Written by Jock69uk

17 Jun 2014

My mother in law had been due to go on the weekend but had made some excuse at the last minute ,and ended up shagging me instead .I lay back on the bed ,wondering what the hell had come over her ,whilst we had always got on she had given no indication of being interested either in me or sex itself,yet she had just initiated an amazing fuck ,and better yet promised me plenty more!!

Whilst I now know different ,Anita has always dressed in cloth's that look too large and in dowdy ,dull colours,so I really had no idea how fit she was .She is around 5ft tall ,I now know she has great firm boobs with large nipples ,a small trim waist lovely round hips and great legs ,whilst she is early fifty's she looks around 35.Her husband Bill is a consultant at the local hospital, they live in a large detached house in a village.

My wife Ann had arranged for me to do some work at her parents whilst she was away ,god if she only knew the job her mother had just done on me!!

Anita called from downstairs that breakfast was ready ,so just putting on my boxers I went to join her ,she could hardly worry bearing in mind what we had just done ,she had made bacon sarnies and was waiting in the kitchen pouring me coffee. I started to laugh as soon as I entered the room ,she had a dressing gown on fastened tight to the neck and so long it dragged on the floor ,"Christ Anita ,it's too late for modesty " I joked ,she just pulled a face .I was starving devouring my sandwich quickly then enjoyed her delicious coffee ," so what's Bill got for me to do in the garden " I enquired ,she handed me a note which explained precisely what he needed doing ,so draining my cup I made to leave the room ,just as the robe slipped from her shoulders . Obviously I delayed my departure and moved to her side ,pulling her roughly to me ,making her aware that yet again I was stiff and ready for her ,having explored her mouth with my tongue I sat back on a bar stool ,my stiff cock waving at her ,throbbing in anticipation waiting to see what she would do as my fingers slid inside her wet pussy .Taking me by surprise again she bent over the breakfast bar opened her legs ,and looking back over her shoulder she told me to fuck her ,"just fuck me hard ,I want to feel you deep inside again " before she had finished speaking I was balls deep ,a firm grip on her hips and I banged her just as instructed .I was yet again amazed how vocal Anita was during sex ,I'm sure her voice could be heard all over the house ,the nearer she was to climax the noisier ,she opened her legs wider and pushed back against my thrusting " don't stop now ,I'm coming oh my god I'm coming " her head thrown back as the orgasm ripped through her body . I stopped pushing ,leaving my throbbing dick hard inside her waiting to see what her next move would be ,suddenly her hand came between her legs and roughly grabbed my balls ,her gruff voice urgent and commanding " pull the fucking thing out and sit on that stool" ,a squeeze of my nuts ensuring I did as I was told ,no sooner had I sat down than she was on her knees slowly easing the purple head between her lips ,her tongue licking her juices from the shaft .Everything she did suggested that she had not given much head ,placing my hands behind her neck I started to fuck her mouth ,slowly at first ,she warming to the task was begining to use her lips to exert maximum pressure and friction on my glans ,my own climax fast approaching "I'm coming" I warned , expecting her to pull back ,her reaction was the dead opposite pulling me deeper into her mouth as I started to unload ,jet after jet of thick cum ,each time she swollowed until there was no more .Pulling back she licked the last drop from her lips ," I never knew that would be so bloody good ,does Ann do that for you ?" I was amazed it was the first time she had mentioned Ann ,before I could answer she spoke again " I'll have to try and do something that Ann hasn't done ,that would be special wouldn't it ".