Written by Barry

9 Jun 2018

I haven't posted on here for some time (23 Sep 2016 was the last time), but this is the on going saga of me and my young neighbour Samantha fucking behind her husbands (Mark) back.

We meet regularly during the day as I am retired and she works part-time, often at my place during the day but also in a hotel or even in a local park (she loves to fuck in the open), she's even arranged it at her friends house once or twice - apparently her friend hates Mark and is only to happy to help.

Samantha has a body to die for (lovely arse and boobs, not to small), she has shoulder length blonde hair and is about 5ft 3in, she works as a personal trainer at the local sports centre so keeps well toned.

Samantha celebrated her 25th birthday a couple of months ago and didn't want to do anything to over the top, so she decided to have a few friends round for a dinner. I think her husband is a complete tosser - very brash and loud, always talking about football (I can't stand it) and how he 'punch this guy or that guy'.

Anyway, in my last posting I told you that Samantha was not on the pill any more - she said that her and Mark had been trying for a baby, and that she was happy to fuck me unprotected, she said 'all that extra cum will help'. What I've never told her is that I had the snip years ago after my two kids were born as my ex-wife and I didn't want any more (but she ended up getting pregnant by someone else, so we split).

During the meal, Mark was drinking more and more and was getting really out of his head, then at about 10 he started an argument with the husband of one of Samantha's work friends, accusing him of 'eyeing up his wife'. It turned into a fight and me and another had to pull Mark off. Samantha was understandably upset and told Mark that she was going to stay at her mum's, then (as her mum's was apparently nearly 3 hours drive away) she changed her mind and said she was going to a hotel. I did say in front of everyone that she was welcome to stay in my spare room as it was a drive to the nearest hotel, then she said 'thanks, but I wouldn't want Mark to accuse you as well'

Everyone left including Samantha. Just before 11 my phone rang with an unknown number, it was Samantha, she called from the hotel phone so that it didn't show up on her phone (apparently Mark was checking her calls) - she was in tears and said 'can you come over and stay with me'.

I reached the hotel about 1140 and found her room, I knocked and the door opened, I stepped in and Samantha was standing behind the door naked. She reached up and kissed me deeply. I picked her up (being over a foot taller, it was easier to lift her), carried her to the bed and stripped. Samantha orgasmed a couple of times before I shot my load into her.

We both collapsed onto the bed, cuddling and kissing. By about 1.30, Samantha climbed onto my now recovered cock and slowly began to ride it hard, her beautiful tits bouncing up and down as she slid up and down my pole, as she did I played with her nipples my massive hands making her look like a doll. She rode me for some time before she came again, arching her back and pushing her lovely tits forward.

Once she had orgasmed, she carried on riding my pole, but changed her angle slightly which pushed the tip of my cock backwards, causing the shaft to rub hard on her clit while the tip pushed into her g-spot. Within minutes she was cummin again, so was I - that position felt fantastic and really got me going. I pumped another load into her.

We fuck a couple more times that night, she loves being fucked roughly in the doggy position or on her back with her legs over my shoulders - I love that because I can push deeper into her.

At around 5, I said I'd go so that Mark doesn't get suspicious with us coming home around the same time.

The next day, I was in the garden, when Mark came out and began to talk, I spoke but very little. He was trying to blame Samantha for his behaviour the previous night. I told him that he was completely out of order and told him to fuck off.

Five weeks ago, I was indoors on a Saturday night when my door bell rang, I opened it to find Samantha crying - apparently Mark had come home drunk and said that her was leaving her. She spent an hour crying saying that it was all her fault 'if we (me and her) hadn't played around then things would have been better between her and Mark'.

I did tell her that she was forgetting that her had been cheating on her longer than she had on him (she found a pair of lacy knickers in his car under the seat once) - he denied it and said it was his work mates playing a joke.

Since that night she has not seen or heard from Mark (although a friend did say he's living with a girl he works with), Samantha still lives next door to me, we still meet regularly and spend several hours fucking.

She said that she is actually happier living on her own, and having a cock on hand when she's feeling horny day or night.

Hopefully things will stay this way.