1 Jan 2016

I got up early things to do we have not long moved to this house I don't expect to see Alice my wife for sometime and Lewis is here so it most likely be ten before any one gets up ,with being busy with the move Lewis not visited he is normally here a lot mostly weekends, our situation may seem a strange one to some people we are a respectable midI would dle aged couple Alice is forty three and I am fifty seven and of said we may be a little long in the tooth for this to happen, I must say a lot of this is down to me I will take a lot of the blame

We first meet lewis about nine months ago socially, we all got on very well from the start with Alice taken a shine to him, Lewis is English but his family is from west Africa he was the first black we had known on a social basis we had both grown up on middle England middle class backgrounds but Lewis was not our stereotyp black guy he had a thriving business he was very polite and charming not so much now but I will explain that as we go along

We bumped into Lewis quite a lot and more we did the better we got to each other, we were soon having him over for dinner I played golf with him he always made a fuss over Alice and they got very friendly terms she would talk about him a lot and if we were out with other friends I would notice they always be chatting he would make her laugh a lot he payed my wife a lot of attention one way or another

I never took too much notice at the time, it had slipped under my radar but after a boozy evening with Lewis my wife was in the kitchen making coffee and Lewis went to help her, and after a time I went to find out where the coffee was, I got to the door and there was my wife in an embrace with him, this when I should've done something but I didn't nor did I say any thing but it made me think it was nothing it was the booze, it also excited me I am like most men I have watched porn and had rude thoughts about Alice and another man

I was sure it was the drink and they got carried away and it was no more than that in fact my wife didn't say anything or act any different all pointed to it was one of them things

In a matter of weeks I found they would sneak away for a kiss and I court them a couple of times, I still didn't say anything I didn't have to Alice told me, the way she put it she liked Lewis a lot and they had become close she asked if I minded her having a friend a man friend, I said no it didn't upset me and I was fine with that, from then on when ever we were alone the three of us they were more friendly often leaving me out also there was other things they become quite tactile in front of me making it look like a game but when it was obvious I was there they didn't stop, that progress to one night I walked in and they were kissing and I did make it obvious I was there and said what if I was someone else we were at a friends house

That was the night things changed Lewis had driven to ours and we all went to our friends in one car, on the way Alice sat in the front and was very quiet, we got home and I was in the kitchen I came into lounge with coffees and they had been talking and stopped as I came in, the following conversation was weird it was like Alice want to say something but didn't the quite unexpected and out of the blue she said Lewis and me like each other and it a bit more than that I do really like him, at that point I told them when I found then kissing tonight that was not the first time and I did think something may be going on and we would need to talk about sooner or late, it was a bit of shock to have this conversation thrust upon me plus Lewis sitting there it was even more a surprise when Alice said I want to move things on to the next stage with Lewis I want him to stay the night and he will if you agree, I am going to skip most of this its be too much to go into

After an hour I found I did agree , by then Lewis was in the conversation and in away I was seeing another side to him at times he was almost forceful would be one way to put it after I agreed he told me I should leave them alone for a bit, so I went into the kitchen it was a bizarre situation I was in, after some time Lewis shouted me I went back and Alice said Lewis is staying and you have to in a spare room

So that is what happened I was left down stairs as my wife went up to our bedroom with another man but I am sure my wife was not prepared for or expected what was going to happen

After a time of trying to get my head round this I too went upstairs I was on the landing looking at our bedroom door and wondering what was going on in there, I then hear my wife cry out LEWIS MY CHIST really loudly thinking something was wrong I opened the door they were both naked on our bed he was on top of Alice between her thighs the first thing was the contrast he looked very black with n closes on and she looked very pail white under him, he was holding himself up on his arms as I looked I could see him thrust with his hips Alis cried out again JESUS she had just found out what his cock was like it was not at all like what she was used to, it was much longer than mine and a hell of a lot wider so much so it didn't seem easy for her to accommodate it he had stretched her like she never been before he had just broke her in to his black cock I had just seem him rune my wife after this she want more no need more I know that now size do matter to her now

I stood there in the doorway watching him fuck my wife within a few moments Lewis was plunging his big cock in and out of Alice's stretched and distorted vagina it went deeper than any one had gone before it touched plais never been touched before and the way he fuckedv her she never been fucked like that before it was forceful he had a lot of energy

The most amazing thing was my wife how quickly she got used to it, I may make her cum not every time as I can get there first the only way for me really is to do it is give her lots of stimulation first but now after a few minutes she was making the noises she make when she climax she was gasping her head rolled from side to side I heard YES YES OH MY GOD YES YES she was shaking she heaved up, I think Lewis went faster the noise Alice made was incredible this wasn't a little climax but a huge orgasumand the bkack piston keep driving on not letting it finish after may be five minutes it did seem a long time she fell back panting Lewis did slow to a slower pace but didn't stop it sound very wet with his strokes Salice was groaning under him

Lewis keep this rhythm going for a long time like he was resting in away Alice embed down from the trormer of her orgasum, there was the rocking of the bed and sound of labored breathing in the room, then Lewis lifted my wife's legs up pushing them forward over her

I could see this was going to be his formerly he had been using may be half his length for a time, he then came back with his body to give an all mighty thrust and in that position he must of got full penetration Alive screamed out he then gave three or four very hard short strokes as if making sure he had gone all the way inside my wife she cried out with each one, she had a handful of bottom sheet in each hand her legs were pushed down even more Lewis started to fuck her with some force now at first I thought she was in pain

Then the noise changed she had started another climax the harder he road her the more intence her orgasum become Lewis's legs parted he pushed down on Alice as he got himself on his toes and Jesus he pounded her like that trapped under him

He could only keep that up for a few minutes but Christ was he going , as it reached it's height he let out a rower his body shook my wife was still climaxing as he cum he fell on her gasping as he emped his black seeds inside her after he let his load go he rolled ff her

That is when I could see what he had inside her it was awesome he has a massive cockI had witnessed losing my wife, she lay on the bed eye closed panting reacted, Lewis looked my way I was standing in the doorway not hiding, he said loudly you like watching, Alice looked my way and started to say something he stopped her sasy he want to watch again now piss off, I stay there he said it again but more forceful this time so I left he shouted close the door I went back and did it

I had just been cocked and at the time didn't know what the word meant but Lewis has tourt what a cocked husband is it was easy he had my wife on his side she wanted fucking like that a lot more and with out cuckolding me she most likely not get it, there is more to tell