Written by april_couple

12 Mar 2008

He came from France and as an old friend my partners ex, at least thats what she told me. Anyway I agreed he could stay the night as he was on his way back to France and would be off early the following morning that night after a meal we all went off to a music pub and while there had quite a bit to drink we arrived home and quite pissed I went up to bed he

had gone up to his room before me. Well half through the night I wake up dying for a pee I notice April is missing from our bed I toddle to the loo not thinking much and half asleep on the way back I hear noise from downstairs so down I go at the bottom of the stairs the living room door is open and there is my woman in a sixty nine with him I was frozen to the spot my mouth wide open and nothing coming out. I watched her head moving up and down slurping his cock while he was franticly licking her pussy stopping every now and then to talk dirty,suck it horny bitch,squeeze my balls,milk my cock you bitch. Well it seemed like an age I stood there I was shaking and trembling with excitement my cock was so hard I thought it would explode I also thought here you are in your own home being cucked by your partner and you are enjoying it

Oblivious to my presence they were now shagging his cock was thick and a good 8/9/inch and he was in her to the hilt she was moaning quietly spunk me you bastard he was sucking

her nipples so hard I have never seen her 38d breasts stand like that before. So I wait till he starts cumming my god did he have some spunk to unload and did straight up her unprotected pussy in I walk, the shear terror on there faces

was something else I said I did say make your self at home but this is taking the piss. April was in shock he was saying sorry it was the drink we got carried away I said shut it mate or you will be carried away they Finlay admitted he was an old boyfriend and she was fucking him on the quite when she was with her ex. Now I know she loves sex and she has a body and looks that turn heads thats why I had started an affair with her but I did not know that she also liked a fuck on side so I said ok lets all go up to bed and you and I mate are going to fuck the arse off her. I stripped off my cock standing hard smaller than his but ready for action he was quite hard by now I said suck this you whore he was now standing and watching as she sucked hard on my cock I said don\'t stand there fuck the bitch April was loving it I came in her mouth pulled out and sprayed her face with spunk he came again inside her when I had recovered I fucked her well opened pussy and shot my load up her as well in the morning he had gone before I woke as we sat down to breakfast I told her from now on you bitch you fuck when I tell you and who I tell you that day we went swimming and an old guy 68 I swim with now and then helped me spit roast her in the family changing room. He loved it and so did we so you see its turned out all right I can pick a guy tell her to bring him home and I watch and join in.