15 Nov 2017

I'm going to continue the Dinner Lady series shortly but before I do, I'll tell you about another encounter I had during the time when L the dinner and I were in the chatting phase.

The Provident Lady also an L this time her name was Linda . Linda was a married lady (yeah I know same M.O) but there is something about the bored wife/housewife which gets my attention..lol.

Anyway, I was in my drive and the next door neighbour had a visitor, a lady,I guessed around size 20 and the fuller figure. The woman I now know as Linda, was knocking several times on the door but with no answer. She then came and spoke to me to ask if and when the neighbours were home. Being a nosey sod, lol, I asked if her visit was important and did she have a card or note to leave for them. She told me she was from the Provident loans company and they had applied for some money and was there to sort out the paperwork with them. She told me she had come 30 miles to sort this and had had no lunch but was having to travel straight back to the office. I offered her lunch and or a cuppa, so we had a coffee and biscuit as Linda commented "she didn't need to put any more on her hips". I said "nowt wrong with you hips" and we laughed. She then told me about hubby and he being always at work and she worked for her company to get out of the house. I asked "did she have any trouble or bother with loans and collections" and she said " I've been offered payment in kind to fulfil the debt". Intrigued I asked "have you ever been naughty" and Linda said "yes but not with clients unless they were fully paid up". She then said she needed to go and said "perhaps see you soon" & took one of my business cards.

Two days elapsed and then I had a text message from Linda "Hey M, I've got a puncture can you help me" being the helpful gent I said "I can, where are you"..... she told me the name of the village and I said I'll nip out and give her a hand. Having done the good turn and changed the wheel for Linda " she said I owe you now" I asked "what are you in the area for again" Linda said "to visit your neighbour". Linda then said "coffee?" I said why not and we ended up at the cafe at the nearby reservoir. We had a nice chat over coffee and some naughty innuendo's came out....lol.... and a bit of people watching. Anyway, I said "Linda thanks for the coffee. but I need to go as I have a customer in and hour and a half" and it was 20 mins home. Linda said "no, surely not I'm not at your neighbours for another 3 hours & I wanted to thank you" I said "but you've brought me coffee" then she said "and" then grabbed my cock through my shorts. Needless to say the horn monster took over and and instant hard on was the result, I said" your car or mine" and we went to her car and as the car park was busy I said " lets go to another car park" We got to the quiet car park on the site and she soon kissed me and out my hands on her tits outside of her top. I wormed my hands underneath to feel her huge tits through her bra and I needed to suck her nipples, We continued to kiss and feel each other for a while then Linda said" damn I've trousers on" I then said "I'll get my belt and shorts undone, you do your trousers".... I then managed to get my hand down to her cunt....shaved, wet and big but with small lips I found a bit later. Linda then said "hang on" and knelt on the seat with her bum in the air and took my cock in her mouth. I then found she'd got a tongue piercing when the feeling of the ball of the piercing was rubbing up and over my cock bell end, fuck that was nice. I said be careful now or I'll soon be cumming. Meanwhile I was working my fingers in her moist fanny, she was sloppy and warm and I even got 4 fingers inside and my thumb rubbing her clit. After a few minutes of my stimulation Linda was panting and came with a "yes yes yes" wimper and she squirted, Heaven. By this time I was ready to cum with all her mouth stimulation and said " I'm cumming" Linda said "no not yet, I want that cock inside me". I said "where" Linda said "out of the car", we got out and Linda bent over the bonnet of her car and I pushed my cock into her sopping cunt and she was loose but soon after I was pumping my on edge cock into her, Linda tightened her fanny by bearing down and playing with her clit, needless to say I exploded my semen inside her. When finished she stood up and my cum started to run down her thighs out of her. Linda said" fuck that was a lot of cum". I then said "sorry I didn't use a condom, she said "and". I then told her I had been snipped and she said " well that's okay then but it would have been nice to have been put up the duff to rub it in hubby's face"

I then said " got to go" and she said "see you later"

We just waved that evening as she went next door........ but another time we had fun under a rural railway bridge