Written by jock69uk

16 Jun 2014

I kept my back towards her and then felt her small hands slide onto my hips ,lingering for a second before they slowly moved around my waist until she felt the hair on my stomach.I knew now she was naked as her nipples ,hard as bullets ,pushed into my back whilst her hands slowly found their target ,one around my already throbbing shaft the other gently cupping my balls and yet still she had not said a word .I am not sure what she expected me to do ,but I was not about to do anything until she made it absolutely clear what she wanted ,then her hand moved on my cock and I felt her lips starting to nuzzle my back,she continued to slowly wank my shaft.In order to move the process on I dropped my hands onto hers and moving out of her grasp I turned bending lower to kiss her ,her reaction clearly indicating she was up for some fun ,her tongue flicked into my mouth her hands finding my cock again, her lips returning my kiss with interest.Pulling away I quickly picked her up and moving across the room lay her across my bed,her eyes taking in my naked body ,paying particular attention to my cock ,she licked her lips in anticipation ,kneeling on the bed I told her to feel how hard I had become .I still wasn't sure how far she wanted to go " shall I go down on you ?" I asked , she nodded that I could ,opening her thighs as I slid down the bed ,eager for me to start,lifting her hips as I slid my tongue inside .In no time at all her juices gushed ,she was so quick to achieve her first orgasm ,her whole body trembled as she continued to respond to my tongue flicking her clit ,finally she begged me to stop ,the convulsions ripping through her body ,as she continued to shake I knelt between her legs the tip of my prick resting on her soaking pussy.As I gently eased forward the bulbous head opening her glistening pussy lips ,moving slightly forward and back teasing her ,no penetration proper until she had to speak "please put it in ,for god's sake get it in " her hips lifting off the bed in an effort to get me deeper.Ever so slowly I gradually pushed the full length inside ,her breathing short ,small gasps as I moved in and out ,her juices soaking my balls and her thighs ,her every move demanding deep penetration ,her hands on my hips pulling me urgently into her her now deep voice urging ,demanding gratification.Ignoring her plea's I just keep sliding slowly in and out ,giving her the full length ,but not ramming hard into her which is what she was demanding "fuck me hard ,please give it me harder " ,even though she was not getting it how she wanted she was starting to groan,obviously very near a climax,her head rolling from side to side.Within a few thrusts her moaning got louder ,her hips pushing hard against each push "it's coming ,god it's coming again " then again the convulsions,I could fell the trembling ,her whole body shook in pleasure ,I recon she had not been getting fucked much recently and was bucking beneath me, wave after wave of pleasure rippling through her.

As her body settled I pulled from her ,still rock hard not yet achieving my own climax ,before I had lay down she was up and straddling me quickly she slid easily down my shaft immediately starting to fuck me hard ,her eyes closed ,leaning back her hands on my thighs behind her body.Her body glistening with sweat ,her breasts full, topped with hard almost purple nipples,all her body tense as she brought us both nearer to the ultimate pleasure "come into me ,I want you deep inside me " her pace now frantic, her pussy tight and milking me like never before ,she senses I am near "fill me up ,I want every fucking drop " I was at the point of no return ,spurting jets of spunk deep inside my mother in law !! Still milking long after I had lost every drop ,she finally slumped onto my chest ,resting until she caught her breath ,lifting her head she smiled ,"that was even better than I had imagined ,are you OK ?" I just nodded ,my cock still twitching with pleasure ,"our secret ,no one ,and I mean no one must ever know,this is going to be 4 fantastic days ,I guarantee it " I could only hope ......