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The Lesbians

"They asked me to sire a baby"

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I was lucky enough to get a place at our Local University which meant that I could remain at home. My parents had a very big old Victorian looking house and had the basement done up as a separate flat for me. It wasn't hard to spot Anna and Libby at uni. They were the two with a bunch of guys drooling over them. Whilst I would have loved to have got with either one of them, or better still both, I didn't stand a chance with all those guys salivating over them. Besides the rumor was that they were lesbians and just wound the guys up. I could see where the rumor came from because you never see one without the other. In my second year I had a part time job in a shoe store. Most people got a test shoe and if they wanted a pair would ask, and most quickly tried them, then either rejected them or went to the till to buy them. Not Anna and Libby, between them they had twenty different shoes they wanted to try. I had fetched three pairs in their sizes. They rejected them. I know what your thinking that I got a look up their skirts. I did but not enough to see more that a bit of thigh. Eventually I had fetched and gone through all the pairs they liked. Libby bought two pairs and Anna bought three. I watched as they paid and left. Then as I put the remaining shoes back where they belonged my manager told me good job. Five sales was good. The next time I saw them was in the bar on campus. I was sat reading a book over a pint. There were quite a few spare chairs in the bar, but Libby asked if the ones around my table were free. I said yes and they sat down with their drinks. Then I went back to my book. Libby was the first to engage me by asking what I was reading. It was a book about the German experiments during the war. It kind of sounded boring as I told her. To my surprise she wanted to know more and I started to tell her about how people were chosen to breed so they could see if they could produce a super race. I asked about what they were studying. While we talked we were constantly bombarded by other men trying to talk to them and chat them up. A while later I refilled our drinks. I found that Anna was the less talkative of the pair. Possibly a little shy, but she still joined in. Anna remembered that I had served them in the shoe shop and said that she loved her shoes she bought. They asked where I lived and I told them I had my own self contained flat. They lived in a shared house with two other girls. Near the end of the evening I offered to escort them home as it was on my way, and to my surprise they accepted my offer. I walked arm in arm with two gorgeous girls back to their house and just before they went in I received two kisses on the cheeks. I could have kicked myself on the way back to my flat for not making a pass at either of them. It was almost a fortnight before I saw them again. I was in the bar with my pint and a book, when without the ceremony of asking, they just joined me and sat down. I put the book down and joined in conversation with them. It was still early and the bar had few students in it. Libby told me that they had something to ask me. I told them to go ahead and ask. Libby moved closer and I could see Anna going a little red in the face as Libby said, " Anna has never slept with a man and we were thinking that you might be the best man for the job." I was stunned and could barley manage to ask did she mean that I sleep with Anna. Libby went on to say that it would be a one off and it wouldn't actually involve any sleeping. She added that she had slept with men and Anna wondered what it was like and they had agreed that she should at least try it. She also confirmed that they did sleep together. The rumors were right. I asked why me and Anna spoke up and said that most men were too pushy and that when I walked them home I didn't try jumping on one or both of them as most men did or would. I asked when did they want this to happen and Anna said, " Now if you don't mind, before I chicken out." They said it would have to happen at my flat as their house was too busy and the walls were paper thin. I had expected to take just Anna home with me, but found myself arm in arm with both of them walking to my flat. Once in the flat I offered them drinks, but Anna just said she wanted to get on with it before she bottled it. To say I found it awkward and uncomfortable undressing Anna with Libby sat watching was an understatement. I soon had her down to just panties and started to undress myself. Anna gasped when my cock came into view. I was alarmed, two sexy women in my flat and one practically naked, and my cock was still soft. I removed Anna's panties and lay her on the bed. It was only the second time that I had seen a bald pussy and the first was a baby's pussy. My cock still hadn't perked up and I was beginning to get worried as I went down on Anna. She was already wet as I licked and sucked her pussy. I tried to think what Libby would be doing to her and tried to be gentle as I licked her. Her pussy was soon wide open and I noticed that her hymen had already been broken and assumed wrongly that Libby had broken it with a toy. Anna was getting worked up unlike my cock. Anna was ready to go, unlike myself who was still soft. Libby spotted my problem and suggested that Anna return the favor and suck my cock saying it was what was expected. Anna was very reluctant to suck it and would barely put it in her mouth. Libby seeing this said, "Give it here," she took it from Anna and sucked it good and hard in her mouth. It started to grow. Then after a few minutes handed it back to Anna saying, "That's how you suck cock." Anna tried again and was better for having seen how Libby sucked it. Then as I climbed between Anna's legs and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy I reached over and stroked Libby's tits. She didn't pull away, so I pulled one out of the top of her dress. I now took turns sucking first Anna's tits and then Libby's tit. Anna was moaning loudly as I slowly fucked in and out. I didn't want to rush her, plus I wanted it to last as long as possible and enjoy her body. Besides it's not everyday you get to fuck a lesbian. I felt Anna go stiff and groan and I guessed she had come. I asked where I should come as I guessed that she probably wasn't on contraception. Libby told me to come in Anna's mouth. I pulled out in time and got into position and Anna reluctantly opened her mouth. I came loads and it was running down Anna's mouth. Libby dived in and was swapping from sucking my cock to licking my cum off Anna's face. As I laid back out the way Libby was kissing Anna. It wasn't long before Libby had turned the other way round and I was being treated to a full on lesbian show. They were now both totally naked and they were licking and sucking each others pussies and playing with each others tits. I was hard again and the girls had stopped. Libby saw my erection and asked Anna if she minded and Anna told her to go ahead. I was treated to another fuck with Libby on the top fucking herself on my cock. I told her when to pull off and she was down sucking me in time to catch my cum in her mouth. It was dead sexy laying with two very sexy girls knowing that their main tendency was that of lesbians. As we lay there I asked Anna had she enjoyed it and she said that she wouldn't be averse to doing it again. I told them I was available at any time. Later when we had all dressed, I was given nice sexy kisses from each of them and then I walked them back to their house. It was about four months later when they asked if I would like another session. I told them that I would love to. Saturday night they were back in my flat. I watched as they stripped each other and lay on my bed kissing and then licking and sucking each other. My cock was a stiff as a board. I think it got even harder when They got out some toys and played with them. Then they were fucking each other with a double ended dildo. Wow I almost come without being touched. Then I was invited to join them. I stripped and was on the bed with them in seconds. As I fucked one the other would sit on my face so I could suck her pussy. I had a fabulous time. When I could play no more the girls continued on their own with their toys. I was still careful not to come in either of them. After that every once in a while they would come and play with me. They had both completed their courses and degrees and had got jobs locally. I also got a job. The girls continued to come every so often. Then on one visit they informed me that they wanted a baby. Not easy when your a lesbian. Then they asked if I would sire a baby for them. I had to tell them that I needed to think about it as it is a big step. A few days later I told them if I wasn't to be held financially responsible for the child I would agree and sire one for them. I had a great night where Libby would get me excited and I would fuck Anna and dump as much cum as I could in her sweet pussy. Then back for Libby to get me ready and hard again. If I was going to die this would be my preferred method to go by. Nine months later Anna had a baby girl. At the christening I was one of Amber's God Parents. A little over a year later they wanted another baby. I was expecting to breed Anna again, but they had other ideas and I found myself dropping my loads in Libby and Anna doing the job of keeping me excited. It took three more sessions to get Libby pregnant. A boy this time, Ralph. Again I was a God Parent. Anna stayed at home looking after the kids and Libby went to work to support them. The third time they came to me to get pregnant, I had got married and my wife knew nothing about my breeding duties. I decided not to lie and told her what they wanted. I was expecting to be telling them to take a hike, but to my utter amazement my wife said it was ok if she could be there. My wife wasn't interested in getting involved, but she was intrigued watching the girls play together. Afterwards she said she didn't mind me seeing them as they were no threat to her and our marriage. It took two sessions to get Anna pregnant again. My wife and I were called on to be God Parents to Paula the latest offspring. Paula was ten just before the Pandemic and in the time leading up to it I had slept with Anna and Libby three to four times each year. Just hope things will resume when the world gets back on it's feet.
Written by Geoff

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