Written by Barry

23 Sep 2016

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you what happened between me and my neighbour, the lovely young Samantha. Well, here's part 2.

With all the hot weather that we have had over the last few months, Samantha has spent many days out in the garden sunbathing nude while her husband has been home, I often watch her out the window and remember the days we spent together, her beautiful body laying there needing to have lotion rubbed in. Her husband doe sit, but in a very rough way, and I've often heard him say 'what if someone see's you naked' - little does he know I've done more than see her while she's naked!

Back in August, they had a BBQ one Saturday and invited a lot of neighbours round. We all sat there chatting and Spencer, he lives 5 doors away and is in his 60's, was sitting chatting to me. He looked over at Samantha then turned and said to me 'what I wouldn't give to be 30 years younger', I laughed and said 'perhaps you don't need to be 30 years younger, she might like an older man'. All he said was 'not fucking likely'.

As the weather had been touching 30 deg all day, Samantha was wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and a pair of old denim shorts. It was obvious that she didn't have a bra on, every time she lent forward you could clearly see her tits swinging free as her top dropped forward. As the evening wore on, we were all sitting there drinking and having a laugh, Mark (her husband) said to me 'so who was that young woman I saw you with in Sainsbury's yesterday?'

All I said was 'which woman?' he said 'the black haired girl with the big tits, you were getting on so well, I thought she was going to jump you there and then'

All I said was 'that was my daughter!'. I could tell that Mark felt like a prize prick (no change then). Then he said was 'oh, sorry, you obviously don't go for the younger girl'. I looked at him, then at Samantha, as she was standing behind Mark no one saw that she pointed to him and gave the 'wanker' sign, then winked at me. I didn't speak to Mark again that evening, I've always thought he was a tosser.

About 9 or so most people we beginning to go home, I said to Samantha 'I'm going, I'll say bye, and tell that wanker of a husband he is wrong, I do go for younger women' then I lent forward and whispered 'especially if its his gorgeous young wife'. She laughed and said 'think I'll miss that bit out'.

I went home and just after 10 there was a knock at my door, when I opened it Samantha was standing there holding my wallet, 'you dropped this' she said 'or was it a ploy to get me round here'. I assured her it wasn't.

She said that she and Mark had had an argument over the way he acted and the things he said to me and some others, then she said 'he's gone to the pub, as he always does when we argue, so as I'm feeling horny I thought I'd come round her and get your cock out'. As I turned around, Samantha already had her t-shirt off and was pushing her shorts to the floor.

I grabbed her and kissed her deeply, she said as she undid my fly 'lets get that cock out quick before he comes home'.

Within seconds, Samantha was on her knees sucking at my rapidly hardening cock, she pulled the foreskin back and was wrapping her tongue around the head. Within a minute my cock was as hard as it could get. Then she stood and said 'fuck me'.

I picked her up, sat her on the kitchen table and pushed her knees apart, then sunk my tongue deep into her smoothly shaven pussy, she moaned as my tongue played with her clit, then said 'I want you in me'. So I stood and pushed the tip of my cock between her wet pussy lips, then pushed in as deep as I could. Samantha squealed with pleasure then said 'fuck me hard, fuck me deep, cum in me'

So doing what I was told I started to slide in and out of her, as hard as possible. Within minutes she was panting and writhing on the table as her orgasm hit. Then she said 'keep going, make me cum again', so I increased my speed and the depth, within a few minutes she was orgasming again (or it could still have been the first one), but this time I felt myself cumin, I pushed as hard as I could into her and felt her cervix again my cock as my first jet of spunk shot deep inside her.

I must have pumped 8 or 9 shots into her by the time I finished, she lay there on the table panting and said 'fucking hell, I love you cum in me, Mark never cums that much'. As I slipped out, my cum ran down her arse and onto the table. I grabbed a tissue and she said 'only wipe my arse, I want to keep it in me it'll I shower', she then stood and bent over and licked my cock clean. Then she got dressed and walked out the door, as she stood on the step just outside her husband came down the road, all I said was 'thanks for that' and held the wallet up (I actually meant the fuck), and she said 'anytime'. She then left and waited for Mark at their door.

The next day, she popped around again and said that he was asking why she was at my door, she said 'because I returned his wallet, why did you think I was shagging him!' He just laughed.

I will tell you what happened next time.