Written by Glendacouple

16 Oct 2011

I am standing in a room full of people and everyone seems to be talking at once, the noise level is quite loud. My husband talked me in to attending this “special” party as he put it because he said it would look good to his employers. I did not know anyone in the room apart from my husband but he seemed to be on friendly terms with several of them. There were mainly couples standing around in small groups, they appeared smartly dressed and

all relatively young. Mark is about nine years older than me but that has never been a problem, he is now nearing forty but still looks good, tall and relatively slim. I was introduced to a “circle” of people and I must admit wearing a glittery top and pull-up evening trousers I felt a bit under dressed but everyone seemed friendly enough. Suddenly there was the sound of a bell being rung, rather like a school bell and everyone fell silent and started to make their way up the stairs. As people were queuing Mark came back and whispered in my ear that the games would now begin. I was more than a bit apprehensive as I am not keen on party games but as I frowned at him he assured me they didn’t include us, so we followed the line up the stairs. The passageway upstairs was quite wide and people were lining up to look through window like openings in to rooms on either side which were totally dark. Mark guided me to the left and we pressed up against the wall by one of the openings. I am not very tall and the opening was just under my shoulder height so I put one hand on the ledge and the other I held on tightly to Mark. Soon the passageway was full with people pressing in from behind, there was a lot of banter flying about, mainly from the men but it didn’t make much sense to me. Without warning the lights went out on the landing; at the same time rooms on either side became slowly lighter a bit like looking at a three dimensional painting. In our room there were three people, two men and a girl, all wearing silk dressing gowns standing round a big heart shaped bed. Then the penny dropped, I gripped Mark’s hand very hard but he just smiled and gave me a reassuring squeeze. Standing as we were side by side pinned up against the wall there was not much we could do anyway without making a tremendous fuss. I couldn’t see in to the room on the other side because of all the people. The trio in the room took off their gowns and it brought a gasp from the crowd, they were all extremely fit. The girl was stunning about a size ten I guessed, pert breasts and a lovely all over tan. The men had good muscle definition, obviously attended the gym regularly, but their striking feature was the size of their cocks which looked enormous and they were already erect. Well the performance started with lots of stroking, licking and sucking much to the obvious enjoyment of the party crowd. It developed in to a full blown orgy with bodies intertwined in many different positions and the smell of sex was everywhere. It was then I first noticed the pressure on my bottom, not a hand, but something pressing between the cheeks of my bum, if it wasn’t an arm it was a massive erection. I couldn’t do anything but the performance in front of me was definitely having an effect, the two guys were now spit roasting the girl and I was feeling dry in my throat and damp somewhere else. Then I felt the hand slipping under my top and cupping my right breast, kneading it and then pinching the nipple something I really enjoy. I glanced at Mark but he was engrossed in the performance. I could feel hot breath on the back of my neck and the hand moved slowly down across my stomach and in to my crotch, I was clamping my legs together as best I could but with some gentle massaging in the right place I started to relax a bit. The hand moved back up to my breast for a repeat massage and tweak but this time as it wandered back downwards it slipped inside the elastic waistband of my trousers. I tensed for a moment but there was really nowhere for me to go, if I protested loudly enough for anyone to hear I would become the immediate centre of attention and after all the sensation created on the hand’s last visit hadn’t been all that bad. I relaxed a bit and the fingers gently probed around, pushing my damp thong to one side and entering me, first one then I guessed two fingers. I glanced across Mark who seemed oblivious, watching intently as the girl in the show mounted one of the men on the bed by slowly lowering herself on to him and as she spread her legs you could see that he was up her anus. The combination of the exhibition and the finger action started me going again and I could feel a climax building, my legs were as open as I dare so I had to hang on to the window frame and bite my lip quite hard as the sensation washed over me. I thought my legs would buckle and felt sure that everyone had heard me but a quick glance around confirmed that no one seemed bothered. I felt really flushed and satisfied, the three in front of me were going hell for leather in a double penetration. I decided to risk a fumble behind me to see what was pressing in to my bum and sure enough through the front of his trousers I could feel an enormous hard cock. Just as I was deciding what to do next there was a fanfare of music the two men in my room wanked their cum all over the girl’s face and chest and the lights in the room started to dim. At the same time the lights in the corridor got brighter and there was spontaneous applause as everyone slowly turned for the stairs. I tried to turn round to see my big cock but he had already turned away and was disappearing in to the crowd. I felt a mixture of guilt and pleasure at what had happened, Mark and I never discussed it, but I made a promise to myself that if we ever attended another of these parties it would be a miniskirt and no underwear for me. Nice talking to you.