Written by Julie

16 Oct 2017

I have been married 27 years and still very much in love with my husband. But as he is the only man I have ever been with, I have recently got interested in what it might be like to be with other men. I looked online and found this site and my favourite bit is the stories.

I haven't gone as far as meeting anyone from here as I have realised that is not what I want. I don't want anybody who is a swinger. I am only on the site to look, and read the stories.

Anyway I recently was in a hardware shop with my husband and as he is very chatty, He started chatting to the man behind the counter about DIY etc. I could see him looking at me as I rarely wear a bra, and I do have rather large nipples that stick out. I am a size 12/14, shoulder length blonde hair, and quite curvy with slim waist.

Joe, the man in the shop, was chatting and helped with some of the purchases, and helped to carry the stuff to the car. He never really talked to me, just my boobs. He stood chatting for ages and at one point suggested that he could come around and help with some plumbing etc.

Anyway, about a week later when my husband was busy I had to go to the shop and change something. Joe was very attentive and helped me get the right component. He then gave me a card with his number and said that he was still happy to help any time. I thought I know what you'd like to help yourself to.

My husband was working away for a few weeks and I again had to go to the shop again to get another bit and he again said to call him if I needed any help. My husband had already told him that he would be away for three weeks so I thought he's obviously trying it on.

About two days later I was scraping off some wallpaper and managed to cut into one of the wires that was behind a light switch I had removed. I wasn't sure what to do so gave joe a call. He said he'd call in that evening on his way home.

For some reason I decided I wanted to look nice when he arrived so showered and changed, and even shaved... no, not my face.

He arrived and I showed him the damage to the wire. He quickly taped it up as a temporary measure and we sat and had a coffee. He was continually looking at my legs and boobs, and I really enjoyed being desirable to another man. He wasn't married and had been divorced for several years. No girlfriends since but really wanted one.

He came and sat next to me and said that he felt that I wanted more from him. I was a bit taken aback as I was happy to flirt but to actually go all the way was not what I'd planned. He kissed me and I froze and his hands went to my boobs and felt my nipples. I was shocked and didn't move as his hand went up my skirt to the tops of my holdups. His fingers found their way inside my knickers and I 'let' him put his fingers in me. He said I was very wet but I hadn't realised that I had got like that.

He took my hand and put it in his lap and then alarm bells sounded and I pushed him off and stood up. He was a bit surprised but said sorry as he thought that's what I wanted.

I knew I'd led him on so said sorry it was my fault giving you the wrong message.

I knew I wanted him but was not ready for that yet.

I made us another cup and we chatted for ages. He kissed me on the lips when he left and pulled me close so that I could feel his hardness against me. He said take your time.i know that the next time he comes here I will let him do what he wants, and enjoy it. Maybe soon I'll have another man in me.