Written by AlKaz

10 Dec 2017

A finish to our evening at Anne and Mark’s. Thank you for the comments. Our journey continues…………

Having watched the scene in front of us Mark and I were now rock hard again. Anne looked over grinning “ I think this lady needs those “ she said “ Lie down “ she ordered me. I complied and Kaz lowered herself onto my cock. She certainly felt different much looser than when she’d been playing with her dildo or Ian. Mark positioned behind I felt him stroking his cock’s head around my sac before nestling it against the base and beginning to push.

It didn’t take much for him to soon be alongside me. Kaz screamed with a cum urging us to fuck her. We’d now hit a rhythm and the din and language from Kaz was something else. Anne in the meantime was playing with our balls as she rimmed her husband. This was just too much for Mark and I was again treated to the sensation of him cumming next to me only this time to a full finish before my own sensations took over together with another for Kaz. Mark slipped out Kaz remained on top of me completely spent from the last half hour’s fun. I kissing and nuzzling her neck while Anne cleaned Mark’s now flaccid cock.

After about five minutes Kaz rolled off me spreading her legs our cum leaking everywhere from her pussy. I studied it. It was literally gaping open with the stretching she’d received. Anne produced a box of tissues. “Although I’d love to do the job myself I think this time a more gentle approach. Trust me I know” as she carefully wiped Kaz thighs before moving to her slit It certainly looked more puffy and reddened than I’d seen it even when we’d been to the dogging. She was spent Anne however gently mopped away until the clean up was complete then pulling us both to her for us to suckle on her breasts while she played with our cocks although we weren’t too responsive having not taken any of the pills. Kaz sat up leaning on her elbows watching as Anne lay back Mark tonguing her pussy while I continued with the nipples giving each similar sucking and nibbling treatment. Having cum a couple of times with her husbands tongue we swapped and I drank some more from her pussy until my jaw ached and she seemed satisfied. I moved over to Kaz and we each snuggled with our partners just finally chatting and chilling before we finally dressed to go home all deciding this must become a regular thing and talking in the car on our way home we decided we could learn much from this couple.