Written by Blurrededges

2 Oct 2016

My wife and I had enjoyed a lovely weekend away in London a month ago now. We had been stressed with works and neglected taking time to enjoy each other on every level. Spontaneously we decided to book a coach down for the weekend and a hotel their to really reconnect... I will save the story of whilst we were there for another time and instead discuss the journey back.

On the Sunday we had done the sights and enjoyed a treat at Harrods with champagne and oysters. It was a warm day and my wife was wearing heels, a short black skirt and a nice whit shirt, I was in looser cargo shorts and a top. Our coach back was not until late so we drank and flirted mercilessly in the mean time.

We got on the coach and it was surprisingly empty, perhaps five other people at most. We made our way towards the rear of the coach and sat down for the long onerous journey home. My wife was tipsy and soon fell asleep leaning on my lap whilst I nestled up against the window and relaxed. I was awoken by a jolt sometime later and immediately had a hard on. My wife was looking delicious next to me, I could see hr nipple piercing through her shirt that was tightly pressed to her bust. Her long legs were fully on show and complemented by her heels. I looked about and the coach seemed silent, bar the cabin noises that you would expect. Nobody was sat around us for at least five six rows so I decided to wake my wife...

I slid my hand up and down her leg, she murmerd but was still asleep. So I slid my hand into her skirt and began to rub her clit through her knickers, I built up my speed until she was getting wetter and her nipples hardened. As I circled her clit with my thumb I slid two fingers inside her tight wet cunt and arched them back towards me. She woke moaning softly and quickly I felt her wet pussy tighten on my fingers and her hot juices begin to flow down my fingers over my knuckles. I quickly pulled them out as she looked up at me about to moan hard and forced them into her mouth, telling her to shhh. She sucked her wetness off me, tasting her cum and her eye lit up. She was looking up at me whilst still rested next to my rock solid cock, straining against my shorts bursting to get out. She sucked my fingers hard and then pulled them out, moving to undo my zip and release my bulging thick member. She leant further across and took the tip into her mouth, wiping her tongue back and forth and clearing up my pre cum. I through my head back, but realised I had to be silent, the chances of getting caught were astonishingly high. She quickly move deeper and took my thick cock deep into her mouth and began to suck hard and fast. It was the most intense pressure I've ever felt and I felt my balls tighten. She must have realised as soon stopped. She sat up and kissed me, my salty pre cum tasted strangely satisfying. She pulls her knickers to the side and slowly subtly slid over onto my lap facing away from me in reverse cowgirl fashion. She rocked my cock to the rhythm of the coach and soon her cunt gripped ,y cock harder as she flowed down onto my balls. My cock exploded deep inside her with the most intense orgasm I've ever had. She fell back against me for a few minute as my cock softened and my cum slid out down her legs and over my balls, mixed with hers. She slid off and leant over going back to sleep. Leaving me breathless for the remainder of the journey, my cum glistening on her thigh...knowing I couldn't wait for part two when we got home....