19 Nov 2016

I've Been with Alison for 8 months and the sex has been fantastic.She is a petite sexy blonde with firm 34b breasts which bring her lots of attention , and an ass to die for. We love to role play and fantasise in the bedroom. A few weeks ago I told Alison about a fantasy of her having sex with her postman.This excited her very much as we made love and I mentioned it a few times more.

We eventually decided that Alison would try her luck with the Postman when the post man next called. she thought that he may be interested as he had ogled her Tits several times when she was in the front garden as well as flashing her shaven pussy when she dropped something in front of him. We decided that she would ask him to change a lightbulb in the bedroom.

On that morning I Left home and Alison promised that she would let me know what happened. I texted her that Lunchtime and she said she was all good. At that point I knew that she had done something and I dashed home. I found her in the living room with a look of contentment on her face. She told me that she had been wandering downstairs naked ( a common habit of hers )when the postman knocked on the door,at an earlier time than normal , catching her unaware. She talked to him through the door and told him that she could not open the door as she had no clothes on. He said that he had a parcel which she had to sign for but he promised that he would keep his eyes closed. Needless to say he made sure that he got a good eyeful of her lovely body.

Alison had left her glasses upstairs in the bedroom and asked postman to get them for her as she needed to sign but he shouted down that he could not find them. She went up to the bedroom, there was a moment where they made full eye contact before they quickly fell in to an embrace and they kissed excitedly. He then pushed her on the bed and without any foreplay he penetrated her shaven pussy missionary style . Alison had her 1st climax fairly quickly and the postman then flipped her over in to the Doggy position before sliding his cock straight in to her wet pussy. She said that he then shagged her hard for 3 or 4 minutes during which she came hard and noisely. He carried on and in a short while stiffened and told her he was coming . He then shot his load deep in to her pussy as she came for a third time. They lay for a short while before he dressed and lefts.

I was so thrilled by what she told me that i insisted in licking the spunk out of her well fucked pussy.

Needless to say we have already agreed that we will be having more adventures soon,