Written by Shucker

22 Apr 2010

Last night was probably the strangest night of my life. I am lead singer of a band with some of my university friends, and we have recently been gaining a lot of popularity, including being signed to a good record label and are getting quite well known on the London gig scene.

The other night we played a gig where we were quite high on the line-up and the bar was crowded with people; not the biggest crowd we have played to, but everyone there was having a good time, and really getting into the music. We played a great set, and the whole place was buzzing. Afterwards we were in the bar having a few drinks and got chatting to people like we normally do...we met some cool students who were a year or so younger than us but they were cool, there were about eight guys and six girls, a few of them were obviously couples. There was one really pretty girl with long red hair who was quite shy but I couldn't help grinning at her - she had an amazingly tight body and is the type I normally go for. One guy in the group invited us all back to their house for a little soiree, and it was nearby, so we decided to go there for some drinks and to chill after the buzz of playing the gig.

On the way to the house, one of the guys came up to me when we were walking and said "you like my girlfriend then?" I said what and he pointed her out. I said I didn't realise they were going out and he said it was ok - I didn't know I had been that obvious when I was checking her out. He told me that she didn't like our music, and she had said we were shit and she didn't want to go to the gig, but he was a pretty big admirer of our music. He then said that he had a word with her earlier and she was going to apologise to me for what she had said, if that was alright with me...I laughed it off and thought nothing more of it, except that it was slightly odd.

When we got back to the house, we were all mixing and chatting for a while, when the guy came over and said to me that she was ready to apologise now. He then shouted her to come over, her name was Alice - she was chatting to a couple of girls in the corner and drinking. She came over to us; the girls looked and wondered what was going on. Alice had a stunning figure – slim, with a lovely, round ass and perfect petite, yet full breasts. She must have been a couple of years younger than me, about eighteen. Her long red hair came down to her chest and framed her pretty, pale English rose face and her big blue eyes. When she got over to us, her boyfriend told her to apologise to me fully until I accepted her apology, then he told us to go to their bedroom and guided me out of the door. Alice came through the door behind me and I was stood in the hall not knowing what quite to do. She shyly looked up at me from under her long fringe and said “you have to come with me”. When we were in the bedroom she closed the door behind her. I was hopeful about what was coming and my dick was semi-hard pressing against my jeans...I was so excited. This was turning into such a surreal night and felt like a dream. I was in a house of people I just met, in a bedroom with the girlfriend of one of the guys who lived there...nothing like this ever happens to me!

She said her boyfriend had told her that she had to give me anything I wanted as an apology, and I could see that she was very nervous and reluctant. It was awkward at first; I just sat on the bed. She came over and knelt down before me, rubbing my crotch until I was rock hard...she was unsure and didn't do anything else so I leant forward and kissed her. At first she leant away and gasped, looking at me with those shocked eyes. I pulled her back into me and kissed her again, this time she accepted it, though she was tense and we shared a long kiss. Then I unleashed my dick from my pants and told her to take it. She looked shocked as she took it in her hands, then she wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and I could see that she was still reluctant. After a few words of encouragement she was sucking and taking me fully in her mouth like a pro, again and again sucking down the length of my shaft. I was shuddering with adrenaline and could feel myself coming quickly. I didn't warn her and came hard, spurting my hot load down her throat. She gagged at first but swallowed it all and I said sorry for not warning her and she shrugged, while wiping her lips.

I grabbed her up and pulled her top off – her skin was milky white and her red hair flowed down. It was so sexy, I could resist. I started kissing her neck and fondling her breasts – she was taken aback and froze. I was soon removing her trousers with her holding onto my arms for support. I soon had her small pants off and was licking her wet pussy after I pushed her down onto the bed. She was breathing very hard and quivering...she kept making little noises as if she was aching for it to stop, but never told me to get off. I loved the taste of her and licked her deep. I slipped some fingers inside her and rubbed away inside her while flicking her clit with my thumb. Her little gasps soon gave way to groans and she was grabbing at the bed sheets – this had me rock hard and I ripped my clothes off as fast as I could.

She looked at me and I could tell she was afraid. Alice said “he told me to give you everything, so I will if you want me to” and she did a little shrug and looked away, I could tell she was reluctant. If I hadn't had been so pumped about the whole situation, and if she hadn't been so stunningly hot, I would have stopped there...but I couldn't give this up, such a hot girl, forbidden fruit...she was extremely nervous and looked at me, almost pleading me to end it. I slowly lowed myself down onto her and guided my throbbing cock to the edge of her tight, trimmed pussy. She quietly said “please”, and I was already entering her super tight vagina, she shuddered with fright and squeezed her eyes shut tight, gasping and holding her breath. I forced in deeper, with her pussy stretching around my dick and she suddenly wriggled, trying to free herself and get off my dick, but this only pushed me in more. She let out a worried moan as my stiff member went down, all the way inside her. She took deep breaths and opened her startled eyes wide, as I remained still on top of her. She looked into my eyes with a mixture of pleading and fear. I told her she had been promised to me, and had to apologise to me fully – she nodded silently and I began to slowly thrust into her.

With each push deep inside her she let out a little squeak and her face scrunched with pain. I drew out until only my head was left inside her and she relaxed slightly, then I suddenly pressed forwards fast and pushed my full length deep inside her with one swift movement, she let out a scream. As she trembled beneath me, gasping and shaking, I started pounding into her with a steady rhythm until she was letting out moans of pleasure and matched my rhythm, pushing against me. She never took her eyes off mine as I kept thrusting down into her powerfully.

I got her up on all fours and took her from behind. I pulled her long her so her head was pulled far back and kept pushing into her with all my force. Her body had given in to me and she was accepting what was happening, pushing her body back against me, to take all of me inside her. This was a dream. I was going at her like a lion and she was the lamb.

I got faster and more powerful with my movements and she was releasing all kinds of noises, when I felt her body start shuddering beneath me. I was on top of her with her legs wide open, and she was grabbing me tightly. I lubricated my rock hard penis with spit and quickly pushed it into her tight ass. She screamed and I covered her mouth with my hand. I slowly pushed in and she said “please...I can't take that...you're hurting me”, staring with eyes wide open. I pulled it out and shoved it back into her pussy before she could get up. I went at her fast, pumping in and out. She was soon moaning loudly again and pushing back against me. She started to shudder more violently and let out a long scream, I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. She came and jerked everywhere, then all of a sudden I was releasing my hot seed deep inside her, slowly thrusting. When she calmed down and we were still and panting, she said “oh my god...you came inside me.” We lay there to get our breath back and her boyfriend came in. He looked at me and said “I was listening from outside and came myself...I hope her apology was good enough.”