Written by George

26 Sep 2012

Before I retell my storey it's perhaps worth giving you a bit of background. My name is George and I've been married to Sue for just over 5 years. We are both in our late 40's and have children from previous relationships; however, they are are grown up and are now fully independent. We are both fit and active, I'm 5' 10" and although i'm now bald I keep very trim from cycling; Sue is also very fit (36D, 25, 38), 5'9", Brunette and size 12. Sexually we are both very open minded and have been swinging, off and on for nearly 4 years now. That said the storey I'm about to retell doesn't really involve us directly although it did happen while we were on weeks break.

Luckily we are now in a position where we can go on quite luxurious holidays without having to worry too much about the money, mainly because the kids are off our hands and we are mortgage free. Consequently, we were staying in a very up market hotel and Spa where all of the rooms, which were really suites, were on the ground floor and they opened up onto their own veranda which led to beautifully manicure gardens, which gave privacy to each room.

We had been at the hotel only 1 night before we struck up a of friendship, with a group of people that were at the hotel for a wedding. Both the Bride and the Groom were at the hotel ( initially in separate rooms), together with their respective parents and quite a few other guests. Both me and Sue got on very well with the Bride ( Julie) and her Parents (Jim and Penny); we all seemed to end up at the bar together after dinner and it became obvious we were all similar minded. It was also obvious that although both Julie and her fiancé, James, had been married before, this was a "Money is no Object" wedding as loads of guests were also in the Hotel.

Anyway the long and short of things was that we were both invited to the wedding ( but not the reception) which was going to take place in the hotel. Additionally, on the afternoon before the wedding Sue was invited to join Julie, Penny and a couple of the other girls in the Spa for a long Pamper session. I didn't think anything of this and just went to the pool to read my book and ogle the girls!

Towards the end of the afternoon around 5.30pm Sue arrived back from the Spa and I casually asked her how things went. " Great", she said, "But have I got something's to tell you". "Go on do tell", I said, Sue looked around to check that no one was near and then she said " You know the Hen Party that Julie's having tonight?", I nodded, "Well I think it's going to end up rather Blue". "Why's that?", I asked. "Well apart from Julie showing Penny and Me that she had been fully waxed, she then openly showed off her clit ring and asked Penny what she thought". " Ok that shows she's quite open minded and not afraid to discuss intimate things with her mother but so what?", I asked. "Well to be honest it's what Peny said that surprised me", said Sue. " Why what did she say?", i asked. Apparently She said something along the lines of "It's looks lovely, is it for tonight?", " You bet" was Julie's reply. "What's happening tonight over and above the usual Hen NightStuff?" ,I asked. "Well that's my point", said Sue, "I asked Penny. She looked me in the eye and asked if I was open minded and could I keep a secret?". " I told her that we were Swingers so you couldn't get much more open minded and of course I could keep a secret". She then said, "Well me and a few of the Girls are having a bit of do in Julie's suite after the drinks tonight". I asked what she meant and she said that Janice's husband's friend who used to be a rather dirty male stripper was coming and he has agreed to put on a bit of a show. "Who's Janice?", I asked, "Apparently she's one of Julie's friends and she arrives today, but we are not to tell James because they don't get on awfully well and if he finds out about the male stripper he'll go mad. Mind you Penny thinks he deserves it after what he did to Julie", replied Sue. So what did James do I asked. Oh, he fucked a couple of strippers in front of their friends about 6 months ago, they are over all of that now, but apparently James thinks its ok for a man to fuck about but not for a woman. So Julie has promised herself to get him back for it and Penny thinks she's going to flash herself with the stripper and send James the pictures.

I've heard all of this sort of thing before and I told Sue as much. I did however ask if she was going, she said ok course, i'm not missing up on some drinks and the chance to ogle some cock. Apparently the plan was to meet she in the Bar around 8 and then go to Julie' suite afterwards where it's private. I told Sue to have a good time and tell me all about it after and added that I'll be going to the bar with some of the men for a few drinks. Secretly, I thought to myself that if the stripper was half decent Sue will be turned on when she gets back and we can have some fun together.

So that evening we all met up in the Bar to start with but the Girls all went to sit by themselves and the men just hung round the bar area' chatting and playing pool. At around 1130 I noticed a number of the Girls, including Sue had disappeared off, probably to Julie's Suite I thought to myself. However,I didn't think anything more of it until about half past midnight, when I was getting bored with playing pool. Consequently I decide to go back to our room, but as I was walking through the grounds I thought to myself why don't I sneak over to the Veranda by Julie's suite and take a look at what was happening.

When I got to Julie's Suite,even though I was behind a bush I could easily see and hear everything as all the lights were on and the sliding doors were wide open. There were about 10 girls there including, Julie, Penny, Janice and Sue, but I was also slightly surprised to see James' Mother there. The drink was flowing and music was blasting out of a Bose sound deck, the girls certainly looked as though they were having a great time. I stood watching for about 15 minutes, but nothing much was happening although I did hear Janice saying " It won't be long till he arrives" and a couple of the other girls said " Yeah can't wait see him do his stuff" as they pulled their skirts up to reveal their panties. I thought perhaps things are hotting up so I stayed.

After another 5 minutes nothing much had happened so I turned to leave. But just as my back was turned I heard someone say "He's here, Julie go sit on the bed". As I turned back I was a little shocked as I saw a man dressed like an Executioner walk into the room. He had a small black leather hood on that just covered his head and eye's and he was wearing a large leather G String with an enormous studded pouch at the front and that was it. The guy was only about 5' 9" but he looked quite fit and his body was tanned and looked as though it was covered in oil as his skin glistened in the light. Janice then shouted out something along the lines of "Girl's I present to you the Hooded Cocksman". The girls just went mad at this and when he walked in the Cocksman started gyrating around the room and thrusting his hips at the girls who were all trying to grab him as he walked past. He then walked up to Julie and said " Are you the one whose being sentenced?". All I could see was the guys back but I heard Julie say " Yeah, what are you going to do". He then pushed Julie back on the bed and standing between her legs he said " that depends on how good you are" and then stuck his tongue out as if he was licking her. He then moved around the room some more and finally he walked upto James's mother and said " And are you the Mother of the Groom?" to which she nodded as she groped his legs. The cocksman then turned his back on James's Mother and handed her a leather cord that was attached to his G String, he then turned his back on her and said " Pull the cord and unleash me, if you dare". All the girls then chanted "pull, pull, pull". James' Mother didn't hesitate she just pulled the cord and the guys leather G String came off and fell to the floor. Immediately some of the girls facing the guy put there hands to their mouths and some just said "oh my God". When the guy turned round I understood why. Now I've seen some large cocks when Swinging with Sue, but I had never seen anything like this. The guy was completely shaven and although his cock was flaccid it must have been at least 9 inches long, really thick and pierced with a Prince Albert. He was hung like a horse and to make things worse it swung around in front of a pair of massive balls and as he gyrated in front of the Girls it bounced all over the place.

Initially the Cocksman went up to James' Mother and pushed his huge cock into her face. I thought she'd back off but she didn't, she just grabbed the shaft and started to wank it. Then she bent down to kiss the massive cock head; but the guy thrust his hips at her and the tip of his cock head went straight in her mouth. This carried on with most of the women giving the growing cock a suck until he got to Julie, by which time it must have been over 10 inches, but it still wasn't fully hard. Julie, just opened her legs and let the cocksman walk in between them, wanking his massive weapon in her face. He then pushed her legs further apart and I could clearly see she had no panties on as her shaved and pierced pussy was on show for all to see. It was also obvious that the cocksman liked what he saw as he immediately went down on his knees and buried his face and by the look on Julie's face it was obvious she was getting a good licking.

After a few minutes he then stood up and waving a now fully hard cock that seemed to stick out a long way from his body he leered at the Girl's and said "Is there anymore pussy that needs licking?" There were a number of Girls that said yes, including my wife! The cocksman then went around the room wanking himself and pulling any willing girls panties to one side before burying his face in their pussy.

Things were getting pretty heated as the guy went round the room, waving his giant cock around in the girls faces and then lifting up there skirts licking their pussies. But everything changed gear when he walked up to Julie who was sitting on the edge of the bed with her skirt pulled up and her legs wide open showing off her waxed and pierced pussy. Initially he whispered something in Julies ear and the he started rubbing his cock up and down her slit, which by the look on her face was just what was wanted. However, James' Mother obviously thought that things had gone a bit too far as I heard her saying " I think that's enough, she's marrying my Son tomorrow". But then I heard Janice saying " Don't worry he won't do anything more than James did a couple of months ago!" and then she said to the Cocksman " Now do what your paid for and Fuck her with that big cock". By this time Julie was holding her legs open as wide as she could as the cocksman massaged her clit with his pierced cock head. Then he leant forwards a little and started to push his cock into her, at first he appeared to struggle a bit but eventually his cockhead forced Julie's pussy lips apart and the shaft started to disappear as he drove into her. At first Julie's breathing was quite deep as tried to get used to the size of him, but after a short while he was balls deep in her and starting to up the tempo, until he was really pounding her. That's when the first orgasm hit Julie, much to everyone's delight apart from James' Mother who was just staring in disbelief. Then the guy pulled his dripping cock out of Julie's pussy and turned her over so she was on her knees, with her skirt pulled up so everyone could see her ass and dripping pussy. The cocksman then climbed up on the bed and positioned his feet either side of Julie's knees, then as he bent his knees his massive balls and cock came into view and closed in on the gaping cunt. After he had rubbed his pierced cockhead up and down Julie's ass hole and pussy a few times he then skillfully bent his legs a bit more and started to feed his massive cock into Julie's waiting pussy. Then Janice joined in by lying on her back and sliding between Julie's legs. At first Janice was just licking Julie's pussy and the cocksman's cock and balls as he mercilessly pumped into Julie, but she then reached up and held his balls whilst she pushed her thumb up his ass, but this didn't last long as I heard the Cocksman grunting really loud and Janice saying " That's it seed her, seed her with that big cock!" James' Mother then shouted " No, no he can't do that". This made the Cocksman turn towards her, but as he did his cock slid out just as it squirted a load of spunk, which went all over Janice's face. James' Mother then said " Thank God for that", thinking she had stopped him seeding Julie, but to her horror she saw a massive load of cum starting to ooze out of Julie's pussy as Janice eagerly started to clean up. I then heard one of the girls say " Look at that spunk, i've never seen a pussy so full of seed". The Cocksman then climbed off the bed and stood in front of the bed with his hands on his hips displaying his still massive but softening cock, which was covered in cum and pussy juice. It didnt take long before two of the girls started to clean up his dripping cock, with one of them flicking her tongue over his Prince Albert whilst the other licked his ass and balls. James' mother couldn't take much more of this so she just upped and left. I suspected that things were going to break up a bit so I thought I'd better leave.

A little later that evening Sue walked back into our room as randy as hell and she couldnt keep her hands off me. Apparently, whilst a number of the girls left, a few stayed behind with the Cocksman who managed to raise a second hard on. Sue didn't go into any detail and to be honest we both just wanted a fuck, so I bent her over the chair and went for it. Whilst I didn't say anything at the time on reflection Sue was extremely wet and loose, even though she was really turned on!

That's really all there is to tell about our holiday although I do suspect that after I disappeared the Cocksman probably fucked Sue that night. Grateful for any thoughts.