Written by honeyhole69

19 Oct 2013

My friend Patty (who is 28) and I(25) at the time were invited to Lyn (45) a work friends house on the Saturday to help her christen her Hot tub as it was a present from her hubby Roger for her birthday, Lyn told us bikini's were optional. I picked up Pat from her house even though she said her hubs wasn't happy with her going out we arrived to be met by a dressed Roger who was also handsome with a nice build who showed us the food and drinks as he gave us a drink each and said help yourself and then led us out to the garden to see Lyn who looked like she had had a few drinks already.

We sat around chatting, eating and drinking when after awhile as it was a lovely warm evening Lyn said tub time now girls, if you want to change use our bedroom and Pat and I set off to her room. We undressed Pat put a bikini on, I had only bought my bikini bottoms with me and put them on, Pat said Roger will love you as we laughed I said I don't usually wear tops and I thought it was a girls night .

We went back to the garden got another drink Lyn was in the tub as Pat and I chatted when Roger came out naked my eyes went to Pat's face her mouth wide open when she saw Roger's long thick cock hanging down against his thigh I was also not expecting that it must have been over 8" and it wasn't hard yet. We got in the tub sat down opposite Lyn our eyes gazing at Roger's cock as he got in next to Lyn, Lyn put her hand out to hold Roger's cock we saw it getting thicker and longer so it was standing up against his stomach ,I noticed Roger looking at us both to see our faces and our reactions a grin appeared on his face.

Then as we sat there he suddenly shouted across the garden behind us making us both jump, when we saw 2 lovely looking lads coming over to the tub Roger introduced them as Phil (22) and Martin (19) their sons, Roger told them to grab a beer and join us both Pat and I sat watching hem as they undressed and found them to be as blessed as their dad in both looks and anatomy. They bought their beers with them as Phil sat next to me and Martin sat by Pat the chat perked up now as Lyn was looking and getting slowly wasted, Phil put his arm around my shoulder as I looked at Pat who was kissing Martin as he was undoing her bikini top to reveal her 34B boobs to everyone along with Lyn's of similar size and my 36E boobs.

I saw Roger say something to Lyn who with his help stood up and lowered herself onto Roger's cock I was sure he lifted his lower half out the water so we could all see his cock penetrate Lyn's pussy, Phil pulled me to him kissed me and played with my boobs and nipples, from the corner of my eye I could see Roger mouthing something to Phil as Phil then asked me to stand up as he sat on the edge of the tub his cock now also erect. I was sure I could feel Roger's eyes on my bum as the bikini had tucked itself between my cheeks and Phil pulled my head down with his hands to kiss me I felt my bikini bottoms being untied and snatched away from my body, then he pulled my head lower so my mouth was touching the head of his cock.

I felt Phil release my head from his hands but left my head there sticking out my tongue to lick his cock and as I rested a hand on the tub to balance i put the other hand around the base of his cock to rub it as I took him slowly deeper in my mouth, then I took a breath and looked round to see Pat sucking Martins cock as well now and Lyn now out of it completely still sat with Rogers cock stuffed inside her. I went back to sucking Phil's big cock again when I felt a finger tracing itself over my bare, freshly shaved pussy it even made its way to my bum hole stroking it, I was very near to cumming now with the attention at all my holes I was getting.

I then heard Martin saying Yes, yes! , Patty make me cum and heard him groan as I glanced around to see him spraying Pat's face and hair with his baby batter just as the phone rang and Roger got out propping Lyn up as he answered it, he said Pat its your hubs he is coming around here to pick you up in 20 mins. She said he's a bastard I was just enjoying myself and said I better shower and get this cum off of me ,Roger told the lads to help him get Lyn to bed as I went with Pat as she showered and dressed she said see you at work as I opened the door to let her out as her hub's drove up.

I made my way back to the tub got in when the men re-appeared and I realised, it was now just me and the 3 of them, Phil got back in and said now where were we, Oh Yes! As I knelt on the seat again to suck him once again I was just getting carried away as I sucked him when I was reminded of the other 2 being there as I felt a hand on each boob as well as a hand on each bum cheek, one hand rubbing my clit and spreading my pussy open as the other hand probed at my bum hole.

After awhile of this attention which seemed like ages, although it was probably only a couple of minutes I was desperate for some cock in me, when as if my prayers had been answered I felt a thick cock stretching me as it slowly pushed inside I was sure it was Roger as his big strong hands held me, while my nipples were now being sucked and bitten by a eager mouth making me shudder and cum with all the attention.

Phil grabbed my head trying to focus me on his cock as he was near to unloading down my throat, he pulled my head down to take him deeper as I felt the first spurts of his baby batter go down my throat making me cum yet again, I was gasping trying to breathe as he held me there until I had taken all of it down into my stomach, he let go of my head saying fuck you were good baby!.

I felt Martin move up onto the edge of the tub now and told me it was his turn now, I took a gulp of beer as Martin gave me his semi-hard cock to suck, I now knew I had Rogers's big cock inside me slowly pumping back and forwards he kept going at me for ages until he came filling me with his mans baby batter long after I had sucked Martin's cock and had him put another load of young baby batter down into my stomach.

After Roger had cum they helped me on to the grass and under the light of a spotlight in the garden , a video camera appeared and was passed around between them as they filmed the goings on as Martin fucked me again along with Roger who had me suck him hard so he could fuck me again and Phil ended up getting me to suck him hard so he could fuck me on all4's as he fingered my bum I was feeling worn out now and was letting him do what he wanted when he pushed the head of his cock against my bum hole.

I suddenly felt it give as the head pushed inside me and with all the lubrication he slowly pushed deeper until he had filled my bum, Martin had to put his hand over my mouth to stop me screaming out at Phil to fuck me just do it came out muffled from my mouth and it wasn't long till Phil filled my bum hole with his batter and we both collapsed to the grass. The next thing I remember was waking up next to Phil on their sofa bed , I kissed him good bye as I dressed to drive back home.

I did get to go back to see the film they made of me and had another dip in their tub with the 4 of them, hope you enjoy my story xxxxx