Written by snowman

27 Sep 2007

After a great day we stopped at a pub on the way home from Hull, a few drinks, and me taking some pictures in the pub of June’s stocking tops, it was quiet and she looked great.

I was in luck, and as hoped we stopped in a lay by a little further on, unusually there were a few cars with just one person in, but being naive we thought nothing of it.

June soon had me hard and was busy playing with my cock, when I noticed a guy walk past, he hesitated and then came back and stood by the drivers door, clearly looking at us and particularly June, whose all ready short skirt I had pulled up showing her Stockings Heaven six strap and stocking tops. I whispered to her that some bloke was watching. I know initially she didn’t believe me, but I kept up a commentary as he dodged back and forth avoiding car headlights, she eventually saw him through the rear window; and initially it frightened her. I said he was just loser who got his kicks by watching, and anyway the doors were locked.

But I must admit it was a bit exciting, I told June I was going to pull her knickers down and finger her, putting on a show. She wasn’t happy but , that’s what happened. She started to respond to my fingers while at the same time bringing me closer to orgasm.

H e stayed watching I could see his hands fumbling in his pockets: Now I don’t know why I did it, but I lowered the window on june's side; She knew but I whispered lets see if anything happens. I must have been mad playing with fire.

For a few minutes nothing happened, then he came close to the door and reached in. June froze as he pushed his hand between her thighs, he ran his hand over her stockings; He was aware that I was watching him, and clearly what he was doing was allowed.

He became braver , tugging at Junes knickers pulling them down towards her knees, she responded by turning slightly and opening her legs a little, his hand instantly went to her pussy, which was wet from me playing. I felt and heard June gasp as his forced his fingers in, he was crude and rough, she was being almost lifted in her seat; I could see his right hand wrapped around his cock as he pumped away furiously on himself.

I came first I couldn’t stop myself, he came very soon after , we heard the groan. June didn’t.

No one said a word. In a second he had gone back to his white van.We sat dumbfounded and not a little scared.

I couldn’t believe what had happened, I imagine lay by's might be off the menu for a while