10 Mar 2016

Well I have not written in here before, but I hope the perosn who I was with will recognise the Title !

Bakground - usual toing and froing of messages on here and we realised there was a certain similarity in our outlook and desires and what we wanted to hopefully achieve. Eventually I met the lovely Lady in the garden of a lovely Cotswold Pub. It wa a sunny day and she looked fantastic. We started chatting like old friends and i leant forward and began to tweak on of her nipples. Even with sunglasses on I could see her eyes widen and the conversation got even more erotic. She became particularly turned on as there were others in the garden - mostly the usual Cotswold Ladies Lunching, who would have been stunned to realise what was happening ! Sadly we had to go our own way but this was always going to be a social meeting to see if we got on.

Roll on a couple of weeks........

I arrived midday at her front door and she was beautifully attired - lacy bra, silky camisole top and the obligatory stockings. As I walked in I said hello and she pressed her fingers to my lips. We entered the living room and she dropped to her knees undid my trousers and becan to lick myby now throbbing cock whilst looking up at me with butter wouldn't melt eyes. For a first sexual contact as Jeremy Kyle would say, this was extremely erotic and I could tell she was loving it too. After some fantastic sucking and likcing I led her into her dining room where she had prepared some scarves and a selection of her toys. Pushing her back onto the table which was alredy cleared, I covered her eyes with a scarf and used two others to tie each arm to the tabe legs firmly. Once suitable secured I approached her from behind firmly pulled her head back and thrust my firm cock into her mouth - i could feel her taking me as much as she could before she gagged. She was now at my total mercy and whim.

Moving to the other end of th table I hitched her stockinged legs up and pushes aside her thin silky thong - she was visibly very damp as I gently massaged her clit with one of her small vibrators. She began to cry out with pleasure and girate her secured body as much as she could. By now I was really ready to give her a good fucking........ I removed my clothes whilst still massaging her clit and applied the statutory rubber. Deciding to giver her as much pain and pleassure as she clearly wanted I swapped the vibrator for her wand - also conveniently to hand ! With her legs open wide I applied the wand to her clit and massaged firmly - by now she was in total rapture. My turn now I thought - so whilst firmly pressing the wand to the appar area of her pussy I I gently eased in my cock which was rock hard by now. I had barely gone in when she literally exploded and squirted all ofer me and the table. She cried Fucke me really hard and as required I began to thrust into her soaking and very tight pusssy.

Now the angle I was at was not the best for deep probing so I decided I needed to move her. Untying her I led her still blindfolded back into the living room where the first piece of furniture through the door was a sofa. Moving her up to it I bent her over the arm kicked her legs apart slightly and thrust in hard and deep - she was by now in pieces ! Knowing she had a sub tendency and liked moderate pain, as I pulled back each time i gave her white smooth ass a slap for good measure. The more I slaped the more she clearly enjoyed begging me to fuck her hard. Not wishing to finish too early I withdrew and began to flick her clit with my finger. It was clear that once she began to orgams it didnt take her much when handled right to cum again and again. The feeling fo control and almost power was fantastic - so I then began to fuck her more, still slapping her ass which was now quite red.

Sensing I could not hold back much more I edged her onto the sofa and then lay her on her back on the floor and contined to finger her clit. By now the scarf had come off and aside from her moans I could see her eyes, which had been so innocent earlier, looking up at me. I thought she will take my spunk now - so I whipped off the rubber and thrust my cock in her mouth again. As she is very good at taking Oral it was only a few seconds before I shot my load deep into her throat - her eyes when I came said it all - I slowly pulled out and she continued to suck every drop out. Wow I thought - I have found a really good one here - and suffice it to say the journey of exploration, self fulfilment and downright rudeness is still continuing - Thank You x