Written by AlKaz

6 Nov 2017

Maybe slightly tamer than some we have written but we are trying to relate most of our experiences over the last 2 years and we still have a bit more of our ongoing journey if you all are still interested.

Soon after Easter Kaz had another meeting with Ian her Brummie fuck buddy but this time he was bringing his wife Linda with him as the job also involved a works social that evening at a posh hotel and spouses were invited. I was slightly nervous although he’d fucked Kaz on 3 separate occasions and I’d cleaned up after him we’d never met and his wife Linda was a total mystery to both of us.

We arrived at the event and were sat together according to the table plan Kaz looked stunning in a long dress and I appeared Ian and Linda were going to be a no show arriving just before we were to sit down for the dinner. Then we got our shock. I knew about Ian from Kaz description. Linda nothing except she was American.

Linda is about 5ft2” a cuddly size 18 but the bit we didn’t expect she is black ( apologies to all but you do tend to stereotype in your mind’s eye ) . We hit it off like a house on fire my nerves dissipated they were really good fun and the evening wore on dinner over speeches done and a half decent cover band to dance to. End of the evening and the slow dances we’d swapped dance partners back and to and at this point we were with each other’s wives but we had been discreet after all Kaz works with these people. Kaz and Ian were in deep conversation her arms around his neck Linda pulled in closer her perfume smelt great I held her slightly tighter as the music ended and she didn’t seem to mind then she whispered “ I’m a bit nervous on this. Those pair are on a sure thing what do you think” I fleetingly held her closer to reassure we clearly both felt the same the music ended we returned to the table and the girls departed to the toilets.

“Coming up for another drink” asked Ian “sure” The girls returned and we left for the lifts. Only the four of us in the lift and it first move from Linda who moved in to snog her husband her hand straying to his trouser front. I stood behind Kaz my hands moving up to caress her tits as we watched Kaz left hand behind her grasping my stiffening cock her gasp drawing their attention as I played with her nipples. The lift stopped we got out Ian moved over to Kaz Linda myself .Emboldened I moved for a kiss as we stepped out she responded properly, closer this time out groins meeting as my hand squeezed her ample bum. We moved on to their room Ian heading to fix the drinks “helped” by Kaz Linda moved to the bedroom with me in tow “Unzip me please” I dutifully obliged un-hooking her bra while I was at it reaching in to caress her tits now these were huge nipples and now sticking out proud. Linda slid her dress from her shoulders letting it fall to the floor along with the bra I realised was strapless also no knickers she was now naked I admired that wonderfully curved bum she bent to pick up the dress my hand straying down to caress it squeezing each globe as she gathered her clothes straightening to put them on a chair before turning to unclip and zip my trousers pushing them and my boxers down enough to expose my erection her mouth enveloping my cocks head before taking the entire shaft fully down. “ still want that drink” Ian was stood in the doorway glasses in hand a naked Kaz behind him her hand around the front wanking his cock. He put the drinks down as they moved to the bed stripping his own clothes off as they lay down his mouth seeking Kaz nipples his hand inserting a couple of fingers into what I knew would be a soaking pussy her hand firmly around that cock it fully met the description she’d given me. Ian lay back and I had the glorious vision of Kaz as she lowered herself onto that cock I marvelled to myself proudly as she took every thick inch right into her body.

Linda came up for air we stood watching as they began to rhythmically fuck each other. I now got my first view proper of her pussy neatly trimmed hair but her clit poking out from its hood was the size of a mini cock at nearly 2” long I reached down to caress her clit and insert my middle digit into her wet welcoming slit as our mouths met again. Linda broke the kiss her moans increasing “don’t stop” she gasped as I realised although not so vocal she was already reaching a peak as she humped my probing finger as she came down I shed my clothes before dropping to my knees to sample that pussy with my tongue a couple of minutes no more and she was coming again. Noise from the bed now as Kaz reached hers grinding down hard onto Ian as she peaked then .her juice trickling down between them.

I suckled some more on Linda’s clit before she pulled me off moving onto the bed next to the others spreading her legs “fuck me” she whispered “go for it” said Kaz moving for a kiss ( Obviously wanting a fresh sample of Linda’s pussy) as I positioned myself between Linda’s open legs. Looking at her face as I kissed Kaz I figured that unfortunately for Kaz Linda was straight. I pushed in to a surprisingly tighter pussy than I expected given it regularly gets pounded by Ian’s monster. And began to fuck her at a steady pace as Kaz and Ian began to both cum as he filled her and she gushed leaving a puddle on their side of the bed their sounds helping trigger another cum for Linda. Kaz climbed off Ian as they moved to a chair to watch us as we speeded up coming together as I flooded her pussy with my sperm. After a couple of minutes I climbed off Ian replacing me obviously wanting to fuck his wife’s sloppy seconds. Kaz and I retreated watching them enjoy each other before collecting our clothes Kaz putting her knickers on to retain Ian’s cum for us once we got home. They were still locked together as we approached the bed kissing each and thanking them before leaving as we left It was 2.30 and we had a half hour drive home. Arriving back it was bed and we both did our “cleaning duties” before settling down. Another adventure in our rapidly expanding sex life