Written by Wadskil

22 Oct 2007

So at twenty three I was fucking a fifty five year old woman on a regular basis. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I had no classes. Lily came to my room, we’d chat, have a glass of wine, then fuck and fuck and fuck. On the third go it would take ages for me to come. I would just keep going, sweat pouring down my back as I focussed on her pleasure. It became a bit of an obsession for me. When not fucking her I was thinking about it, which position I’d have her in. She told me that she also got very randy as the time for our meetings approached. In my little room the air seemed heavy with the wonderful aroma of wet fanny.

I would get a thrill in the canteen when a fellow student made some horny remark about her whilst I sat there with the smell of her fanny still on my fingers from an early morning grope, knowing that within an hour I’d be fucking the arse off her.

Once, I simply couldn’t wait for the afternoon. I was just about to leave for a seminar when she came in to clean my room. Even though she was in her work clothes (flat shoes, pinafore) I had to have her. Ignoring her protests that she was in a hurry, I pulled her tights and knickers down to her knees, stuck my cock into her from behind and fucked her right off over the sink, grabbing at her tits as I rammed. In under a minute I was creaming her. As she bent to pull up her tights a glob of thick white spunk dropped out of her and on to the crotch of her knickers. Later, when I saw her rushing along the corridor, it delighted me to know that my spunk was soaking into her knickers as she worked.

Only once did I get her to talk dirty whilst I was fucking her. She was close to coming, grunting and moaning like hell. She whispered, “You do me so nicely, darling.” I said, “Say ‘fuck’.” She shook her head. So I said, “Say fuck or I’m going to pull it out and wank all over your tits.” After a few more thrusts she whispered, “Fuck… I’m fucking.” Then her eyes rolled up and she seemed to dissolve in pleasure. It was the only time she ever did this, though she liked me whispering filth in her ear as I brought her off.

Despite her coyness she could surprise me. Once, whilst she crouched above me and I licked her out I ran my hands over her arse and spread the cheeks to expose the puckered ring of her arsehole. I was sure she’d object to that but she didn’t, even when I tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Afterwards she asked me if I was fond of ‘a bit of brown’, an expression I’d never heard before. She told me that ‘in her day’ women remained virgins until they were married, but if they liked a man they might give him a ‘gam’ (blowjob) or ‘offer him the brown’ (anal sex). This accounted for her ease at letting me open her arse cheeks and her skill at sucking. From that point on I often finished in her arse, loving the feel of those soft billowing cheeks against my belly.

I don’t think either of us thought we were in any kind of ‘relationship’. We were just two people who enjoyed each other’s company and who were really into fucking each other. She still expressed surprise at herself sometimes, but the pleasure she got from our meetings eventually cancelled that out. How was it different for me, you might wonder? Firstly, from that point on my attraction to any woman had nothing to do with age. Secondly, fucking an older woman brought additional pleasures. Every time Lily opened her legs to me I’d think about how much quality sex she must have had over the years. This would make me work so much harder to make our sex memorable for her. Every time we fucked I concentrated on holding back my spunk till she was ready to come.

That was my first encounter with an older woman. It only finished when she made things up with her husband. I’ve no idea whether she told him about us. My second encounter didn’t take place till two years later, when I left college and moved to university. And there were many afterwards, all of them different, most of them surprising. I’ll save the best ones for a later date.