Written by sammyB

7 Feb 2017

I walked into the wine bar it was quiet early evening I looked around could not see what I was looking for and just I was about to leave I saw him standing at the bar. I stood for a moment he wasn`t bad looking a pair of tight chinos and a light blue shirt, he was trying to chat up the bar maid but she just gave him a smile moving on.

I walked over to the bar and ordered a cocktail I caught him looking giving me the once over I was dressed all in black except for a short red jacket and my fuck me heels strappy shoes which tied with ribbons round my ankles with a large red bow. I stood sipping my drink constantly looking at my watch and over my shoulder as if searching for someone. There was a bar stool between us I looked around turned to him was this any ones seat he said no so I took of my jacket and pulled myself up onto the stool. Now I am a bit on the short side so as went to sit down my tight skirt pulled up to the top of my thighs I quickly pulled it down but I knew he was having a good look. I took my phone from my bag scrolling through, put it back down again checking my watch. He casually said waiting for someone, my pal we were to meet here to go on to a party but she is late. A few minutes passed my phone buzzed I read the message and sighed heavily muttering well there goes my night out. Well might as well have another drink before I go home, he started to chat let down? me, not really her Mums been taken ill and they are waiting for a phone back from NHS 24 so no party. I sipped at my drink looking glum he started a conversation just general and as I finished my drink he said let me buy you another I gave him the big smile oh that is nice of you but I shouldn`t 3 drinks is my limit get a bit silly after the third. Go on he said I hesitated oh go on one more won`t make a difference , okay I will just nip to the ladies and again I slid of the stool my skirt a gain rose up my thighs and he deffinately was looking this time. In the ladies I texted my partner Ralph whose text was what I had supposedly read from the non existent girl friend to say I had made a pick up. I undid the 3 top buttons of my blouse so any one looking down got a good look at my very ample 34E cleavage re did my lippy very red and shiny to enhance my mouth. I went back my drink waiting I again got on the stool skirt again rid up my thighs but this time I did not pull it down.

The bar started to get busy and a little noisy so he moved closer almost touching and as we spoke he leant down to me my mouth near his ear his eyes right down my blouse. When He was not looking down my blouse he was staring at my legs after about an hour of a lot of flirting and another drink his hand was on my arm almost touching and I was doing my girly, giggly not sober routine. I looked over his shoulder and saw Ralph I waved I said hey there is my neighbour Ralph he is a taxi driver he will give us a lift. Ralph joined us saying he had dropped of a fare and needed the gents I introduced them (guys name was Phil) was he still working no finished as he had early pick up for the airport. Would he take us home Phil looking very pleased at that, I giggled after I used the little girls room we can go, I slid of the stool pressing myself against Phil and smiled up at him mmm nice stiffy inside those chinos. AS I walked away I heard Ralph say your well in there mate and a little snigger.

When I got back Phil said Ralph had gone to bring the taxi to the entrance, I giggled swaying a little lets go he helped on with my jacket his hand going round my waist as we walked out . As we waited for Ralph on the pavement Phil moved in for a kiss deep and passionate me pressing the length of my body against him feeling that nice hard cock, I came up for air giggled again I see you are pleased to see me. Just as we were about to kiss again Ralph and his taxi appeared we got in the back and Phil and I were all over each other me squeezing his cock him hand pushing my legs apart to get to my fanny his fingers pulled my panties aside to get to my hole . It was all going very nicely me a lot of loud groans of pleasure and I knew Ralph would be watching what he could in his mirror.

We arrived back at my flat and as I opened the door turned to them pulling them both to me kissing first Phil then Ralph saying why don`t you both come in Phils face said it all wow a 3sum but Ralph and I our plan from the start. Straight to my bedroom where they both started to strip me naked I stretched my legs wide 2 guys to fuck me. As soon as phil was naked I pushed him down straddeling him wanking at his cock Ralph knelt by his head and I started to wank him . I took Phils cock rubbing it against my slit until my wet cunt slid down on him and I started riding him my tits were swaying over his face he sucked my nipples, Ralph still at Phils head was wanking for all he worth over Phils face but Phil was so engrossed in me riding his cock he did not notice how close Ralphs cock was to his face. Ralph gave groan pointed his cock t and spattering spunk over both Phil and mines face as I was kissing him at the time I clenched the muscle of my cunt as I felt Phil send a jet of hot spunk into me and I had a shuddering orgasm. I sat on Phils body as I recovered Ralph flopped back on to the bed and Phil realised his face was covered in Ralphs spunk.

I climbed of Phil went for tissues for us to clean of the spunk and came back with a bottle of body oil I squeezed between them saying lets get nice and slippery giving them each some oil I turned on my side facing Ralph he massaged into my tits belly and cunt, Phil my back and arse. I lifted my leg and Ralph put his oily finger in my cunt Phil tried to do the same but Ralph said find your own hole to put your finger in. Phil contined to rib oil into my back his fingers slippery as they oiled my arse fingers slipping between the cheeks. His breathing was very heavy his fingers hesitant I turned my head to give him a long wet kiss. I smiled at him knowing all his wet dreams and fantasy of what he wanted to do to a woman were coming true. He pushed his oily finger into my arse hole I gasped arching myself back against him I put my hand behind me taking his oily cock pushing it between my arse cheeks he pushed and soon he was ball deep in me his breath coming in short gasps at what he was doing. Now Ralph was in my cunt their balls must have been banging of each other. I heard Ralph say if we push together she will have great ride both cocks at once and so they fucked me my orgasms coming fast till we all exploded.

There is a part 2 to this but if you found it to long I wion`t go on