11 Feb 2016

Five years ago I went on holiday with my girlfriend Donna to Devon we stayed at a hotel on the west coast and her brother and his wife lived outside of Newton Abbot out in the country. We had both talked about having sex outdoors for weeks before we left for our holiday and I was perhaps keener than her as she felt scared of being seen. It was decided that if an opportunity arose while we were on holiday we would take it. On this particular day we had decided to visit her brother. It was about a 40 mile drive and we had to go through Dartmoor National Park. As we passed through Dartmoor I noticed how quiet the road was and how there were sucluded laybys along the road. This got me thinking that after we had been to her brothers we could maybe use one of the laybys for our first outdoor sex adventure. On the way back I approached the subject and found she was cool about the idea if I saw a the right place she would give it a try. It did not take long a few minutes later I spotted the very place. A layby not far off the road but with trees between the layby and the road. I pulled in and we were there on our own, it was perfect. We got out and had a look around we could hear the traffic going bye but could not see it which was just perfect for her to relax into the idea of alfresco sex. I opened the back nearside door and Donna took off her knickers and threw then onto the back seat, she pulled up her skirt to the waist and lay back on the seat legs apart with her knees in the air. Her cunt looked wet and her short pubic hairs were looking damp. I bent over and started liking and sucking her clit as well is forcing two fingers deep up her hot wet cunt. She was pushing hard against my fingers which I took to mean she wanted more. We had been experimenting stretching her cunt over the last year as she found it made her cum harder and she would quite often squirt. So I started filling get cunt with my fingers, four fingers were in and she was pushing harder and making lusting noises as I carried on forcefully as my thumb slipped in. I had not got my whole hand in her up to now and thought it might just happen now as she was incredibly wet so sliding my hand back and forwards and twisting it from left to right it suddenly slipped in with a bit of a plop. Her response was instant, she squirted a huge amount of cum juice into my face and down my shirt. Donna was shouting oh my god don't stop fist me fist me hard push it right up their. This went on for probably 5 minutes when she said she wanted fucking. I pulled out and unziped my trousers I realised my cock which was as hard as a poker. Donna had decided her cunt was so loose and sore that I should fuck her up the ass, which she rally loves. So she stepped out of the car and turned round bent over the seat and opened her legs giving me a fantastic view of her ass and dripping cunt. I pushed two fingers up her cunt getting plenty of lube for her asshole I slipped the two fingers into her ass and slid them in and out getting it ready for my 8 inch cock to push deep up her ass. It was no problem getting it in and Donna pushed back getting my cock straight in to the balls, I left it there for a minute then I started slow fucking her but that was not how she wasted it she kept pushing trying to get it to go faster. I took the hint and fucked her deep and hard her right hand slipped into her cunt and she brought herself off just as I came flooding her ass. Well we had enjoyed our first venture out doors and we had many more which I may relate to you if you show your appreciation to this one. Looking for comments and maybe ensure you to write too.