Written by sally

31 Aug 2008

sally again you seem to want to no more about the music teacher well after our little get together in the lake district she avoided me as much as possible in case i suppose i would tell but no way every time i thought of it all i wanted was a finger up my pussy hopefully hers. B-- and i continued to see each other but i chucked him within in months as soon as i showed him what i wanted all he wanted was to get his cock in and i wasnt ready for that. My music teacher eventually married her navy man and she wasnit at the school as much, i fantazied about them fucking each other all the time. A few months before i left school my class was invited to her home for a final tea party before we left school it was fun and she said we were all old enough to have a glass of wine which we did everybody soon left leaving just her and I i had another glass of wine and we talked by this time all i wanted was to strip of and have her stick her fingers up me a give me an orgasam. She asked about B--- I told her we broke up and why she looked me in the eye and said you want our experience again dont you I said yes and so we went into the bedroom i stripped of so did she and I was surprised to see her pussy was all shaven she explained her husband liked it that way when he went down on her. Surprise what did that mean she pushed me down opened my legs and started to lick me faster and faster her tongue went this was better than any finger in the cunt i casme and i came. She stopped her mouth covered in my cum and said your turn now so i went down on her she writhed and groaned and after she came said this was one of the things about married life if you have an experienced man they can teach you a lot. We dressed she asked me what my furture geld I did not no i was spending the summer with my parents in France on a farm owned by their friends who nos maybe i will find my eaxperienced man she gave me kiss and for the last time put her hand in my knickers to give me a last finger fuck at thet moment a car drew up it was her husband i tried to pull away she said stay he likes to watch and so he sat watching while his wifw finger fucked me on their doorstep i came wetly I said goodbye for the last time to my teacher. a new adventure awaited me in France want to hear?????