Written by Dave n debs

14 Mar 2018

Just reading about the roofer doing the cuckold thing on here reminds me of an experience I had just before christmas 2017.

My wife, also a debbie, is wife number two for me. I'm her second husband.

Our first marriages were similar. Married young, two fab kids each, but sexually unfulfilling.

So kids grew up, fled the nest and we found each other. A two year affair led to us divorcing our partners and starting again.

What's different this time is the openness and communication. We fucked a lot, dabbled with kink and swinging and discussed fantasies.

Debs had a fantasy to seduce a tradesman. On the face of it that's pretty tame but she wanted to act and dress a bit slutty and for him to take the lead. Her fantasy was v specific, it involved him spanking her hard, biting her breasts, and fucking her hard. Her fantasy involved anal, something we had tried without success. Her fantasy involved unsafe sex so that was another hurdle I'd have to overcome.

I know a few lads who do various trades but that was all a bit too close to home.

I live in Emsworth, a small hants village where everyone knows everyone so needed to look further astray.

I posted on sh, and another more sub/Dom site. Loads of responses and I arranged to meet four guys. It was a bit like a job interview. Two never turned up, the others were big no nos.

It was v frustrating as all I wanted was a guy to help my wife fulfil her fantasy. Finally I stumbled across a guy based in nearby Chichester. A handyman so made contact. Turns out he'd moved to Portsmouth which is just as close. We messaged then met. I did have a reservation as it turned out he worked in Emsworth a lot and we knew some of the same people. He is a big guy, just her type, was happy to do a std test but I went cold on the idea simply because it was too close to home. This was all around a year ago.

Debs popped up with her fantasy a cpl more times but basically it got dropped.

In November we need some tiling doing, basically ours had gone manky and the the silicone had gone black. It had started leaking causing a damp mark on our lounge ceiling below.

We had a guy recommended to us and, yes you've guessed it... It was the same guy I'd met earlier I'm the year. He never let on that we'd met though and I instantly changed my view on him. Sure enough he emailed a quote through, all very professional. Debs was happy, so was I.

I asked debs about her fantasy. She was all keen but couldn't see him being up for it.

Work was pencilled in for just under two weeks time. I started messaging him asking him if the sex could be back on the cards. No surprise it was a yes. Testing him was next but time was tight. I went with him to get him tested ( debs health was paramount). All was clear.

Day one was, according to him, the messy day. Removing tiles, loose plaster and replastering etc. I told him that she wanted him dirty/dusty. I got home early, around 4. Just before her. Grant was tidying up and removing dust sheets. Downstairs. It was now or never. I set out her slut outfit, something she had worn on our swingers club visits. Heels, stockings, micro skirt, and a tight black mesh top. I left a note next to it. "Wear this and come downstairs in slut mode. It will happen. "

Soon after she was back from work, surprised to see me but i do get home early from time to time.

Debs is all about routine, soon as she's home she has a shower, then changes. That night was no different. I heard the shower then heard her go to our room. Then silence. Then back to the bathroom for ages, then back to our bedroom.

Finally she came downstairs. Wow. Omg looking every inch the cock hungry slut. She's a size 12. 34a tits. Her make up was heavy, her hair up, and I just say back getting my cock out as it was immediately hard.

Grant on the other hand only gave her a glance. "Put the kettle on debs."

It took the tension down a few notches and she visibly relaxed.

I envisaged some small talk however I had misread things. Debs had too. As she passed him he grabbed her round the waist from behind and pulled her over his lap as he sat on our settee. Her skirt didn't need pulling up as her arse was fully uncovered. She struggled as he started spanking her. He wasn't playing around and each spank made her cry out. She almost wriggled free at one point but he beckoned me over. "Help me hold the little slut down Dave"

I did as requested. Holding her arms over her head as her arse was now red. All this time he told her what a slut she was and what he was going to do to her. I was rubbing my boner against the end of the settee and it was enough to make me cum.

Next he. stood up, carrying her again and placed her on the settee face down, her legs hanging over the end so her arse was elevated over the arm of our settee. Again I held her down this time holding her arms behind her back and holding her down with my chest

Grant had his face buried in her arse and cunt,holding her legs apart allowing him easy access. She was squealing and still wriggling but the wriggling stopped when she came.

I stood up and saw what looked like love bites on her arse and the backs of her legs. Her cunt was open.

Grant looked at me, my limp cock hanging out of my trousers. "Get some lube mate."

I knew what he was thinking. She lay motionless recovering from her orgasm, her holes looking so inviting.

I was up and downstairs in a flash, handing him the ky gel. He just gave it back to me.

"Oil her up for me Dave" I knew what was coming next and poured loads on. Debs just lay there moaning as I slipped fingers in her cunt and arse as I spread around the gel.

Meanwhile grant stripped. His cock looked so hard. Bit longer than mine and a lot thicker.

Throughout he kept telling her she's a slut and how he's going to fuck her etc.

He positioned himself behind her and slowly fed his cock into her cunt, that was the last moment of slow sex because he fucked her like a robot, smashing into her with every stroke, spanking her arse and pulling her hair hard. Debs also turned the air blue. It was basically porn sex but weirdly she never came. Nor had he, or at least I never picked up on them Cummings. It was hard. Nasty fucking with them shouting abuse at each other. I'd started wanking and my cock came back to life.

Eventually he stopped,pulled his cock out of her and pushed it against her arsehole. Hesitating he said..."yes or no debs"

Her reply was instant. *yes yes yes"

He didn't hesitate and fucked her arse with the same energy as he had her cunt. It only took a couple of minutes before he told her "cum you bitch". She obliged, basically going limp under him and it was clear he'd also cum, deep up her arse.

He withdrew , sat at the other end of the settee. " kiss me" he ordered. They hadn't kissed yet...another thing I'd missed. He positioned her to she was bending over him as he sat, I could see him fingering her and toy own opportunity to fuck her arse. I didn't last long, adding my seed to his. Unlike the porn films it never dripped out her though.

He now moved her to his lap and feasted on her tits, still fingering her. Looking back this is the only part which didn't really work for me as he was ticking off her wish list rather than it happening like everything else. Her tits though, were soon covered in bites as she wanted.

Next he positioned her so she sucked his nipples,moving her hand down to (what I found out later) slip two fingers up his arse while he wanked.

Somehow he slowly lay back so he came on his own stomach, pushing her down from his nipples to clean him up.

That was it.

He was back for two more days, fucking her in my absence on both days.

I messaged him yesterday asking him to fuck debs again, and returned home to discover he'd only left a few minutes earlier. Safe sex this time and no anal.

I've discovered lots of friends use him for work and wonder if any of them have used his other talents