Written by Sophie

24 Jun 2013

My story really starts about 10 years ago, though nothing happened until last year. My young daughter, wanted a horse. We bought her a lovely 5 year old gelding called Toby. I would go with her to the stables, help her with tacking up, mucking out, watch her lessons and riding. I enjoyed going, the exercise keeping me fit and slim. The following year I started to learn to ride myself, in a class of novices, mostly young girls and a lad, James who was about the same age as my daughter. Inevitably when my daughter was about 15 she discovered boys, lost interest in Toby. He's a lovely boy and rather than get rid of him I took him on.

I became a proficient rider, hacking out, sometimes alone, other times two or three of us. We were fortunate that the stables had easy access to bridleways some of them going for miles through fields and woods. James would ride out with us sometimes, but when he reached 18 he went to University and someone loaned his horse. I rarely saw him for the next 3 years, until early last summer when he finished his degree. I hardly recognised him, the spotty youth I remembered now a fit young man. He started riding again, brought his girlfriend to the stables a few times. She did little to hide her boredom, more often than not listening to her ipod or texting and he finished with her after about a month.

My tits are quite small, 32c if you're interested, but I have large dark nipples, even when I wear a bra, they poke out noticeably when they get hard. When I rode, sometimes the movement of my pussy against the saddle makes me excited and my nipples would stiffen. I'd seen James looking at my tits and caught him looking at my bum, especially when I was wearing my tight jodhpurs. Mind you I couldn't help stealing glances at him when he was in his Jodhpurs, admiring the substantial bulge of what appeared to be his rather large cock.

I was 45 years old at the time, more than twice his age, but we are all allowed our fantasies. My husband is 10 years older and, to put it delicately, for several months had rarely been able to perform. I really missed sex, my husband refused to see a doctor and I was reduced to masturbating our using my toys. James became my fantasy fuck. Almost every day, when I got time alone or sometimes with my husband asleep in bed next to me, I'd play with myself. In my imagination James had fucked me dozens of times. It probably would have gone no further if I hadn't fallen off Toby and hurt my ribs, not seriously but painful and I had a magnificent bruise, on my side and my left boob. A bra was uncomfortable so I didn't wear one. A few days later I was struggling to get Toby in from the field one afternoon to wash him down. A hot day, a Monday I think, no one else around, the staffs usual day off.

I was wearing a little vest top and shorts. James turned up and offered to help. We got a head collar on Toby, led him in from the field and tethered him next to the hose. We started grooming him, chatting about my fall. I told him I was still a bit sore and had a good bruise on my side, lifting my top enough to show him. “Very colourful” he remarked “You should see my Boob” I joked. “Go on then, show me” he replied grinning, a twinkle in his gorgeous blue eyes. I giggled nervously, knew I shouldn't but there was no one around. I quickly pulled the top up, uncovering my boob, intending to show him only for a few seconds. I have nice tits, when their not bruised, firm and round despite my age and go topless on the beach. He wasn't seeing anything loads of men hadn't seen before, but the circumstances were different, the moment sexually charged.

I glanced down, my nipples were hard, one uncovered the other poking through the thin cotton top. I noticed the bulge of his cock in his Jodhpurs. I'd imagined his prick in my fantasies, a thought occurred to me - if I show him my tits maybe he'll show me his cock. I uncovered my other boob, not stopping there, but pulling my vest over my head, standing naked to the waist in front of him, letting him feast his eyes on my tits. I'm not sure exactly what happened next, but his hands were on my tits. I moved one hand from my bruised tit then we were kissing and I was rubbing myself against his cock. I could feel him getting hard, his manhood pressing into my tummy. I got his Jods undone, my hand inside rubbing his erection. He had his hand down the back of my shorts, fondling my bum. I was too excited to stop, I could feel my juices wetting my panties, any thought of stopping was banished from my mind even though we were out in the stable yard. I wanted him to fuck me, but needed somewhere a bit more private. Opposite was the barn, the side door open, bales of straw inside. “I want you to fuck me. Come on the barns open” I managed to gasp.

I perched my bum on a bale, took off my trainers, stood and pushed my shorts and panties down my legs and stepped out of them, kicking them away. Standing up naked, my breasts rising and falling as my breathing quickened and excitement mounted. I touched between my legs, regretting I hadn't shaved my pussy for several days when I felt the stubble. James was struggling out of his Jods, his cock sprang out, just as large as I'd hoped, standing proudly erect, almost touching his belly. It was a while since I'd seen such a hard cock, much longer since I'd seen one as big, close to 8 inches and as thick as a good size cucumber. I reached down touched my pussy again, shivered as my fingers brushed over my clitoris. I was wetter than I'd thought, juices running from my hole, wetting the top of my thighs. I slipped two fingers inside my pussy, fingering myself, rubbing my clitty feeling it tingle in anticipation of taking his large, hard young cock.

He was finally naked, walking towards me stroking his cock. I could see it more clearly, thickly veined, a large bulbous knob, clear pre cum already seeping from the eye. I briefly thought of my husband, but only comparing his usually flaccid cock with James's beauty and quickly put him out of my mind. I was like a bitch in heat. I wanted to mate with James, not make love but be fucked like an animal. He was close enough for me to touch. I reached out. Dragged my nails along his shaft, touched his knob squeezing more pre-cum from the eye, using my fingertips to smear it over the helmet. I raised my fingers to my mouth, licked them tasting his juices. I wanted to taste more, bent forward, kissed his neck, ran my tongue over his chest, sucking his nipples in turn. I slowly crouched, my fingers still in my pussy wanking, my tongue tracing a wet line over his stomach, to his pubes. I wanted to taste him, kissed his balls, licked his prick then opening my mouth wide, took his manhood between my lips and began to suck his cock.

I stopped fingering myself, reaching between James's legs, gave his balls a gently squeeze, then moved my hand until my juice soaked fingers touched his anus. Using my experience of what most men like I traced a slippery finger around his bum hole lightly touching it before pressing it more firmly, working it into his bum. He tensed, realising what I was doing, then moaned as my finger slid into his arse. I sucked his cock harder, slurping as I took 3 or 4 inches, enjoying the taste and feel of his thick cock almost throbbing in my mouth. I pushed my finger in and out of his arse, two knuckles deep until I heard him groan. I pulled my finger out stopped sucking, stood up and sat with my bum on a couple of bales of straw, spreading my legs. “I think you'd better fuck me now” I told him, pulling him between my legs, holding his cock, guiding him to my wet, gaping pussy.

My pussy is usually quite tight, but I was so aroused, my pussy running with sex honey, that he slid straight into me, my hole easily stretching elastically to take his unaccustomed girth as he fully penetrated my fuck hole. His length inside me, filling my hole with his rock hard young manmeat felt gorgeous. He began to fuck me, his cock, pumping in and out slowly at first. He reached for my tits, pinched my hard nipples. He squeezed my tits, making me cry out. I removed his hand from my bruised boob. “Just fuck me. You can touch my other tit” I told him. I lay back, wrapped my legs around him, drawing him in, taking his length. He fucked me for several minutes like that, but my favourite position is being taken from behind. I asked him to stop, turned over, placed my hands on the bales, spreading my legs, “ I'm a hot horny bitch. Fuck me like a dog” I demanded, reaching for his cock, taking it back in my pussy.

I began to frig my clitty, felt the warm glow spreading from my pussy as my orgasm built up. I've always got quite verbal when I'm being fucked, I started to moan. Pushing back to take his thrusting cock deep and hard, “Fuck me harder. Give me your cock” I encouraged. I wasn't far off, nearly there. “Fuck me James. Fuck me” I cried out. Pushing back harder, desperate to take his cock and feel him cum inside me. I was nearly there. “Oh God. Oh my fucking God. Fuck Me. Fuck ME. FUCK ME. FUCK ME. GIVE ME YOUR SPUNK. CUM IN MY CUNT. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. I'M CUMMING. CUM INSIDE ME JAMES.” I shouted breathlessly, my body shuddered, my orgasm seeming to course through my whole body as I felt his cock pulsing deep inside, his spunk flooding my cunt with his seed.

I hadn't had an orgasm like that, even masturbating, for years and immediately knew this fuck wouldn't be a one off and I'd have to have him again and probably frequently. I was laid spread over the bale several minutes later, his sperm still dribbling from my pussy. He was sitting next to me, I was stroking his cock, hoping to get him hard enough to fuck me again, when we heard a car pull up and a car door slam.

I haven't moved so fast for a long time. I couldn't find my panties, pulled my shorts on, pulled my vest over my head, had got my feet in my trainers, the laces still undone when I heard the yard manager call. James had hidden behind some bales struggling to get his jodhpurs on. I went out first, he was standing next to Toby. I must have looked dishevelled and flustered. He made no comment when James followed me out, just a knowing look. He stayed chatting while we finished washing and grooming Toby. I could feel James's spunk starting to run down my legs. I'm sure he noticed before he turned and went in to the barn to go to the office. I tidied myself, got James to remove the straw from my hair. I had a quick look for my panties before I left but couldn't find them.

James walked to the car with me. “Fancy a ride tomorrow?” he asked as I started the car. “I'd rather be ridden” I grinned. We did go out and he rode me twice the next day. I thought I was in control but before long he wasn't the only guy fucking me, but that is another story.