Written by ukwide

31 Oct 2013

The 6th time - finding and fucking a huge cock

sorry this is a bit long!

Whilst still in Germany in the late 80's, we'd been invited to stay with friends about a 2 hour drive from where we lived at the time, so packing a few things we set off on the Friday evening. That evening we sat drinking with Graham and Sandra and eventually it was bed time and they showed us to our room and we settled down for the night. Now Lynn had drunk a considerable amount of wine which makes her randy and she soon turned her attentions to my cock, but sadly the long drive and the day at work had took its toll on me and we ended up just falling asleep.

The next morning after I'd had a lie in Lynn came back to our room only wearing a very short negligee which hid nothing, to tell me Graham had been kissing her and fingering her wet pussy whilst she'd been down stairs. I asked her where Sandra was and she said taking a shower, which she now needed because her cunt was very wet and sticky. I asked her if Graham had just fucked her, but she told me he had got his cock inside her but had not cum whilst fucking her because he was concerned Sandra might appear and catch them. She giggled and said he had a good hard cock which felt nice inside her and maybe she might get him to fuck her again later so he could fill her full of his cum.

Lynn went and showered and Graham came to ask me if we fancied going for a midday beer at the club which I agreed to, the idea of the weekend was to relax, chill out and just enjoy a few beers and a good chat. When Lynn came out of the shower I told her of the arrangements and she said it was good for her, so she started dressing and wore a brown cord skirt which was just above her knees and lovely cream blouse with a brown lacy suspender belt, dark brown stockings and brown suede leather high heeled shoes, she looked stunning as I put on a pair of stone coloured chino's and a casual shirt and we then joined Graham and Sandra down stairs, who were both dressed pretty much in the same mode, Sandra wearing a black skirt, white blouse and black stockings/tights which I later found out were stockings.

We walked to the club which was about a 15 minute walk, no more and upon our arrival Graham bought everyone a drink, Sandra and Lynn opting for white wine. Graham explained the club had a main bar and a dance area with a smaller bar, games room with snooker and pool tables and a TV lounge, which was classed as a quiet area and out of bounds to children, we were sat in the main bar area which was decorated in traditional German 'Gaste-haus' style but very tasteful. Some of the users we knew from previous work areas and others were new and formally introduced to us, especially as I was the senior person present from the business.

One of the guys who was introduced to us was a single guy called Bob, who was casual and smartly dressed, Graham did whisper to me Bob was a bit of a stud and hung like a donkey and a big hit with the ladies who knew of his appendage and its extraordinary size. As we laughed and joked Bob engaged my wife in conversation and I could see she was taking a liking to him, the little tell-tale signs were beginning to show, the skirt riding slightly higher up her legs, the attentive smile, the sexy laugh, it was plainly obvious my wife had taken a real liking to him. Bob asked Lynn if she would like a drink and Lynn accepted his offer and walked with him to the bar and taking the drink sat on a bar stool with Bob chatting, whilst Sandra went off with one of the guys to organise some food from a take-away.

Graham said to me it looked like Lynn had hit it off with Bob and was enjoying talking with him, as he nodded in their direction. I turned to see Lynn sat chatting with Bob and she turned to me and smiled as she saw me watching her chatting with him. Graham excused himself and said he was going to the Gents loo and would be back shortly, as he walked away my wife climbed down off her stool and walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek saying did I mind her sat talking to Bob, I told her no, I was happy but she needed to be aware of Bob's reputation as a stud and the fact Graham had said he was hung like a donkey. Lynn laughed and said that was a bonus because he was a real charmer and she found talking to him good fun, she then said she was going back to her stool and her drink.

As she climbed back on to the bar stool I watched her skirt ride up giving Bob and anyone else who cared to look a good flash of thigh and stocking top before she smoothed down her skirt slightly, as she did this Graham returned and said what lovely legs Lynn had and made better knowing she was wearing stockings, he then smiled at me and said I would need to watch her with Bob or he'll be inside her knickers before you realise it. I laughed and told Graham, he would have a hard job, knickers were one thing Lynn hadn't packed for this trip, Graham smiled and said good old Lynn she never fails to please, and he blushed as he spoke. I went to the bar and bought me and Graham drinks and asked if Bob and my wife wanted a refill, which they both accepted, so I bought a round and paid the Barman who smiled at me and handed me my change.

We sank a couple more beers each and eventually Sandra returned saying they had ordered the food to be delivered about 2.30pm and then smiling said I see Lynn hasn't wasted much time getting to know Bob, which was true and grabbing her drink, she walked over to Bob and my wife and having got a fresh drink returned and sat down crossing her legs which gave the first glimpse up her skirt and confirmed she was wearing stockings too. Graham said he was going over to some work place and would be back shortly and has he left Sandra asked me if Lynn's black stockings suited her and that she borrowed them when she saw Lynn putting on the dark brown pair she was wearing now and which the tops were very evident as she sat talking to Bob. I could hear my wife laughing and now and then her voice would get loud enough for me to hear her chatting to Bob, but not loud enough to hear exactly what was being said.

Sandra asked if I minded her popping to the 'Bundespost' telephone box to give her Mum a quick call, her ritual weekly chat as she called it, I told her to feel free and she stood up and walked away and I was joined by Bob who brought me a drink over saying he was just popping to the loo. As he left I could see the barman chatting with Lynn and at one point she didn't look to happy and she then climbed down from her stool and walked over to me and again kissing my cheek said the barman was being rude telling her she would get a right royal fucking if Bob had his way, she said he was cheeky and anyway how did he know she would fuck him. I told my wife it was pretty obvious she wanted some of Bob's big cock inside her, she'd been flashing her legs and thighs and at times her stocking tops to him, he probably thought his luck was in, my wife just smiled and said oh is luck is definitely in and then turned away and walked back to the bar as Bob joined her and sat on his stool as Lynn climbed on to her bar stool flashing a vast amount of bare thigh in the process.

I had been talking to a couple of guys who were new to the business and it wasn't till about an hour later I happened to notice Lynn and Bob weren't sat at the bar, so finishing my drink I went to the Gents loo and having relieved myself was just about to walk back to the bar and saw the games room door open and had a quick look inside, it was a smart well equipped room so decided to have a look in the TV lounge. The door was closed to, but not shut and as I pushed it open immediately saw my wife stood with her back against the wall, her legs splayed apart with Bob stood between her open legs and thighs and Lynn telling him to get in deeper and to push his cock hard in to her pussy. I watched as Bob forced his cock into my wife and undoing her buttons on her blouse began squeezing her braless tits and nipples making my wife moan out as he did so.

Bob was really pushing his hard prick into my wife's willing cunt and I heard her say how big it felt as he pushed harder against her, Lynn's breathing was laboured as Bob humped my wife against the wall. Lynn glanced my way and smiled and then turning to Bob went back to kissing him in between her moans of pleasure. I left them to it and pulled the door closed behind me and walked back to the bar, where I ordered another drink, albeit a soft drink. The barman leaned forward and speaking softly said if I was looking for my wife, she was probably in the TV lounge with Bob, it's where he takes his lady friends to get to know them better and hopefully entertain them, I told him I knew that and had just left them watching TV, which threw him somewhat.

I sat back at the table and shortly after, Sandra walked back into the bar with the food and told everyone to help themselves and then asked where Lynn was. I told her she was in the TV lounge with Bob and she smiled at me and said the lucky cow, Bob will be treating her to one of his famous slow screws against the wall and we both laughed and Sandra said she would get us some food and walked to the table and came back with two plates of food. I asked her where Graham was and she said the boring fart was probably talking work with the guys on shift and not to bother about him, she laughed and we began to eat our food and at the same time chat in general. I watched Sandra cross her legs, giving me a flash of her stocking tops and bare thighs as she did so, I do have to say Sandra's thighs were a beautiful sight.

Sandra and I both had another drink and sat chatting and eventually Lynn and Bob came back into the main bar, my wife had that satisfied, I've just been well and truly fucked look on her face, her blouse had been done up but the top 3 or 4 buttons were still undone and her cleavage was clearly visible if you cared to look, they both sat back down on their vacant bar stools and Bob ordered more fresh drinks for them and I watched my slutty wife slowly cross her legs giving Bob a clear view up her skirt and without realising it the barman also got a good look at her wide open, juicy pussy. Sandra leaned in close and quietly said, she's had a good time with Bob, or more importantly Bob's given her a good time on his donkey cock. I asked her how she knew about the size of his cock and Sandra just smiled and said it was common knowledge and anyway, she'd had Bob deep inside her a number of times and crikey it feels like it's coming out your mouth when he gets it in deep from behind, trust me Lynn will feel well satisfied if she's just taken a length of Bob's cock inside her, I'm surprised she can still walk, it took me ages to stand after taking his prick the first time.

I asked Sandra if Graham knew of her tryst with Bob and she laughed and said oh no, Graham would go mental if he knew Bob had given her the ride of her life, she then picked up her drink and emptied her glass asking if I fancied another drink, I said yes and to let me get them, but Sandra just said no, they can go on misery guts bar bill and uncrossing her legs rather to slowly, so I had a terrific view up her skirt she stood and walked over to the bar chatting to Bob and Lynn as she placed our order. I watched as she nodded in my direction and having bought Bob and my wife a drink too walked back to our table and sat down, again giving me a lovely view up her skirt which she slid up her thighs slightly as she crossed her legs smiling at me as she did so.

We carried on chatting and I watched as my wife took Bob's hand and together they walked out of the main bar, Sandra looked at me and said not to worry, they were just taking a walk to Bob's room for a lie down, she winked at me as she spoke. We finished our drinks and Sandra asked if I wanted to take a walk home, so together we gathered up our belongings and walked back to her place informing the barman when and if the others came back to tell them we'd left for home and a decent cup of tea, she smiled at me as she spoke to him and we then walked home chatting as we went.

Once back at Sandra's place she immediately walked in to the kitchen and put the kettle on and then said she was just popping to the bathroom to freshen up and left me sat on a chair in the lounge. It was now almost 4:30pm and I heard Sandra come walking down stairs, not sure what to expect from this rather lovely woman who had more than her fair share in the breasts department. I noticed Sandra hadn't changed and she stood in front of me and asked if I was okay, I told her I was fine, she then took a hold of her skirt and raised it so I could see her stocking tops and a hint of bare thigh and asked me if my wife's stockings suited her, I told her oh yes they looked lovely on her. Sandra said she could see why my wife wore them; they felt so silky and made her feel very special.

I told Sandra that was one of the reasons Lynn wore them and Sandra smiled and asked if that was the only reason. I told her no, Lynn liked to wear them because it turned the guys on and it made access easier, especially as she didn't wear panties either. Sandra giggled and putting her hands up her own skirt pulled her white lacy knickers down and as they slid to her ankles she stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way, saying what like this, I nodded yes and Sandra then sat down on the sofa opposite me and once again slowly crossed her legs, parting them slightly as she did so, giving me a good view of her hairy pussy lips in the process.

We sat chatting, although somewhat stilted and then Sandra asked me if I realised my wife and Bob were probably fucking like mad as we sat here chatting. I told Sandra, I expected them to be fucking like mad and knowing Lynn she was probably demanding more and more cock from him, she loved the feel of a good hard large cock inside her and Sandra smiled and said what woman doesn't, just a shame her miserable husband couldn't see the benefits of her taking a strange cock now and then and laughed as she spoke. I asked what she thought was the benefit and Sandra smiled and said it kept her hot and horny taking a different cock now and then. Sandra then stood up and walked over to where I was sat and kneeling at my feet began rubbing my cock through my pants, my hard cock ached with pleasure and I watched as she undid her blouse releasing her bare breasts to my gaze, she then began to undo my pants and I watched her right hand snake inside and take hold of my stiff prick, she looked up at me and said not exactly in Bob's league but it's a nice size and then she said you do realise taking Bob's cock means your wife will have 12 inches of throbbing hard meat inside her pussy pounding at her insides driving her wild with lust and Bob's cock will ruin her pussy for ages, my cunt lips took weeks to return to almost normal, even now they still hang down a good inch to two inches.

I told Sandra my wife was a slut for cock and she'd had plenty of big hard cocks inside her open and willing pussy over the 10 or so years we'd been married, so her cunt lips already hung down a fair way under normal sex. Sandra smiled at me and said what a whore, if she'd known they could have had some great nights out together and she loved to go out and pick up some strange cock without Graham knowing. Sandra then stood up and moving forward so she was standing over my legs eased herself down guiding my rigid prick inside her pussy, she sank down all the way until I was balls deep inside her. Sandra's pussy felt hot and juicy as my cock slid deep inside her and taking hold of one of her tits I sucked hard on her nipple, just then the phone rang and Sandra reached over and answered it, I heard her say okay thanks and replacing the phone said, shit Grahams on his way home, she stood up and picking up her panties said later lover, I will come and finish this later.

Sandra left the room and returned a couple of minutes later and kissing my cheek said she knew he'd do this and come home and spoil her fun, she laughed and walked through to the kitchen saying she'd put her knickers back on just in case Graham checked on her. About 5 minutes later Graham came through the door and slumping in the chair apologised for leaving us at the club, anyway we sat chatting and drinking until late, Graham asking where Lynn was and Sandra telling him she was upstairs asleep with a headache, Graham laughed and said not in luck tonight then mate and Sandra looked at me and winked as he chuckled at his attempt at humour.

Graham eventually decided it was far too late for him and said he was going to retire to bed, Sandra told him not to make a noise and wake my wife and he promised he would be quiet and asked Sandra if she was coming up to bed, she told him she would be up shortly and Graham walked up the stairs and within 5 or 10 minutes Sandra went to check on him and came back saying he was dead to the world. Sandra then put her hands back up her skirt and pulled her knickers back down and said right now I'm very randy and dying for your cock, as she spoke she reached over and undid my trousers yet again and reached inside and pulled out my hardening cock. Sandra bent over and began sliding her hand along the length of my prick with her right hand and began undoing her blouse with her left and when she'd undone all the buttons she pulled her blouse wide open so her tits were back on display, her nipples already hardening at the thought of what might happen.

Sandra's hand felt good on my cock as she slowly stroked up and down the shaft and then again she straddled my legs and slowly sunk down on my cock until I was totally inside her pussy. Sandra looked at me and smiling said just think, your wife has been riding that huge great cock for the best part of 8 hours, she will be so wide and full of cum when she gets back, if she gets back, she will be able to swallow your fist in her pussy, I know mine was so wide I could have taken two cocks inside me when Bob eventually finished fucking me. As she spoke Sandra began to rise and fall on my cock which felt wonderful and I could feel my cock pulse inside her cunt, so much so I had to concentrate on not shooting my cum there and then.

Sandra reached round and cupped my ball sack as she rode my cock and I carried on sucking her tits and nipples. She asked me how often Lynn went out on a cock hunt, saying she might talk her into doing one together, I told Sandra every time Lynn went out it was a potential cock hunt; she was such a horny slut she couldn't pass up a hard cock. Sandra said maybe her and my wife should go out together and see if they can pull some guys for a real good beaver-bashing session. As she spoke I couldn't hold back and shot my cum deep into Sandra's hot pussy making her moan as she felt 4 or 5 strong spurts of my spunk hit her pussy walls.

Sandra eventually climbed off my still rigid cock and said she had better go join Graham, if he wakes up and see's she's not there he'll come looking for her and she doesn't want him to catch her with a rigid cock deep inside her, she picked up her knickers and kissing me said good night. I turned on the TV and watched some late night film on the TV, it was all in German but hey it doesn't take much to get the drift of a 'shoot-em up' film. I must have dozed off and was awakened by the presence of someone in the room to find my slutty wife stood before me smiling, her blouse totally undone and her tits clearly visible. Lynn walked up to me and bending over kissed my forehead and at the same time rubbed my cock through my trousers making it harden as she did so, she asked me if I'd missed her whilst she was playing with Bob and his enormous hard cock.

I told my wife I'd been sat chatting to Graham and Sandra most of the time and had a good evening, Lynn asked me if I'd fucked Sandra, because Sandra said she would bring me back and keep me entertained whilst she was enjoying being fucked by Bob. I told her Sandra had shown me her stockings she'd borrowed from my wife and they looked good on her, especially around her thighs. Lynn laughed and began to undo my trousers and slowly released my cock from inside, she then began slowly easing her hand up and down my shaft making my prick throb. My wife told me to feel her pussy, she said Bob had fucked her continuously and had shot so much cum inside her she was dripping it all down her thighs even now having walked back from Bob's room, although she did say Bob had fucked her again outside the house just before she came in.

I ran my hand up Lynn's left leg and has I got to the top of her stockings they were very wet and sticky, her thighs were also very, very sticky and her pussy lips were wide open and hanging down a good three inches, but her cunt was so wide I could get 4 fingers inside her without any resistance and eventually I had my whole hand inside her cunt reaming her insides which felt so hot. Lynn smiled and said Bob really could fuck and his cock was so big, it was so long and thick and he stayed hard all the time, my wife then said when Bob forced his cock into her it felt like it was pushing it inside her womb and that she's gushed her orgasms coming so many times she was flooded with their joint cum.

As I fingered her juicy wide open cunt my wife told me how Bob had fucked her laid on his bed, kneeling on the floor, sat on his bedside table, stood up and he even fucked her sideways which was wonderful because his cock was so big. Lynn said she sucked his cock until he shot his cum down her throat, there was so much spunk she could hardly swallow it all, but being a good slut wife she said she just kept going till it had all gone. Lynn then let go of my cock and raised her skirt over her hips, her pussy certainly looked like it had taken a real battering and then placing her right leg on the sofa by my head she lowered her juicy pussy down until her extended pussy lips were touching my mouth and she told me to suck them. Her pussy lips were so long and extended I couldn't get my tongue into her pussy, so she slowly lowered her cunt down until I could get my tongue deep inside her pussy.

I licked her pussy as my wife looked down at me telling me how good it felt when I licked her cunt after a long bout of fucking, especially if it was someone else's cock which had just fucked her, she said you love it don't you when I bring my well fucked cunt back for you, the thought another man has just fucked your wife turns you on, you love the thought I might be getting a good fucking and like me, you don't care who fucks me as long as I'm taking a strange cock inside me, go on eat my pussy get your tongue deep inside me I've been well fucked today and Bob as promised to fuck me again tomorrow and did say he would come and visit us soon so he could fuck me , you'd like that wouldn't you Bob fucking your wife in our bed so you can hear me telling Bob to fuck me again and again and, to get his long hard cock deep into my slutty pussy.

As I continued to lick my wife's cunt, she told me how Bob had taken her to his room, holding hands as they walked and once in his room Bob pulled her to him and caressing her tits and arse cheeks told her this time she was going to get the ride of her life and probably the biggest cock she's ever had. Lynn then said Bob undid her blouse and eased it off her shoulders and arms and tossed it over a chair, he then undid her skirt and let it fall to the floor and told my wife to open her legs so he could get his hand in her pussy. My wife said she just eased her legs apart and Bob reached under her and began to force two, then three and finally four fingers up her cunt making her legs quiver as he reamed her cunt and making her moan out loud as he did so. She said it felt really hot stood with her legs apart, naked in a single guys room being pleasured as she rubbed his hard prick through his trousers, eventually undoing them and easing out his long, hard cock so she could stroke her hand up and down its length once again.

My wife said Bob told her to kneel on the edge of the bed which she did and Bob moved up behind her and rubbing his huge bulbous cock head along her pussy lips began to ease his big hard cock into her slutty pussy. My wife smiled at me as she told me Bob just kept pushing his cock inside her forcing more and more of his rock hard cock deep inside her cunt until Bob was balls deep and she could feel his thighs tight against her stocking clad legs. My wife told me she felt very full of cock, it was a wonderfully slutty feeling having another guys prick buried deep in her pussy and when Bob began to fuck her, she said she immediately began to have a massive orgasm on Bob's cock. I carried on licking my wife's pussy as she reached round and again took hold of my throbbing cock and stroked me.

I could feel my orgasm building and told Lynn I was close to cumming and she giggled and said good, shoot your cum, let it go when you're ready. My wife looked down at me and then said, maybe in the morning I might get Graham to put his cock inside me and get him to fill me full of his spunk, would you like that, I can then bring my slutty cunt full of cum for you to lick again, I was struggling to hold back on my orgasm as my tongue licked her pussy and my wife slowly stroked my cock. My wife then forced her pussy down on my mouth and shuddered as I brought her to another orgasm, she squeezed my prick as she came making me cum at the same time, spraying my hot spunk all over my bare stomach, Lynn giggled and said it was bed time and as she climbed off me a large amount of cum trickled from her pussy onto my face.

Well the next morning she did fuck Graham, he bent her over the kitchen table and fucked her slutty cunt from behind and true to his word Bob fucked my wife again that day, well he fucked her numerous times, she was with him for over 4 hours and yes, he did visit us on many occasions, but only so he could get between my wife's open thighs and into her wet, wide and willing cunt.