Written by Jimxx

9 Jul 2014

Like most blokes I want to do things like have a go in a racing car things like that but there has always been some thing else a darker thing, its to get my wife screwed I maybe some sort of a perv its not something many husbands would want I am sure

I once suggested it to Jacky and got a frank no, so I have lived with the thought in my head for a long time when I think about I find it arouses me

This tell you how wired I think I am I have tried to give Jacky opposites to do it but never had any luck, its always back fired a few times she said how nice I am for not getting jealous if she danced with some one and if she wants a girls night out I never moon

She said how other husband get upset if there wife do what she do, her mats tell her if some guy looks at them there old man go's into one and when they go out they have to tell there husbands where they are going and what time they be back but I never do or say thing like that so what a nice husband I am

So things where not working out at all well on that front, twice over the years I have court her kissing blokes but she been tipsy both times but each time my hopes where dashed

So I had about given up on any thing ever happening, till one day and this came out the blue, we where out with friends and this guy came in the pub Jacky looked at him as most woman do, but she keep looking a few times, he also been noticed by one of her mates but it was Jacky that made eye contact and the guy started to take a second look at her

It went on all evening, then our friends said they have to go, well normally that be where Jacky would say we will go as well but no this time she said goodbye to them

So they had left I then said I needed the loo, Jacky asked if I like another drink and she would get it,off I go to the bog and her to get the drink, when I came back she was still at the bar with two glasses in her hands talking to the guy so hanging back a bit and waited she was chatting a few minuets before go to the table, I came back she never said a thing but he keep looking our way, a little later I asked Jack would she be okay if I popped out and had a fag, she said yes, so off I went I went round the pub and looked in a window the guy from the bar was over talking to her

I waited as long as I could before going back, they must of seen me come in the door, he went back to the bar, when I sat down once more nothing was said about him we finished our drinks and was about to to leave and Jacky said one for the road very unusual for her

Thinking on my feet you could say, I gave Jacky a tenner and said you get them I need the loo again, off she go to the bar me to the loo, it was the same when I came back they where talking, so this time I went over to them they didn't see me till I was there

Jacky was lost for words but the guy cover up quite well saying I thought I knew your wife from the shop, with out going into it he ended up at our table the conversation was about seeing people you thought you knew and didn't but it broke the ice as we talked it was obvious to me Jacky fancied him, his name was Paul he was down our way on a three month contract, he seemed very friendly and asked about us by then it was closing time

I thought what the hell,as we left together I said to Jacky see if Paul would like to come and have a night cap or coffee, I did think she say no but to my surprise she agreed

and asked him and he said he love a coffee

We only live ten minuets away, so back to our house, I was getting excited things looked good Jacky had a bit to drink she obviously fancied him, this was the closest we ever got

Jacky had a glass of wine and Paul a coffee, we talked a bit I topped Jacky's glass up a couple of times, after a time I made an excuses ti leave the room and went into the kitchen its a dinner with doors with glass in them, that can be opened to the lounge

With lights off I went into the dinning part and watched

It didn't take long before Paul made a move on Jacky, in a way I was a little surprised to see her let him, they where soon snogging, the only thing I could think of why she let it happen she had a bit to much to drink by then nut it was complacently unexpected seeing she must of know I was in the house

I had been there about fifteen minuets watching, by then she was kissing him not the other way round, I was even more surprised to see his hand go up her skirt as they snogged, it was summer time and she never had tights on the way she moved I guess he found her pussy her legs where apart, after that things moved on faster it didn't take long before Jacky's top and bra was pulled up and both her tits where out he was playing with then then had a suck on the nipples some how as this was going on they got his trousers undone and it looked like my wife had a reusable size cock in her hand. from where I was the view wasn't to good, seeing that gave me one of the stiffest hard on I had in years, I wondered if I should go in there but it may spoil things it looked like it gone to far by then to stop but I had no idea what my wife's reaction would be so I stayed where I was

It didn't take long before Jacky was bent over him the only thing she could be doing was given him a blow job she was doing it for some time I started to wonder if she was going all the way and suck him right off, some thing she not that much into

She stopped when he pulled her up I guess he was close to cumming, then he pushed her back on the sofa then pulled her knickers off with her help, when they where gone he went down on her once more with them being lower I couldn't see much but by the way Jacky was moving about I would say she was enjoying it

After a time he came up it was pretty obvious what he was going to do I could see my wife had her legs open, he was leaning forward looking down then his body seemed to heave up

He had his cock inside my wife I had waited for this moment for years I cum in my pants

I could only see his top half but it looked like he was given her a right good fucking

It was then I thought it now or never if I want to go in there, so biting the bullet I went round and into the lounge Paul was fucking away like a good one they where to carried away to notice me, Jacky was moaning and gasping he was getting faster the nice Jacky was making I knew to well she was cumming she gasped YES YES he got her off

He was go at some rate now he let out a loud groan jerked and gasped as he shot his load inside my wife, he lay still panting

I was still unnoticed, it wasn't till Paul sat up did Jacky see me she looked quite shocked but could do very little she still had another mans cock inside her

Paul moved of her and sat beside her,this was one of the most awkward moments of my life We jest looked at each other my wife laid there legs still open no knickers on jest been fucked my another man,I smiled as she started to say sorry I put my finger to me lips and she stopped, before any thing else could be said Paul said that was some fuck I thought that was what you two where into in the pub, so that took us off in another direction in a way and got us both out of our awkward moment, we chatted then Jacky went and got cleaned up and came back in a dressing gown we had a coffee and Paul left

The delayed awkward moment was back with us now we whee alone, Jacky was saying she was sorry and didn't mean to do it of let it happen she was drunk, I confused the stipulation by saying no I am glad she she did it, adding its about time, she didn't understand what I meant, she had no idea I waited her to do it I quite surprised her once she revised that made thing easier, so the out come of this we are where meet Paul again