Written by devo

8 Dec 2013

after my last story I was surprised how many people enjoyed it, so much so that a chap tracked me to a swingers site, he is married so no names, he is in his fifties and a lover of pvc, we mailed each other a few times and arranged to meet for a drink, on meeting he explained his love for pvc and his wife the opposite and said he wasn't interested in sex but just to meet people with the same interest, I invited him back to mine to see my gear. I poured him a vodka and pulled a few things from my wardrobe mainly shiny macs and boots he picked my white shiny sixties style mac and a pr of thigh boots in black and said how good they would look together, I offered to model them for him and to my surprise he agreed,i retired to bathroom to change finishing my outfit with a pr of black fishnet stockings. on my return I sat next to him saying well what do you think, stammering he said fantastic I crossed my legs showing the tops of my stockings his hands roamed over them and over my boots, taking the bull by the horns I kissed him on the lips and my hand slipped to the bulge in his pants, meeting no resistance I unzipped and slipped my hand inside and found not a big cock but very hard and throbbing one, feeling slightly guilty about him saying no sex I stood and tried to hide the hard cock of my own,he also stood and pulled me back to him in a passionate embrace we kissed and my hand found his hard cock again and I slowly wanked him, after a short time he muttered stop or il cum, by that time I was already to horny to care and just said good,his lips returned to mine as the first wave of spunk hit the front of my mac followed by another and another, after a time we parted for me to find my mac splattered in cum so much so it had dripped onto my boots and had formed a small pool on the carpet, embarrassed he left but we are still in touch and will meet again. I hope