Written by strapped4cash

12 Dec 2016

It was surely my worst nightmare, having been caught wanking by my boss, a mature woman, in her potting shed, but there was much worse to come. Mrs Cameron moved in to the shed until she stood only a foot away from me, still staring intently at me. I was asked to explain myself and I quickly apologised for my behaviour. Mrs Cameron went onto explain that she’d come to see about something she discovered the previous evening. Apparently she’d went out to put her car into the garage just as it was getting dark, and had heard a noise coming from the garden, a noise like someone shouting out. She asked if I knew what it could have been. I of course told her I had no idea, at which point she slapped my face quite hard and told me I was a lying little wanker and I knew exactly what had happened. I was quite shocked and horrified that she might have guessed what Sally and I had been up to. She went on to explain how she had walked down to the potting shed and had seen my bare arse bouncing up and down between a pair of naked legs which she later discovered to be Sally’s. I had betrayed her trust by using the shed as a place to have sex with a young lady, which was bad enough, but to be having sex with the daughter of her friend next door was quite disgraceful and completely unacceptable. To cap it all, here I was wanking myself off in her potting shed, when I should be working in her garden.

I just couldn’t comprehend all that she was saying, and although I knew it to be true, I foolishly tried to deny it all by saying it must have been someone else. She was absolutely furious, and stooped down to pick up the used condom from the floor. She waved it in front of me and suggested that I probably knew nothing about this either. I was fucked, and I knew it. I could only hang my head in shame as I got the dressing down of my life, being accused of being a filthy lying pervert who had no right to abuse her trust like I had done. She told me she would be speaking to Angus, and also Sally’s mother this very morning, and wouldn’t be at all surprised if the police became involved. I begged her not to tell them and apologised profusely, but she was having none of it. I was a dirty little boy who would need to pay the price for his misdemeanours, and I had only myself to blame. She’d met plenty other boys just like me when she’d taught in Glasgow, but she’d soon knocked them into shape and had stood no nonsense from them. Discipline - that’s what young men needed in their lives, and if I had been her son she’d have washed my mouth out with soap and water and given me a good hiding for telling lies to her. I was quite terrified by her outburst, but I found something about her demeanour quite spellbinding. I was completely in awe of her and I don’t know if she sensed this, but suddenly she had me by the ear and was dragging me out of the potting shed and across the garden to the house, all the time telling me how she would teach me what happens to disgusting little boys, and how we have no respect for our elders and betters. I’d assumed she was taking me to the house so she could phone Angus and Sally’s mother, but she stopped at the back door and turned to face me. She told me to take of all my clothes and to be quick about it. I simply stared at her in disbelief but she simply repeated her request, adding there was no need for embarrassment as she’d already seen me naked, and if I knew what was good for me, I’d do exactly as I was told. I removed my shirt before bending down to untie and remove my shoes and socks. I slipped off my jeans before standing up to face her. She told me to get my pants off at once, and I quickly slipped them down and stepped out of them. I covered my manhood with my hands, but was immediately told to place my hands on my head. My cock was rock hard and was bobbing up and down with my pulse. She stepped behind me and forced her hand through between my legs and gripped my balls quite tightly before lifting me up onto my tip toes. She opened the door and pushed me into the lobby ahead of her. She closed the door behind us before tightening her grip on my balls and propelling me through the hall and up two flights of stairs, me almost running to get away from her clutch on my testicles, which was extremely uncomfortable. She kept me up on tiptoe as she opened the door to a bedroom, before marching me inside. We stopped in front of a dressing table where she sat down on a chair. She increased the pressure on my balls and I howled out in pain but she reached up and grabbed the back of my neck before pulling me down and across her lap. She asked me if I knew what was going to happen to me now, but I couldn’t speak because of the pain, so she then asked me if I thought she should let go of my balls, and give me a good hard spanking on my bare bottom instead. I nodded my head through the pain, but she twisted her grip on my balls and insisted I ask her to please spank my bare bottom very hard, which I did. She released her grip and stroked her hand up and down my arse cheeks. She asked me when I last had my bottom smacked, and I told her not since I was twelve. She explained that this would be a very different type of spanking, and that if I wished her to stay silent about what she'd seen in the potting shed, then I would have to do exactly as she said. I would also have to promise not to tell anyone about what was about to happen to me, or anything else that happened in her house. She made me promise, as she continued to stroke my bottom. Now that the ache in my balls had started to subside, I could feel myself becoming erect again, and it would seem that she could feel it too. She told me to stand up, before standing herself, and easing her tweed skirt and slip up over her hips. She was wearing a white girdle of some sort, with integral suspender clips on the lower edge which were attached to dark tan stockings. She wore a large pair of white cotton pants over her girdle and the whole arrangement was very pleasing to my youthful eye. My cock was completely rigid now, and she informed me that she didn’t want it going off on her skirt, and that she was going to spank me especially hard for displaying it to her in such a lewd fashion. I apologised again, but she told me to get back over her lap. Once she had me settled she rolled me away from her before grasping my erection and forcing it down between her stockinged thighs. She squeezed her thighs together and asked me if I was comfortable. Before I could answer she cracked her hand down hard on both my upper thighs which really stung. There followed three minutes of absolute torture as she spanked every inch of my bottom, and half way down my thighs as well. When she stopped, she announced that her hand was very sore, and she would be continuing with a hair brush, which lay conveniently on the dressing table. She could easily have reached for it herself, but she insisted that I rise and hand it to her. Before she took me down over her lap again, she held a brief inspection of my now deflated organ. She made a comment about it not being so impressive now, before hauling me down. This time she arranged me with my legs apart and my cock still gripped between her stockings. She scratched at my balls and used two fingers to stroke my anus until I was fully erect again, before renewing her onslaught on my bottom cheeks. The hairbrush spanks were entirely different from her hand – she was much more measured in their application, laying one on every three or four seconds, and full force this time. Her blows echoed like gunshots around the room, and I was soon openly sobbing, and kicking and wriggling my legs to manage the pain. She stopped at one point to complain about my struggling, and secured the hairbrush by shoving the handle well up my arsehole, before swinging her right leg out from under me, and throwing it over my thighs to hold them in place. She retrieved the brush from my bottom, and started back into my punishment with renewed vigour. She was going much faster now, but every bit as hard, and over the next minute or so I must have taken nearly a hundred before she stopped. She pushed me off her thighs onto the floor and shouted at me to get in to the corner, and stand there with my hands on my head. Not quite satisfied with my position, she came over to me and gave me half a dozen heavy smacks with the brush on the backs of my thighs, before forcing my nose into the corner. My arse and thighs were on fire, and I longed to rub them, but I wouldn’t dare in case she saw me, and meted out some horrific retribution. I truly hoped my punishment was over and I started to think how I might apologise again, and get back in her good books. If she wasn’t going to tell Angus or Sally’s mother, then I’d won a watch, and my very sore bottom was probably a small price to pay for my misbehaviour. I’d pretty much convinced myself of my good fortune, when I was summoned from the corner. Mrs Cameron had balanced two pillows from the bed on top of the back of the chair, which had now been moved to the centre of the room. I was instructed to open the wardrobe door, and retrieve the contents of the bottom drawer. Mrs Cameron watched intently as I did so. I opened the drawer and my heart jumped to my mouth in shock. Therein lay the heaviest and thickest black, two tailed tawse, that I had ever seen....