Written by Am I a freak

1 May 2018

I know this isn’t’ an agony aunt site but I use it to see if anyone else does what I do and I can’t find any stories to match. The closest I have found is from women who aren’t lesbians but have lesbian sex so I decided to tell you mine and I hope you will be honest and tell me what you think.

I’m 28 and happily married, my husband and I work hard so that we can get a place of our own. At the moment we rent a flat which we share with his divorced Aunt. She is a great person but she is also the route of my problem.

I have been trying to think about what to tell you about how this all started but to be honest, it just sort of did. There was no erotic lead up, no horny story to tell except this.

I look after myself and can have issues with guys hitting on me when I go out with my friends. I’m not big chested or anything like that, in fact I am quite small but my husband says that my small breast turn him on. So, how did his aunt come to stay with us ? Well even that’s a boring story, she walked out on her abusive husband and had nowhere else to go so she moved in with us. She is 53, sort of attractive, is the opposite to me and has large breasts which she loves to flaunt. She teases her nephew all the time, coming out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around her which makes him go red in the face.

She is a good laugh and, on the occasions, that she comes out with me and my friends is always chatting guys up and being approached herself so when she did what she did I couldn’t; be more shocked.

I have never ever looked at another woman and thought about having sex with her. Like most women, you can see other girls and think she’s attractive but we all do that, but for me that’s where it ends. My husband works nights, he works 4 shifts and then has 3 off and so on so I am on my own in the evening most of the week. I usually don’t wear anything in bed and neither does my husband so when his Aunt (Anna) appears at my bedroom door one evening I have to grab the quilt to cover myself up. She’s just got out of the shower so is only wearing a towel. She laughs and tells me that I shouldn’t; hide myself and that I should be proud of my body. She goes on to tells me that she had been watching me for a while and thought I was hot although I can’t see how she was doing that without me seeing her.

Then she sits on the edge of the bed still wrapped in a towel and we chat about stuff and then she starts talking about how the only thing she misses about her husband is the sex. I blush which she finds amusing. Then the strangest thing happens.

Anna moves closer to me which causes the quilt to pull down and exposes my chest. I went to pull it back up but with her sat on it I can’t. She then drops her towel and we just chat until she presses her hand against my breast and asks if I had even been with a woman. I told her I hadn’t and she asks why. I started to explain that I wasn’t a lesbian and it wasn’t my thing yet all the time I was

allowing her to massage my breast. She told me that she wasn’t a lesbian either, the issue is that she said that as she leant down and took my breast in her mouth.

I’m not sure if it was shock or the fact that for some reason I found it pleasurable to have a woman suck my breast and run her tongue around my nipple, first one then the other.

Maybe I should have just pushed her away but it made me feel warm and the tense knot in my stomach wasn’t unpleasant.

Anna managed to stand up but still bending over with my breast in her mouth as she pulled the quilt down. Neither her or I said anything but she ran her tongue down my tummy until her mouth was between my legs. My husbands Aunt performed oral sex on me and I did nothing but lay there and enjoyed the pleasure of it. After a few minutes of this she made me cum and I think that’s what set her off. Up until then I don’t think even she could believe what we were doing but as I climaxed ( non to quietly) she climbed up my body and we fucked. I had never had sex with a woman and didn’t honestly know what to expect but Anna thrust herself against me and we ground our pussies together until we both climaxed again.

Then, after we caught our breath she kissed me and left me laying there wondering what the fuck I had just done. The next evening there was no chat, no talking about what we did or should have done Anna just walks into my bedroom, pulls the quilt down and takes me. This time it took longer and was more like making love. I tasted her pussy juices and enjoyed sucking her ample nipples whilst we hand fucked each other and made each other cum.

That was a few months ago and we fuck every evening that my husband is in work. I did tell her that it didn’t feel right and that we should stop but all she did was buy toys. Double sided dildo which she feeds into me and herself and a large pink strap on cock which looked hilarious when she appeared at my door wearing it.

Having her fuck me like a man is better, she loved to thrust herself into me and slide her breasts up and down my body. She can bend herself in ways that I can’t and manages to fuck me hard whilst at the same time take my breast into her mouth while and suck me hard. And even though I know its not right she makes me cum every single time and even when I make love to mu husband and feel his cum explode inside me I still find myself thinking of Anna and the orgasms I have or more powerful for it. As he’s thrusting his more than ample cock into me I imagine Anna more than ample breasts pressing against me, her hard nipple pressing against mine and her tongue in my mouth and mine in hers and I cum hard.

Last Friday was the worst / best time of my life. My husband was in a particularly horny mood before going to work and led me to the bedroom and undressed me before bending me over the edge of the bed and fucking me doggy style as quietly as we could (not wanting to let his Aunt hear us). One hand covering my mouth the other gripping my breast and as soon as he came inside me he went to the bathroom to clean himself up. I just lay there and watched him leave.

Within seconds of the door slamming Anna was staring down at me still laying on my tummy completely naked. I said that I didn’t think we should ‘ do it’ tonight but she ignored me. She undressed, rolled me onto my back and sucked her nephews cum out of my pussy and into my mouth. It was the dirties hottest fuck I have ever had and it lasted hours.

Now, my husband fucks me most days and the days he goes to work and some days when he just goes out I fuck his aunt. Last week alone I was fucked 12 times in one week and I am exhausted, not so much as a result of a lack of sleep but they both make me cum hard. I caught them smiling at each other the other day in a way that made me wonder if there is something going on. Has she told him and is he going to work knowing what we do.

I am going to ask him if he has anything he ants to tell me but I can’t give away what I am doing in case he has no idea and leaves me, so any advice would be welcome. I love his so much but I can’t give up my lesbian sex. Just the thought of her rubbing her wet pussy against mine whilst holding me down by my throat and making me beg for sex. She loves to tell me how I have no choice and that she can have me whether I want her to or not but we both know that’s not true and that its just her play thing.