Written by Ludalad

1 Oct 2017

Whilst on holiday in one of the small Greek Island my wife said lets go for a ride round the Island and see if we can find an

isolated beach . This was not like my wife as she prefered to be round people so I wondered what she had on her mind.

I did not have to wait long to see what her intentions were as she came out of the bedroom with a loose top on and no bra. Been a woman with large but firm tits you could see them jiggling about as she walked this in turn made her nipples stand out with them rubbing against the material. She wore her loose fitting shorts and I;m sure with out any panties as her arse swayed more than usual . Asking what had made her so horny she said whilst in the bedroom the couple in the next apartment were having sex but it sounded like there was another man with them and sounded like she was having multiple orgasms and so she finished up bringing herself off listening to them. All this happened while I was out getting the hire car and she did not want to have sex in the apartment with the walls been so thin as she is quite vocal when cumming.

Once in the car and out onto the country lanes I was soon running my hand up and down her thigh with her opening her legs wide and my suspicion of no panties was confirmed, as I reached the top of her leg pushing . her shorts to the side exposing her bald but very wet fanny. Unfortunately we were now heading into quite a busy little village with very narrow streets so needed both hands on the steering wheel,

About half a mile outside the village was a large pull in and what looked like a priest selling fruit and cold drinks been very hot I decided to stop and get some water etc. The priest was sat on a low chair at the side of is cart so hidden some what from the lane , the wife got out of the car and wondered over to the cart tits and arse swaying and I could see the priest watching her. She pulled her little digital camera out of her shorts pocket and asked me to take a photo of her stood slightly behind the priest. As I was looking at the camera I had not noticed my wife had lifted her top up exposing one of her tits and I nearly dropped the camera but she just stood there smiling as I snapped away as she lent forward the priest looked to his side and saw her hard nipple nearly resting on his face he turned and sucked her whole nipple into his mouth

my wife pulling his head hard on to it. I could not believe what I was seeing his hand rubbing up and down her leg then going inside her shorts and i knew his fingers would be able to slide right into her wet fanny. As his fingers started to move faster my wife spread her legs wider giving him full access to her. As his fingers in and out of her I could see her wetness dripping off his fingers and running down her leg I was terrified some one was going to come down the lane and see them so quickly moved his cart in front of them so at least they were mostly hidden from the road , I could see that my wife was close to cumming as her legs were shaking and she was pushing hard on to his fingers, The priest with his other hand was desperately pulling his tunic up to reveal a very hard and thick cock that was no longer than mine but certainly a lot thicker. When my wife saw this she pulled off from his fingers and straight down on her knees rubbing his cock with both

hands as one would not fit round it, the pre cum oozing out and down her hands she tried to suck it but it was to thick for her to get fully in her mouth. She then stood up turned her back to him and lowered herself slowly on to him. You could see from the look on her face that she was struggling to get him in but with a big push from him and an almighty scream from her he had it right in her. She just sat there for a moment getting use to its size then started to lift herself up and down

I could see her fanny stretched wide as she rode him and then her cum running down his cock and soaking his legs.

He now had hold of her round her waste and was pulling her hard down on to his cock . She was now getting very vocal telling him to fuck her harder and to shoot it up her. Wether or not he understood her he did with 3 or 4 grunts.My wife clung to him like a limp rag doll spunk running out of her and her fanny lips red and puffy As the priest got his breath back he must have realised what he had done quickly pulling out of her with a large plop and her fanny doing fanny farts as is spunk dripped from her him pulling his gown down ushering us both back to the car as quick as he could.

Once back in the car the wife looking totally fucked I asked what made her do it she said it was just the spare of the moment thing with her still feeling randy from me fingering and when he started sucking my tit I just started to cum and could not stop myself. Trouble was that I could not fuck her for a couple of days as she was that sore from taking his big cock but when I showed her all the photos I took it set her off again .