28 Jan 2017

My first experience with another male was sadly only a nearly event. I’ll tell you about it because the memories of that hot afternoon have lasted with me for a long while and can still get me cumming when I think over them. They're part of my sexual make up – so please bare with my while I start my tale here

I was eighteen and in my last year at school, spring was turning in to a baking summer and I’d just finished my last exams. From a young age I’ve enjoyed the physicality of being naked, particularly so in the open air.

I’d read that there was a nude beach some thirty miles from my home, not a great distance when your fit and have a lightweight bike, and so I though ‘Why not’ I can at least go and take a look – with the hope that I might see some naked women being high in the list of things that I might see.

And so – I took my self down there and after some exploring, along a foot path, through some woods and along a cliff path I found the place. A pebbled beach backed by wooded cliffs with a few naked bodies scattered about. As you’ll probably know is you’ve ever been to such a place most of them were ‘mature’ and most of them were over weight. Pink walruses roasting in the sun.

Though I was more than a little disappointed by the lack of female flesh I thought that as I’d made the effort to get down there I might as well enjoy the pleasure of being naked and so lay out my towel, stripped out of my tight cycling gear and lay down to sun bathe.

Lying there exposed to the heat of the sun and the caresses of the breeze felt deliciously sensuous and fucking erotic. I could feel my cock stiffening. Time I reasoned for a chilling dip to calm things down and to avoid any awkward problems that a hard cock might bring on. I stood up and teetered my tender way down across the painful pebbles and winced my way in to the chilly waters, it was after all only the start of summer. However once the initial shock was over the flow of the cool waters over my body felt very very nice though the chill soon brought my wicked cock under control.

As I returned to my towel I noticed a man noticing me. What he would have seen was an athletic young man, his skin glistening as he emerged naked from the water, and his loins emphasized by the tan lines around his crotch. (It being the eighties speedoes were the norm) What I saw was a naked man, probably in his thirties, with the honed sinuous body of a dancer. His muscles gently emphasized by his all over tan. His hair a dark curly mop, eyes deep brown and with a large cock nestling in his glossy black pubes. .What I also noticed was that he was watching me. He was trying not to make it obvious but I was the sole subject for his intent eyes.

Thinking about it now this must have been one of the first times that I’d seen a properly adult male, not a teenager, naked.. It was certainly the first time that I’d been observed by such a person, so closely, while naked my self. It instantly felt gently exciting in a way that I couldn’t define.

I and dried my self down, knowing all the time that his gaze was upon me but too shy to look directly back. Lay out my towel and lay back down again to warm in the suns rays. As I lay there listening to the gentle rhythmic wash of the waves and the subtle touch of the warm breeze I was thinking about him, about his tightly muscled lean naked body – and that cock.

For as long as I can remember I’d thought about being used by a man but such thoughts went along with some very heterosexual lusts and in my innocence I felt that these were just kinky wank dreams; but here I was, lying there naked with the eyes of a very real and very attractive man drinking me in..

I could feel my cock hardening and growing, my body glowing under the warmth of his gaze. Conscious that there were other people around I turned over to hide my building erection.. Closing my eyes I felt a welling bubble of lust while my mind played with the situation I found my self in. Fuck! This was a turn on, if a bit of a confusing one. I’d come here thinking that I’d be doing the watching and I now found my self the object of some one else’s desire – a desire that in those days was much more taboo that it is now and which would have been illegal as I was then under the age consent for gay sex, never mind the fact that we were in a public place.

My lust seduced more sensible thoughts into quite, if nagging, submission. I didn’t know what I wanted, I didn’t know what was going to happen but I was sure that I’d enjoy whatever might occur.

I glanced up at him, he was still looking at me. I let my self look a little longer, God he looked good. Images started to come in to my mind, images of his touching me, kissing me, probing my mouth with his tongue – his hands encircling my cock. My cock was by this time rigid. Heck! I might as well show him the effect that he’s having on me. Who knows it might precipitate something, something that I was beginning to desire very much.

I turned over on to my back. My cock hard against my tummy and reaching up beyond my belly button. I brushed away a couple of small stones that been picked up by the pre-cum that was starting to ooze and my cock twitched to my touch . My mind started to wander down little trodden paths of fantasy. What would happen if I went over to him and asked him to rub some sun tan lotion in to by back? How would it feel to have his hands running over my hot and naked body. I longed to touch him and for him to touch me – and take me. Would he invite me to walk up in to the woods, would he pull me to him, kiss me hard on the mouth and then push me down so that my mouth would be against his cock? What would I do? How would it feel to be naked in the woods taking the cock of a man I’d never met before deep in to my mouth? What would it taste like, could I fit it all in?

I stole another look in his direction. He was still looking at me. I’d past the point of caring that I as on a public beach and that anyone could see the state of my arousal. At that point I was still a virgin and I wanted sex – I wanted sex with this man with the dancer’s body and Mediterranean looks.

Maybe I could entice him over? I shuffled around on my towel so that my feet were pointing towards him and he had the view along the length of my naked body. Trying to look nonchalant, with my pack under my head and my right forearm across my eyes shielding them from the glare of the hot sun. I slightly parted my legs to give him a better view of my full balls and swollen cock. Maybe he could see my virgin arse from there? I was hoping so. With my left hand I lazily caressed my nipples and then gently brushed my cock which by now was aching to be touched. Slippery juices oozed from it’s tip; I rubbed my fingers in them and then slid my sticky fingers into my mouth. Would his cum taste the same?

I lay like this for some time with the summer breeze brushing against my lust sensitized skin, my nude body and erect cock there for anyone to see. As I lay there subtly wanking with occasional touches I dared let my self consider that maybe I wanted him to fuck me. Maybe when he’d had his fill of fucking my mouth he’d turn me around and push his gorgeous cock into my tender arse. What would it feel like? Would it hurt? Would I feel him filling me up? Would I feel his balls banging against mine.

I peeked again. His stare was unmissable. With my arse tingling I turned over and opened my legs giving him a clear view of my behind. I trailed my fingers over the crack between my buttocks, my forefinger briefly pushing against my hole. The slight pain of my rampant cock being pushed down in to the pebbles beneath my towel felt good. Responding to this pleasure my hips subtely rocked forwards and back gently rubbing my cock against the ground. What would it feel like with his weight pushing down on my, his manhood penetrating me?

Lost in lust, aware of the rhythmic sounds of the waves and with the sensation of the warm wind caressing me like a myriad of hands some time passed – and when I looked again he had gone. I looked around, searching the beach and see for his so very sexy body but he was no where to be seen. It seemed as if my fantasies were to remain just that. I took a swig of the water that I had with me. Having been sitting in the sun the fluid was now warm, body heat. The feeling of it running down my throat brought thoughts of hot of cum in my mouth.

With the object of my desire having evaporated I realized that I ought to do something about my cock standing so visibly to attention. A swim seemed like a suitable cure though it did mean that I had to walk across the stones down to the sea with my very erect cock bouncing and bobbing before me like a half drunken flag pole.