Written by Tiny Tim

13 Jan 2011

For the past 15 years or more my wife as had the same mobile hairdresser, she (Julie) as aways given me trim. She is in her 40s short but beautiful, and I have always flirted with her and if we see her and her husband out I always give he peck on the cheeks. I have felt her tits through her cloths and once when she was pissed she gave me a quick flash.

Last summer we were going to a wedding so my wife Sue arranged for Julie to come and do her hair and mine as well. She came and did our hair on the Monday before the wedding, and Sue asked her to come back on the Saturday morning to comb, blow dry and fit her hair decoration in, because Julie does a better job than Sue can herself.

I went for a beer the night before, as going to the loo, Julie and her husband came into the pub. I reminded Julie about Sue's hair and gave my usual peck on the cheek, by which time her husband was at the bar. I said to Julie you look great I wish you wear something sex when your doing my hear, in fact wear something sex tomorrow then I can fantasize whilst you are doing Sue's hair.

Saturday morning came, and Sue is almost ready, when Julie turns up, as I let her in I said wow you look well (she had on the shortist skirt I'd ever seen), she said thanks I'm going do some retail therapy with my daughter after. Sue sat down and Julie got all her tackle out, past me the plugs for the hair dryer and tongues. Julie made sure I had squeeze past her as she stood behind Sue. As I brushed past on the way back I pinched her arse, she turned and smiled.

Julie then asked Sue to move her chair forward, so she had more room. When they where both settled again Julie still stood behide Sue then opened her legs, turned to me and smiled and gave the come on. I stept closer out of view of Sue, firstly I put my hand on her arse through her skirt and then just an inch or so then under her skirt. I was expecting to feel at least a thong, bur their it was one naked arse and with slight movement of my hand a lovely semi shaved and wet pussy.

I entered 2 fingers as lent over for the hair dryer still talking to, I fingered her for a minuite or so as she came to an orgasm she turned on the hair dryer so did hear her gasp with elation. No sooner had it started it was all over, Julie had go to the front of Sue's hair.

I walked Julie to her car, I said thank you, she no thank you, I said you should come around when Sue's not in, she said maybe.