30 Jun 2016

So after 25 years of only ever waking up next to the same woman, on Sunday morning I opened my eyes to find myself lying next to an older version of my wife.

Joan was lying with her back to me, her grey hair tousled & breathing heavily enough to softly be snoring. It wasn’t the sort of sight that would give many a men an instant hard on but my cock was already stretched out to its fullest limit, mainly because the woman I was lying next to had actually given birth to my wife. A woman I had known nearly 30 years & had never really thought of in a sexual way in all that time, but now just the thought of being with her in bed was hurting my balls.

I positioned myself directly behind her & push my hard cock up against her arse.

Her immediate reaction was to gently push herself up against me & let out a soft,


But then it was like she had been stung by a bee.

She moved sharply away, obviously fully coming awake & wondering why after being a widow for 10 years someone was shoving his cock up against her bum.

She looked at me startled at first, probably thinking she’d had a very nice wet dream, & then the realisation came over her face.

The alcohol induced horniness of the previous night was, at this point, replaced with a sort of shock reality that her daughter’s husband of 25 years had fucked her.

All she can say was,

“Oh God!”

I knew that she was feeling guilty. I was a bit, but feeling horny myself had sort of lessened that feeling & so I gently said,

“It’s okay Joan, we just had sex. No one else need know & I can get up & leave right this second if that is what you want.”

It is not what I wanted & in fact the sight of her sitting on the bed, with her boobs barely 12 inches away from me was making my cock twitch uncontrollably.

She reached out a hand as if to steady herself against me as she let the truth sink in.

“Oh God! I had way too much to drink last night,” she said.

She was silent a moment, her mouth working as if she was about to talk but not able to get the words out.

Then she said,

“Yes we had sex. I don’t believe we did that, but I know we did.”

“It’s okay,” I said again trying to reassure her.

“It was great. I loved it, but I will understand if you just want some time on your own.”

She still looked shocked & then she flopped back down on the bed on her back staring up at the ceiling.

Again there was a moment of quiet, whilst her brain worked things out & I decided not to say anything else.

Finally she turned towards me and her hand rubbed my arm.

“What on earth must you think of me?” she said.

I smiled at her & gave a slight laugh,

“Well to be honest Joan, I think you are amazing.”

She seemed to accept that what was done was done & gave me a weak smile.

“Look why don’t I make us a cup of tea, bring it to you in bed, let you just relax,” I offered.

She nodded & I climbed out of the bed & made my way to the kitchen.

Whilst the kettle boiled I rubbed my cock, not wanting to lose my erection & my cock was still swinging proudly stiff when I returned to the bedroom a few minutes later with 2 mugs of tea.

Joan was sitting up. She hadn’t lifted the duvet up to cover her nakedness & sat there with her tits on full view, her nipples nice a pink & actually quite erect.

I put the tea down on the bed-side table & sat on the bed beside her.

She hadn’t taken her eyes off my hard cock all the way into the bedroom & as I sat down, her soft little right hand enveloped it.

“This is so bad,” she said, “You should be with my daughter. I shouldn’t be touching you like this.”

But she didn’t stop & she voiced that.

“But I don’t want to stop.”

Her hand moved up & down my shaft & she started to moisten my whole cock with the pre-cum that was leaking from me profusely.

It was too much for me. I was in a state of extreme horniness anyway & it literally took a dozen strokes for me to start ejaculating over her hand & arm & onto the duvet.

She gasped a few times & muttered a couple of yeses but didn’t stop, wanking me until every last drop was gone & my cock started to go limp.

I leaned forward & kissed her, just a light kiss on the lips, but her tongue found its way into my mouth as we kissed passionately & she continued to play with my floppy cock & my balls.

We broke away & she let go of me taking her mug of tea instead & taking a few sips.

She put the mug down & pushed aside the duvet,

“I need a wee,” she said.

She made for the door & I followed in her wake.

She stopped & looked at me puzzled.

“That is where all this started,” I said, “You came in whilst I was taking a pee. Now it is my turn.”

She smiled, perhaps not thinking I was serious, but the reality is that I love watching my wife pee. A few years ago we stayed in a hotel in Asia which had a glass wall between the bathroom & the bedroom & it was the best thing ever because it took away some of the inhibitions a husband & wife might normally have. Okay there was a blind to pull down if required but on the second day there my wife took to going to the toilet in full view & it wasn’t long before I was actually in the bathroom with her kneeling on the floor whilst she peed & then licking her clean afterwards. This has been a regular thing with us since & now I wanted to do the same with her Mum.

“But I was drunk last night,” she said, “I didn’t really know what I was doing.”

“Well I’m not drunk,” I said, “I love watching your daughter pee, now I want to watch you.”

“You watch her pee?”

“Yes, she loves it, likes it even more when I play with her pussy whilst she is doing it & likes it even more when I lick her pussy clean afterwards. In fact she sometimes even wakes me up in the middle of the night when she is feeling really horny, when she goes for a pee. After all is it much different from what I did last night, when I licked your pussy whilst you orgasmed?”

She didn’t look sure, but said

“I guess not. Well if that is what you want, hurry up. At my age when I need to go I have to go.”

30 seconds later Joan was perched on her toilet & I was on my knees in front of her.

Yes she needed to go. There was an instant reaction as soon as she sat down. Her hot pee gushed into the toilet & there seemed no embarrassment with the fact that I was there just inches from her open pussy, in fact half way through I pushed my hand between her legs & let the warm liquid play over my hand.

I pushed myself up so I was higher & started to kiss her as her pee tailed off. My fingers were now gently teasing her pussy lips & I slid my middle finger into her wet vagina. The horniness was building up in her I could tell as her kiss started to resemble what it had been last night, breathless & wet.

I moved back breaking the union of our lips & lifted my pee soaked fingers up to my mouth, sucking them one by one. She shuddered & gasped as I moved my hand back between her legs to soak them again, repeating the procedure.

“You are so naughty,” she managed to say between deep breaths.

“Stand up,” I said softly.

She did as I said holding on to the wall beside her.

I dipped my head forward my tongue reaching out to her soft wet pussy & I licked at her cunt, stretching my tongue all the way towards her back passage.

She lifted one leg up & rested her foot on the toilet seat giving me easier access.

“I love licking your pussy clean,” I said between licks of her juicy labia.

“Now turn round.”

She turned, facing the wall & steadied herself thrusting her arse towards me.

I got between her legs again but this time my licks went the full length from her clit all the way back over her tight little arsehole & up the crack of her bum & back again, over & over until once again warm hot liquid was seeping from her pussy.

By this time my cock was rock hard again & so I stood up, positioned her in the right place & slid inside her. I thrust my cock into Joan, calling out her name time & time again until once again I shot my load deep inside her.

A few minutes later we were once more cuddled up in her bed. The clock still only said 7.10am.

As she lay with her head on my chest breathing contently I said,

“So tell me about this vibrator.”