\'ve got a great surprise for him but you\'ll have to wait! Until then remember this is FACT not fiction.Have a Horny Christmas,