Written by jimbo

12 Aug 2015

I have been married to Maggie for 15 years and she is one sexy horny lady always up for a good ride. Now one thing about Maggie is when she has a few drinks her sex drive goes into overdrive and it is not the first time we never made it home before she has dragged me into a shop doorway or into some bushes to give her a fuck. A few times I had noticed that guys who she knew when she was sober she would not let them take liberties but if she had a few let them pat or grip her arse I even saw one guy she worked with stand behind her at a bar and rub himself against her and she did not object.

Now this got me thinking would she go any further than a free grope when having to much to drink if the oppertunity presented itself. One Sunday my brother and I had been to a football match and were going to ours for dinner, it was a great day a few beers me saying if you want you can stay over if you want a few drinks. He thanks if that sexy wife of yours does not object we laughed because I knew he had a thing for her always flirting, she always telling him to behave although I knew she liked it. Now what I should tell you is my brother and I are close and have often, before I married, shared a woman. In fact one girl thought it a good experience to be fucked by two brothers. We had dinner a few beers Maggie a few vodkas and of course the bro started to flirt, I knew she was enjoying this as she was flushed and her eyes had that glittery look she gets before we fuck. I made us another drink, hers was a little stronger than the others and I started to think what if. after about an hour Maggie was very tiddly and flirting right back a lot of inuendo and I knew the bro was wishing I was not there. I suddenly stood up saying I was off to bed as I had an early start, I kissed Maggie saying I will be waiting gave one of her tits a squeeze patted my brother on the shoulder saying see you in the morning. I went upstairs waited about 15 minutes and quietly crept downstairs., I heard the murmur of voices then bro saying you are so sexy Maggie I wish I was Jimbo toinight so I could get between those legs. Maggie, do you really think I`m sexy, I heard the squeak of his chair as I knew he had moved over to her. Oh yes Maggie those tits are wonderful, those legs with hidden promise between them (yes he did say that) and then I heard the sound of a kiss and then Maggie no we shouldn`t but a sigh from her told me she did want it. I crept into the kitchen and out the back door so I could spy into the living room. Bro was on his knees pushing Maggies apart rubbing his hand on her crotch. Soon he had her trousers and panties on the floor and his his head sank between her legs his tongue out ready to lick her I knew very juicy cunt. She started to pull at his clothes geting at his cock her mouth sank down his shaft I heard his moans of pleasure. She then sank to the floor spread her legs and in an instance he was ball deep in her cunt and fucking her for all he was worth he did not last long and I heard him say I am coming and with a final thrust he lay still. I went back into the house straight into bed and lay waiting a little while later I heard them come up stairs Maggie saying we must never tell if we had not been so drunk it would not have happened and the bro agreeing. As she got into bed I pretended to wake saying oh I must have fell asleep waiting for you I pulled her over kissing her and fingering her, mmm you are very wet, yes I am very horny and with that I mounted and started to ride her I felt her finger nails rake my shoulder and back she was so horny.

When we got up in the morning the bro was gone me a little puzzled??? she oh he said he may get up early and go and her face was very red the thought of what I had seen made mehard again so Maggie got another ride doggy over the kitchen table. Yes there was a lot more to happen with Maggie. But one thing my brother met the woman who was to be his wife a little while later and I could not believe and either could she, she had been married before I knew her ex and I was often the 3rd person in their 3sums