Written by Paul the lodger

21 Feb 2018

Hello all, I’m Paul and I’m 28 and single and until I read these stories I thought what I was doing was rare but clearly not. I live with a couple who are odd a fuck. They are both in their mid 50’s and to look at them you would say they are quiet and boring as shit, in fact apart from what I’m about to tell you, they are.

He is like a guy you wouldn’t notice even if there was only the two of you in a very small room, his wife is not far off. She’s plain looking, about 5’5” and skinny, the only thing you would notice as a guy is the fact that she had huge soft tits but she keeps them well hidden and up until all this happened I never even saw her cleavage she kept herself so covered up.

I answered an advert for a lodger, I work away from home and it was reasonable so I took them up on the offer. The house looks like it was decorated in the 1970’s but its clean and ‘cosy’. I have my own large bedroom with a TV so didn’t need to see them hardly. After around 3 weeks it became clear that he wanted to talk to me about something, it took him over week before he knocked on my door and asked if he could have a ‘confidential chat’. It was awkward as hell, I thought I had done something wrong and he wanted e to leave but was too much of a coward to come out with it.

He went on about how he wanted to speak to me ‘man to man’ and how he hoped that I was a gentleman and would be discreet regarding what we were going to talk about. After about 15 min of this I just had to tell him to come out with it.

I shit you not, his exact words were,’ My wife and I have a problem you may be able to help us with, I am unable to become erect due to a condition and my wife has certain needs’. He paused for effect but I didn’t say anything, I thought that he actually had a great sense of humour and that this was a wind up but then he goes on ‘ I know at her age these needs should be subsiding but its clear hat they are not and I want to make her happy, therefore if we were to agree to wave your rent would you have intercourse with my wife?’ I was about to laugh but could see that he was fucking serious so thought better of it. I asked him if he was serious and actually felt sorry for him. I asked him what he thought of it and he said that all that mattered to him was that his wife was happy and that I should understand that it was just a ‘platonic need for physical contact’. After more conversation I agreed, I mean she’s not a looker and hasn’t got a curvy figure apart from her big tits but what the fuck (pardon the pun). He set out rules suck as, I wasn’t to leave marks on her body (I guess he means love bites and shit), I was to ware a condom every time and if his wife decides she didn’t want sex then I was to stop which goes without saying and it was to happen in my bed.

It was really awkward at first, I walked out of the bedroom with him to see his wife in the living room, he told her I had agreed and she smiled and thanked me and said that she hoped I understood, I told her I did.

Then she stands up and asks if we could start now. 30 minutes ago I was just sat watching TV and now I was going to fuck the landlady with her husbands permission.

Her husband hands me a pack of condoms and sits down, I follow his wife into my bedroom. I really had no idea how she wanted to play this but I needn’t have worried, she turns out to be a dirty bitch with a mouth like a sewer.

She pulls off her jumper and I get to have an idea of what her tits were like, big and soft. She looks at me and bites her lip like a dirty girl about to fuck her man. She opens her blouse and unclips her bra, her big pale white soft tits fall out. I was undressed in a flash ready for action. She takes her skirt and panties off and I was shocked that she actually had a shaved pussy.

She walks over to me and puts one hand on my chest and the other round my dick and starts to gently toss me off. ‘are you going to fuck me’? she asks. I told her that that was the general idea. She tells me that she wants to suck it first and drops to her knees and puts her lips over my cock and sucks me off. I’m starting to think that this may not be that bad and within seconds she going nuts, she’s getting as much of my cock into her mouth as she can and is starting to choke. I told her to slow down and she gets up, her eyes are full of tears due to her choking and she has a big grin on her face ‘that was nice’ she said, I’m thinking that we are bad to weird as shit’.

She pulls me by the hand and lays on her back on the bed and opens her legs and the potty mouth starts. I go to get a condom but she grabs it out f my hand and throws it on the floor ‘ just fuck me’ she says. She’s panting and her massive tits are heaving, her equally big nipples are hard as hell. I start rubbing her pussy and giving her a finger fucking whilst trying to get as much tit n my mouth as I can and she’s thrusting her pussy into my hand coming out with all the ‘oh fuck, oh fuck, this is wonderful, suck me harder you fuck’. She leans down and grabs my cock and starts tossing me off again, I look up and she lunges at my face sticking her tongue in my mouth going nuts. I told her to slow down but she was having none of it.

She lets go of my cock and lays on her back and starts demanding, ‘fuck me, put it inside me and fuck me’. I make move to get the condom but she grabs my arm, ‘ I don’t; want that on, I want to feel your cock and I want you to cum inside me’. I told her that her husband has insisted ‘ I don’t give a fuck what he wants I want your cock and cum inside me’.

I slide on top of her and enter her shaved pussy, she went wild. She was bucking and thrusting so much that at one point I thought I was going to have a job staying inside her but I managed to slow her down. I’m 6’1” and well built, I used ot play rugby and the last time I weighed myself I was 19 st, and she’s 5’5” and 7 Stone soaking wet.

We fucked like fucking crazy, she wanted it doggy style, her on top then me on top then she wanted stand on the floor and bend over and have me fuck her from behind. I fucked her walking round the room with her impaled on my cock. I felt bad for her husband having to listen to all the ‘fuck me hard’ and ‘ fuck your big, oh fuck your big’ and then screaming ‘ I’m cumming’ and ‘cum inside me your fucking bastard’ and then there was a roar and she started to thrust her hips demanding that I don’t stop, in fact it was ‘keep going, don’t stop keep fucking me I’m cumming’.

Then I was past the pint of no return and I shot my load into her pussy. She shrieked and started shaking and let out a long low moan and had a few sudden convulsions. And then it was over, we lay there knackered for a while before she got up and dressed. She kissed me on the lips and thanked me and left. I got dressed and went to apologise to her husband for all the noise. He said that it was fine and that he expected it. He said’ you did use a condom didn’t you’? I looked at her, I knew we hadn’t because she wouldn’t let me, she kissed him on the cheek and said ‘ of course we did honey’, that’s ok then he said.

I went to my room and watched TV.

Now we fuck pretty much every other day, her husband even passes us when were doing it and doesn’t bat an eye lid. Her favourite place is bent over the kitchen table, her big soft fat tits pressing onto the cold wood with me fucking her from behind. He doesn’t like that much , its not very hygienic and what if someone called round. What he doesn’t know is that whenever we fuck when he’s not there or in my room I shag her bareback and recently she’s started to love me pulling out and cum in her mouth and she drinks cum like she’s always done it.

We have a stash of wet wipes so she can clean cum off her face or when it drips off her big tits and nipples before she goes back to hubby and becomes this quiet unassuming wall flower.

Not a bad arrangement. I had the offer of a bigger room and lounge from a mate from work but fuck that, unless his wife wants me to fuck her then I’m staying put.