Written by just bob

24 Sep 2009

Help was required to remount the engine cover on my boat. So I went across the road to enlist the service of one of the lads. Rang the bell and the door was answered by a stunning young gal. She introduced herself as Gail and she was house/pet sitting while the family was on vacation.

She was just nineteen blonde blue eyes that just sparkled. Very slender with small perky breasts. She was wearing a white blouse, short sand you could see her lace bra underneath.

I told Gail my need for an assistant and was about to leave. Gail offered to help and I accepted. It took about twenty minutes to place and tighten the screws for the engine cover which makes for a nice sundeck aft. Cool beverage was in order... After we were finished I asked her if she wanted to go out out on the lake in my boat. Gail asked if a swimsuit was required. My responese was it was optional. Lets go she said.

We had the lake to ourselves since it was early afternoon midweek. A few fast laps around the lake the cool wind made her nipples hard. They just about came through her blouse! Time to relax in the sun, shut the 5 liter mercruser off and dropped the anchore. I poured some drinks then Gail laid out across the sundeck. Next I suggested she loose the shirt and shorts to get a tan. "But I did'nt bring a bikini!" she said. My reply was. Well at this distance to shore if anyone saw you they would think your in a white bikini.

YES! She stripped down revealing a great body and pierced belly button. Offering to rub in suntan lotion I got to feel her firm ass. The bulge in my shorts was growing as I made my way between her thighs. Gail turned over and I continued with the lotion and then kissed her. She responded in kind. It didn't take long before her hands found my hard cock and releaded it from the confins of my shorts. Slowly she rubbed lotion on my shart and balls. I had to stop her before I came. She slipped out of her panties then got on top of me slowly lowered herself and set the pace. Gail was tight wet and hot. Between the waves hand her grinding I could not hold out for bvery long. Filling her before she came I knew I had to make her come. I went down on her sucking out the seed I just planted. I inserted two fingers in her pussy while licking and sucking her clit, she exploded in orgasm.

Back at the boat ramp I loaded the boat on the trailer. Two fishermen got quite an eyefull as Gail as she got out of the boat and walked up the dock to my truck in just her bra and panties!