Written by Radle123

29 Oct 2007

I’m in my early fifties and my wife – L – is 14 years younger than me, she’s beautiful and very sexy with a firm well-toned size 12 figure – a wife most men would kill for! We have a very adventurous uninhibited sex life and even after being together for nearly four years sex is still great fun – we like experimenting as this keep things fresh. We had a threesome a couple of years ago with another man we met through this site – it ended up with me sucking him off and him coming over my face while L watched and masturbated! Although we both enjoyed it we’ve never felt the need to involve others in our sex life…. until recently. Let me explain!

Over the last three months my work has taken me down to London with me spending some or all of the week alone in a hotel. Since L has always insisted that I can only cum in her presence, or on her command, the thought of me being free to wank and play with myself therefore did not go down too well. We talked this through and agreed that the answer was that I should be made to wear a male cy device when away from home, this way L maintained her control over me, while at the same time being able to tease me and turn me on knowing that I could have no relief until I got home – very frustrating but great fun!

I’ve always had a slightly submissive side and like many men I’ve fantasised about watching L with other men with me being humiliated and cuckolded, so naturally our goodnight telephone call would involve some sort of role play with L “confessing” to how she met this sexy guy and “just couldn’t resist” taking him back to our bed for sex – especially as he was so obviously well endowed. This always had the desired effect of leaving me with painful erection straining in the cy device, while having no way of relieving myself.

This carried on for a month or so, then one evening I received a text with a picture of my naked wife lying on our bed playing with her smooth sexy cunt – while a naked man with very impressive erection stood over her wanking and enjoying himself! Once I got over the shock, I realised that there had at least one other person present to have taken the picture and that person probably sent it to me, as I didn’t recognise the number. I tried to phone L but her phone was turned off – all I could do was to wait until she phoned me later that night! The thought of L naked, allowing a stranger to wank off over her body was really turning me on; I needed to cum but wearing the cy device made it impossible.

It was nearly 11pm when my phone rang but instead of L, it was a man’s voice that I didn’t recognise. He said “you must be the wimp of a husband that L has told me about – the one who enjoys having his dick locked up and being made to drink his cum after sex. Well tonight your wife has experienced what it’s liked to fucked by real men and I doubt whether she would want your pathetic cock in her cunt again. I think you should thank me and my mate for showing your wife what she’s been missing”

At this point L took the phone telling me that she had just experienced the most wonderful sex ever – the two guys just kept on going and going no hole was left unfucked; she went on to explain that unless I was very good and did exactly what she told me, there was no way she was going to let me inside her again after tonight! When I started to complain she shut me up very quickly explaining that since it was what I had always wanted that I should be pleased, not upset. She finished the phone call by telling me that she would be out when I got home the following night but would be back in the early hours with a “treat” for me! Needless to say I spent a very restless night, getting hardly any sleep; the thought of what L had done and was, in all probability, still doing, together with the pain from my restrained throbbing cock keeping me awake.

The following day when I got home the flat was empty as promised, I had a lonely dinner and went to bed at 10.30ish not knowing what to expect – I quickly dozed off as I was exhausted since I got very little sleep the night before. At about 2.30am I was woken by the sound of the key in the front door – L walk into the bedroom, slightly tipsy and looking seriously sexy. She was wearing a short black skirt, black seamed stockings and a semi-transparent top, that showed her breasts and nipples off to perfection. She came over to the bed, knelt down and kissed me, she then knelt astride my face, I could see she wasn’t wearing panties; she lowered her silken smooth cunt onto my open mouth. I knew what I had to do, it was something that I had long dreamed off, I greedily drank. She explained that she had been with two men that evening – both very well endowed – and that they had fucked her at least three times each twice in her cunt and once in her arse!

By this time I had a raging hard-on – despite the pain caused by the cy device and although I tried to restrain myself, the excitement and thrill of drinking other men’s cum from L’s cunt, was too much I just couldn’t stop myself cumming all over the bedclothes! My orgasm was the most intense I had ever had – L kissed me then laughed and called me a pathetic little wanker. Needless to say I had to clean up after myself – making it seven loads of cum that I had drunk that evening.

That weekend I was forbidden to fuck L as she was far too sore from Thursday and Friday evenings - I was only allowed to lick her pussy and arse but that didn’t stop her having three more orgasms on Saturday and four more on Sunday – needless to say I had no release and remained locked in my cy device all weekend.

I was in London again all the following week but returned home early on the Friday – L was getting ready to go out again with her two new lovers – A was picking her up at 7.0pm. When she arrived she immediately wanted to know more about my cy device and even asked to see it! L overheard this and ordered me to undress so that A could see me in all my glory – the humiliation of it, there I was naked in front on my wife’s best friend, with my cock straining for release. “A” laughed saying that clearly I was in for a quite evening, while they would be having the fucking of their lives! I felt humiliated and cuckolded – just as I had always fantasised.

That evening followed a similar pattern to the previous weekend with L returning in the early hours and presenting me her well fucked pussy and arse to lick clean! This time however because I had been so good, she released me from the cy device and allowed me to wank into my hand!

Our life has now changed, I’m locked in my cy device during the week when I am away, while L regularly entertains her various lovers, her body is off limits to me at weekends but if I am good I occasionally get to wank after I have cleaned her lovers cum out of her cunt or arse. On a couple of occasions recently she’s entertained at least 15 men in our bedroom – the sight of her lying on the bed with 15 men furiously wanking their cocks and covering L with thick warm cum is wonderful and the best part is that I always have the task of cleaning their cocks with my mouth and licking their sperm from L’s gorgeous naked body!