Written by Stacey

16 Sep 2013

Feeling so lonely and very horny, hubby had been away with work for the last four days. We'd had passionate phone sex every night, I love a good phone sex session but I was still craving a nice big thick cock to pound me deep and hard. Hubby was going to be away for another two days and I wasn't sure how I was going to survive that long without a real hard fuck my pussy was longing for it.

My opportunity came......mmmmm what a surprise. The Sky guy had to come to sort a problem out. It was very early when the door went and I'd forgotten about the appointment, I ran down to the door not even thinking, and as I opened the door to the very young, fit and attractive man, his face had a shocked look all over it but with a wry smile. It was then I realised all I had on was my short pink negligee which happened to be fairly see through. Oooops I said come in I'll just get a robe. So I popped upstairs and got my robe which was also fairly short and came back down. To the ever so sexy young man stood in my hall way, he had that look on his face as if he was undressing me as I stood there and his mind was thinking of all the dirty things he wanted to do to me. Then he took a deep breath "what seems to be the problem, miss?” So I smiled and said "depends on whether you mean my sky or me?". He said "well let's start with you". Well my hubby is away and my pussy is throbbing for a good hard fuck, oh and my sky keeps losing signal. Well miss I can help with both if you like was his reply.

So I took him by the hand he was ever so young maybe twenty and led him to the bedroom. He started to undo my robe and it fell to the floor we started to kiss very passionately my pussy was getting wet and he had a fair bulge in his tight navy trousers , I lifted his top off he was a toned sexy man I couldn't keep my hands of him. He then said "miss I'm meant to help you so ..." He threw me to the bed n lifted my negligee he started to kiss my thighs before he licked my now very wet pussy flicking his tongue over my clit before burying his tongue oh so deep inside my throbbing pussy over and over, it felt amazing and so much more so because he was so young and god he was fit, then he slipped a finger or two in, still licking and sucking my clit , I was in heaven, this young stud had his head buried with his tongue deep inside my warm wet pussy making my body shiver . By now I'm soaking wet and then oh god he pushed hard against me I could feel the pressure and then pop his fist was inside me filling me, pounding my cunt with his fist over and over the feeling was amazing then he sucked my clit god I felt a warm rush all over my body n I came he got a mouth full of my lady juices, which made him even hornier than he already was. He came up from my pussy and kissed me, he tasted so good my pussy juices were sweet and sticky, he was now naked his trousers off omg he had a hard thick shaved cock must have been at least 9" I needed it so much.

He looked at me and said "you ready for that hard fuck now?" God yes please. He slid his hard thick smooth cock into my soaking throbbing pussy mmmm I gasped with the first thrust he felt so deep he filled my pussy. And true to his word he pounded me deep and hard over and over harder and harder. I screamed more and more, god this young meat in my wet pussy was good oh so fucking good I came and he carried on and on and I came and came the bed was soaking with all my lady juices and this young stud had so much stamina he went on and on and I was loving it in every position he threw me into , my whole body was shaking with pleasure. He grabbed me by my neck, god it was so erotic. He looked me in the eyes and said "where do you want my cum, Miss?" I smiled and opened my mouth wide he pushed his cock in, it filled my mouth and made me gag I sucked his hard cock coved in my sweet tasting pussy juices he thrust it a few times then bang warm yummy cum hit the back of my mouth like a bullet and slid down my throat, as he pulled out cum ran from my lips and I licked it all back in mmmmmm. We'd been fucking for nearly two hours none stop n my pussy knew it it was swollen and throbbing.

And now you think he's going to fix my Sky lol? Well he did then he threw me against the kitchen side lifted me on it and started to pound my pussy again. I loved his young meat inside me and never wanted it to stop, this time it was a quick and hard pounding he trusted deep and so hard faster and faster maybe only 5 mins, then he shot his load inside me , I got down off the side and could feel his warm cum running out of my pussy and down my thigh, he knelt down and licked my pussy I was so horny within a second or two I came in his mouth again he had a mouth full of mine and his hot cum!!! He was one amazing fuck. He then left after fixing both my problems.

As hubby was away for two more days he did return the next evening and pounded me again all night long only stopping when hubby was on the phone for phone sex needless to say it was amazing hubby wanking his cock thinking of licking my pussy telling me how he'd lick and suck me thinking I was rubbing my clit and that was making me groan and cum, but no it was the fact my pussy was being licked for real and fisted by a young stud lol. We fucked like mad when hubby got off the phone and all night , he left the next day and I know next time hubby is away I'll need my sky fixing and he'll be all too happy to fix my problems again and I can't wait for that young fresh hard meat to fuck my pussy again.

Hubby returned that afternoon and we fucked all afternoon and into the night, my mind thinking of the good hard fucking I'd already had that day the young meat that had made me cum so much making me so horny and turned on, we had amazing sex, Hubby said "God you really did miss getting your cunt pounded hard didn't you hun". If only he knew.