Written by mmmm

14 Jan 2019

This is about an unbelievable job interview I had last week.

Having already been interviewed by 2 of the 3 directors I was asked to attend a 2nd interview with the 3rd director.

I showed up on time and was shown into a meeting room with no windows, the door opened and in walked a woman with the best pair of legs I have ever seen.

She sat down and asked me if I wanted a drink, I remember looking at her and thinking "FUCK"

She had a short black skirt and a tight white blouse with no bra and massive nipples.

I tried my best to look her in the eye whilst being interviewed and after about 10 mins she remarked I had last the first test by talking to her and not her tits she then said let's go to my office it's more comfortable.

We arrived in her office there were two leather setters she gestured for me to sit on one of them and she sat on the other which was opposite, while we talking she started to open her legs to the point I could see she had no panties on.

She asked me if I liked women to which I replied " of course"

Then she asked if I welould like a better view, what of I enquired, pussy or tits your call was her response

Pussy please I said, she stood up and walked over to me so that her pussy was level with my head then lifted her skirt to her waist and just said "lick it" well I didn't need telling twice and was soon licking her clit and pussy, in mid flow she stopped and said I need to be fucked now and moved to lean over her desk and just said deep and hard if you want the job.

Well I fucked her like my life depended on it when I was getting close I asked where do want my spunk?

Right inside me was her answer so I fucked and filled her lovely wet cunt and we both collapsed on her desk, after a while I pulled out and said " well do I get the job"

Her reply, was on one condition, you service me every day .

Today I had a written offer with a p.s. to call her.

When I rang she asked If I received the offer to which I replied yes, are you happy with it, yes I replied then she said now let's talk about our service agreement, she wants to either fuck or to suck my cock every day and there might be times where I might be asked to service customers is that ok?

I replied the terms suit me then she said drop off your signed contract tomorrow i want to test our service levels.......... cant wait ....TBC