Written by Daniel

14 Feb 2011

Back in early November Chrissy asked what I wanted for Christmas, as usual I told I'd think about it then of course promptly forgot. She reminded me about it several times and I told her some professionally taken photos of her would me nice. I had pictures of her, weddings, parties, holiday snaps of her on the beach the usual sort of things. She was forty four last year, but is often thought to be younger, 5' 7” tall, slim with long toned legs and quite a large 36dd bust, which she thinks makes her look top heavy, but I love as they are fantastically rounded and firm. Come Christmas day she gave me an album of about forty photos and two framed for my desk. The photographer had done a good job. She looked really beautiful, tasteful pictures, showing a bit of cleavage and some leg. I was really pleased with them and suggested she have some more taken, perhaps wearing a bikini I suggested hopefully, for my birthday although that's still months away. “You should be so lucky” she told me laughing. Oh well worth a try I thought, thinking no more of it.

At least I thought no more of it until about two weeks ago. I'm a duty manager and work shifts, often weekends and nights and have time off in the week. Chrissy works 9 to 5 in an office and was running late one morning, rushing to get ready, grabbing her bag off the settee as she left. It was an hour or so later, I sat on the settee, channel hopping when I felt something under me, moving and finding a memory stick half down the side. I didn't give it much thought putting it to one side to give her when she returned. It must have been lunchtime when I noticed it again, whereas I use sticks at work I knew Chrisy didn't and wondered why she had one and what was on it.

Curious, I switched the PC on and plugged it in, to see it contained photo files and folders. I opened the files to have a look. They were obviously photos left over from the photo session, rejected for the album, one or two of them showing a lot of leg, even a flash of stocking top. I opened a second folder, the photos taken the same day according to the folder date in November, but she'd taken off the dress. I thought she looked really sexy posing in a matching sexy bra, panties, and suspenders set, black stockings and stilettos. I wondered if they were some she'd had done and was keeping them back as a surprise and felt guilty for looking. I continued viewing some poses with her sitting, standing back view, bending over the panties taut over her bum. Then reaching behind her back, unclasping her bra, holding the bra, covering her tits. The next shots she was standing topless. How on earth had he persuaded her to do that, it had taken me ten years to get her to take her bikini top off on holiday. I clicked on, Chrissy holding her tits, bending towards the camera, her nipples poking out erect, between her fingers. They weren't the only thing erect my prick was so uncomfortably stiff in my trousers I got it out. Pictures of her panties pulled tight into her crotch, pussy hair uncovered. Then sitting on a chair, with them pulled to one side, revealing her trimmed bush, fleshy labia parted, her pink hole glistening with wetness. What the hell was she thinking of, a series of shots of her bent over, legs together, slowly peeling her panties down to her ankles. You couldn’t see her pussy, not until the following poses, still bent over, but with legs parted, her slit visible again. Chrissy looking back between her legs smiling at the lens. The shots went on and on, getting more explicit finishing with pictures of her wearing just stilettos, laid on a couch with her legs spread wide, touching her clit, fingers in her cunt as if masturbating then holding her cunt open, obviously very wet and aroused, shining with her pussy juices.

There were another two folders, one dated about four weeks previously the other much more recent a quick look at the calendar showed I’d been working on both occasions. A 2pm to 10pm shift and 10pm to 6am, the later a Saturday. The first left off more or less where the other finished, she was naked except for stockings and heels, a few open leg shots, then she was joined my a black guy, back to camera. He was also nude, broad muscular shoulders, bulging thigh and leg muscles, even his arse looked taut, a body builders physique. A full frontal shot, he looked about twenty, massive chest, flat stomach, completely hairless, dangling between his legs, put it this way he was near the front of the queue when cocks were issued. No wonder she was smiling. Chrissy was laid on the couch and he proceeded to cover her pussy with foam and shaved her, dozens of pictures of the razor removing her pubes a bit at a time. Starting with her mound, down between her legs shaving around her fuck hole, his fingers pulling her pussy lips taut, shaving her cunt, even round her arse hole, until she completely smooth. I remembered coming home one evening a few weeks previously, her on the bed waiting to show me her shaved pussy, randy as hell, wanting me to fuck her before I'd even showered. I should have been angry but the more I saw the stiffer my prick got. Before continuing to scroll through the pictures I grabbed a hand full of tissues and had a satisfying wank.

Returning to the laptop, I could hardly wait to see what the slut would be doing next. I wasn't disappointed, she was holding his prick clearly wanking him his cock getting larger and harder in every shot. At least eight inches, so thick that she could hardly wrap her fingers round it or get it in her mouth. Pictures of her licking and sucking his cock, sucking his balls, a look of lust on her face, him with his cock between her 36dd's, tit fucking, her mouth open, licking his knob. He was pictured licking and sucking her cunt, whilst sticking a finger up her arse. Pictures with all his fingers in her pussy, looking as if he was going to fist her. His fist looked huge, to big for her tight cunt because the next pictures showed him fucking her. She looked absolutely ecstatic, his prick penetrating her hole, stretching her cunt, the black of his magnificent cock contrasting with Chrissy's white skin Her pussy and his cock looked shiny and slick with her cunt juices as he fucked her in different positions, all of which showed her plugged cunt as she gorged herself on his cock. The final shots were of Chrissy licking his prick clean, then holding her cream pied pussy open, a large glob of spunk dangling from her open hole. Just as well she'd been sterilised a few years ago, she'd taken enough spunk to impregnate half the women in the town. I opened the second folder, dated only a few days earlier, pictures of her being fucked again but this time with two black guys, ending with her her cunt flooded with spunk again.

I noticed the time, realising Chrissy would be home shortly. I found another memory stick and copied everything over, pushed the original down the side of the settee where I'd found it. She came in from work looking a bit flustered, I wondered if she'd noticed it was missing, but said nothing. I went out for a pint and to think, finding her much more relaxed when I returned. She went up to bed and I checked down the side of the settee, no stick, she'd recovered it, obviously relieved that I hadn't found it. Whilst in the pub I'd decided two things. I wanted to know why she'd done it and how she'd been persuaded, but more than anything I wanted to watch her being fucked, taking a big black cock in her tight pussy. That’s the dilemma I've been struggling with for over a week. Why did she have the memory stick? Was I supposed to find it? How do I tell her I know and how do I get her to agree to let me watch her being fucked?